How to Properly Sit On a Bike Saddle

How to Properly Sit On a Bike Saddle

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How to Properly Sit On a Bike Saddle

“Remember Brad keep your head up as you peddle,” Said Brian as he pushed the bike. I remember the first time I was able to ride a bike like it was yesterday.

Being able to steer and peddle was a miracle for me. Having that body-eye coordination and balance is one of my best childhood memories.

As you grow older, getting to ride a bike becomes more overwhelming since there is a shift in your center of gravity, and this affects your balance, but there is still hope since, as an adult, you learn faster than a child would.

If you know how to properly sit on a bike saddle, you probably know how exciting and fulfilling the experience is.

Biking is one thing you can do to stay in good shape if done in the right way.

Most of us probably have been riding a bike for a long time or are just starting and want to know if you are doing the right things.

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Well, you’ve come to the right place to stick around for tips on how to properly sit on a bike saddle.

Choose the Right Saddle

Choosing your bike saddle is one of the most critical steps to sitting correctly on a bike.

The bike saddle is where all our body weight rests while riding a bicycle. If you own a bike and the saddle wears unevenly, you might have positioned it wrongly, or the size isn’t right for you.

The right saddle should have a fair amount of cushion to ensure adequate support for your seat bone.

The right saddle size will also ensure you have good support for your body and avoid back pains.

The right saddle will have your seat bones at the center of the saddle, which will affect how you sit on a bike. This ensures you have a safe posture while riding your bike.

Seat Height

Now that you have the excellent saddle adjusting your seat height is just as important as having the right tackle.

When you sit on your bike, you should reach your bike peddles properly.

Peddling freely without moving back and forth on your bike ensures you have the right seat height.

The seat height will also affect your reach on the steering. Having a seat too high can make it hard for you to reach on your steering.

To have the right to sit on a bike, ensure to get the seat height just right.

Get the Right Bike Frame Size

Bike frames are measured based on your pubic bone height. Your pubic bone is supported by the seat bone, which protrudes outwards.

Manufactures have a chart that will help you choose the right frame either based on your pubic bone height or standard body height.

Taller people tend to get bicycles with more extended frames to have enough room for peddling and turning space.

A small frame than required will cause a brush of your feet and the front tire, causing damage to both the tire and you.

To avoid injury, nail your bicycle sitting position, know your posterior height or pubic bone height, and get the right frame size.

Leaning into your Bike

Leaning into your bike towards your handlebars will get you to the right sitting position. As you lean forward, your body forms an arch-like shape.

The arch should be straight with you, sitting back on the saddle and bending your back forward.

While riding your bike, avoid curving your back outwards as it strains your body and can cause back and knee problems.

The lean towards the handlebars makes up for 60% of the sitting position on your bike.

Having an excellent lean while riding will help you cycle long distances in a comfortable position and is also safer for you.

If you cannot reach the handlebars properly, consider lowering or raising the stem to your comfort.

Bend your Elbows

While riding a bike, ensure to slightly bend your elbows. A slight bend on your elbows ensures you have more control over your handlebars.

Outstretched arms can cause difficulty while controlling your bike.

Slightly bent elbows are comfortable for making turns and give you a good grip on the handlebars.

Bending your elbows also helps you absorb shock as you ride your bike, especially when riding on a rough terrain reducing pressure on the shoulders.

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Strength and Conditioning

Cycling is considered a form of exercise, and despite that having the right strength and conditioning, it can affect how you sit on a bike.

When climbing a steep mountain, your glute, leg, and core strength are put to the test. How far you get up from your saddle towards your handlebars show how much power you have.

An upward motion with the saddle between your thighs shows you are healthy and has a good core strong but leaning closer to the handlebars