Ibis Ripley Review: Test Ride and Performance Analysis

Ibis bike Ripley

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Ibis Ripley Review: Test Ride and Performance Analysis

Ibis Ripley just released their new fourth-generation bike. People have been riding since then.

In April 2020, the brand hosted a media ride coupled with a release at its head office.

They gave their customers a broad spectrum of technology, brand information, coupled with marketing.

If you did not read that story, you could check it out in this review by clicking it.

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For over 20 years, Ibis has been an independent bike focusing on designing various bikes that they aspire to ride.

The brand became one of the leading to start designing various bikes around the 29th wheel. They have since gone ahead to refine this product.

Although more aggressive, the gravity-biased riders have been overlooking the brand, given that their image coupled with reserved geometry are a few things to go by in enticing new riders.

Being experts in the industry, we have spent the time to review this bike and share insight regarding the benefits of owning it.

At the first glimpse of the bike, you will realize that Ibis Ripley does not look like a wild bike. It has a flowing organic shape around the frame coupled with a thin structured tube, reminding you of the nerdy type of look and not the rowdy soccer player.

But if you check out closely, you will realize that the specs are much more than just a mere tame trail bike.

The angle, which is 66.5 degrees, is slightly slack for about 120mm travel. Then there is the 475 mm reach which happens to be on par with the modern endure bikes.

If you decide to round off this package, then you will get a bike with a steep seat tube angle that provides a balanced pedalling position in the long run.

The bike will also facilitate a low-slung tube that can provide you with maximum freedom based on your movement demands on a trail.

The build


Understanding the geometry of your bike will assist you to comprehend the basics of handling it, how it feels, in addition to the comfort it can offer in the long run.

It may also assist you in comparing various bikes, including the best geometry for your biking needs.

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Several geometry charts are found on the website of the bike’s manufacturer. But these charts vary greatly.

Most of the manufacturers include size, head, coupled with a seat tube, wheelbase, and the chainstay length.

Several bikes also come with a stack as well as reach measurements. For the fork rake of Ibis Ripley, the bottom bracket drop trail is not that common.

Therefore, it is one thing to understand the numbers, and another thing is exactly what they mean being part of this bike.

Stack and reach

The stack, coupled with the reach, are a few critical features of this bike’s frame geometry.

Understanding a bike’s stack allows you to understand the bike’s stack clearly, and its reach is vital to help you determine the tube measurement.

The stack is often measured vertically, beginning from the bottom bracket to the top of the tube.

Ripley’s reach is measured horizontally and once more from the bracket base to the top centre of the tube.

This will give a clear indication of just how long the frame of the bike is. When looking at the bikes on the roads, the performance race is typically equipped with an oriented stack.

Your rider reach in this bike is the tip of its saddle that travels through the stem’s end.

Regardless of the reach’s frame, it can be manipulated by transforming the saddle and setting it back to the original position.

The wheel size of the bike

To buy a spare part of your bike’s tire, you should determine the wheel’s size. Measuring these wheels is a standard element of the maintenance process.

Even though measuring the wheel and determining the rim and tire’s size can be achieved by two reliable methods, they are also simple to complete in the long run.

Sometime you need to understand the wheel’s circumference, which happens to be a simple determination acquired in several ways.

Ripley has a durable, lightweight tire that lasts longer than the others.

The front travel of the bike

The bike’s suspension technology is still advancing. More bike manufacturers have been relying on the tech-based front travel idea to design high-end types of bikes over the years.

The sheer wealth of data available is still helping these people to design high-quality bikes such as the Ripley.

Other modern mountain bikes are equipped with a viable suspension type. The objective of the suspension is to help dampen the rough terrain.

This should, in turn, give the rider a smoother ride filled with a lot of control.

Ripley Ibis has a front suspension with a hardtail. The bike has a rear as well as front suspension. It also comes with a dual suspension.

The front suspension of the bike has a fork which takes the majority of the bike’s weight.

It also has some impressive degree of adjustability—these range from the firm to the plush and the increased travel ability for a few models.

Working like a telescopic tube, a fork is designed using a stanchion tube. They slide in as well as out of the fork’s lower side.

They are conjoined using a brace, which is often referred to as a lower arch.

The front wheel of Ibis Ripley is appended to the lower fork. The stanchions are appended to the head of the tube of the frame.

This is usually using the fork steerer. There are plenty of suspension forks structurally sound, and more expensive forks will always turn out to be better equipped when it comes to resistance than the flex cheaper options.

Then there are several ways that various brands get to achieve this.

One of the most popular ones is using a larger diameter stanchion tube coupled with a specified axel to help hold up the front wheel where it is supposed to be.

With that said, the Ibis Ripley has a suspension fork based on a spring coupled with a damper. Even so, it is still far from simple forks and suspensions.

The rear shock

It is essential to understand the nature of the rear shock of your bike. The Ibis Riley has a strong rear shock and can always be upgraded at some point.

Upgrading the rear shock on the mountain bike is one of the most efficient moves you can decide to make for your bike, whether it is a rear or just a fork shock.

You will be amazed at the growing technologies of this bike and how having an incredibly quality product provides you with the confidence you need to shred harder than you could have ever thought.

Besides, there is this smile that you will have on your face in the long run.

When looking at various upgrades of the rear shock on the mountain bike, you may find it overwhelming to understand the size of the shock you need on your bike.

You may also find it challenging to comprehend the bike’s basics that can fit into the bike. Besides, the shock is going to perform best on a specific bike in the end.

Break down of the rear shock

The rear shock of this bike is something to look into. It measures about 8.5 by 2.5, which means that it is about 8.5 inches long.

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One important thing you always need to remember is that the shocks have the same length most of the time. So, it would be best if you got the right length of a shock for the bike.

Because every manufacturer and the frame, can use a shock that comes in a different size, it is okay to say that Ibis Ripley can use a different size of the shock.

The impressive saddle height

When making an order for a complete Ibis Ripley, from a company, of course, you are often at the mercy of the buyer’s and manufacturer’s discretion.

This is true for the case of a bike saddle

The saddle of your bike is the seat. It is a major contact point on the upright bicycle. Some bikes have two pedals, handles, and handlebars.

A bike saddle supports its back. At some point in time, there can be two contact points between the rider and the bike.

These points share the support of the rider’s body weight. In Ibis Ripley’s case, the saddle height is supportive of the back and riding position you choose.

What you see on this bike is exactly what you get. Ripley’s saddle is strong enough to support your back when riding.


The headset is often an overlooked element on several bikes. However, it performs a crucial function.

But most of the time, it is subjected to severe abuse often. It is one of the parts that allow you to steer your bike while holding the bike’s fork in place.

This only means that it is supposed to be looked after in the long run.

The threadless headset found in Ripley Ibis is something worth marveling about. It is not just quicker but also easier to service.

This can be achieved with any standard tool. With this headset, bearings will be fitted on the top side and the bottom of the tube.

Thereafter, a crew race sits at the edge of the steerer’s tube while mating with the bottom’s bearings.

Unlike the design with threads, the fork of Ibis Riley is not captive to its headset. It is also only held in one place using a clamped to the steerer that extends into the head tube.

Why Should You Purchase This Bike?

  • Ibis Ripley is a light bike readily available for all interested customers.
  • The carbon frame of the bike comes with a 7-year warranty.
  • The bike is agile
  • The bike is highly responsive to the rider’s input and has a steep seat coupled with a seat tube angle and long-wheelbase
  • The DW-Link suspension can provide an efficient pedalling platform coupled with excellent mid-stroke
  • The bike is known to climb well. This is factual even if the shock is found in the open position.
  • Experts also established that the energy suspended will not be wasted through the bike’s suspension bob.
  • The reduced offset forks play the role of keeping Ibis Ripley from feeling unruly when riding through a tight uphill that switches back often.
  • The bike is well balanced. Therefore, it allows its riders to ride on different terrains.
  • Those who have used the bike agree that it accelerates quickly, especially on moderate climbs.
  • Ibis Ripley has a 2.6 wide clearance.
  • The wheels have excellent traction coupled with rollover for various riders.
  • In addition to the wheel combination, the stock tire allows its riders to corner in the most predictable ways possible. Therefore, as a rider, you can manoeuvre over the roots as well as rocks easily
  • Ibis Riley comes with a downtown protector in addition to a moulded swingarm protector. The two features offer protection to the frame from obstacles found on the trail.
  • The suspension has a way of utilizing IGUS bushings to help cut down the bike’s weight. At the same time, they need little maintenance.
  • As a rider can run a long dropper post located on the bike as a suspension quickly allows the setup of a seat tube
  • The tubing of this bike is molded for routing cables. This feature provides the bike with an excellent and neat appearance.
  • Has a room for your water bottle. This compartment is situated at the lower triangle of the machine.
  • It comes with a threaded bracket to maintain the Riley
  • The custom bags are useful in the bike’s frame in that they can quickly transform the bike into a capable mountain bike used to run errands and go on road trips, among other activities.

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Bottom Line

Ibis Riley is a travel bike used to cover short distances. It uses a 29” wheel with a suspension to offer riders an exciting ride on any trail.

The bike also does well on stable descents in addition to climbs. As a rider, you will notice that it tosses you around every time you are downhill.

Besides, the bike comes with two bags located in the frame. These slots allow the Ripley to take you on longer backpacking trips.


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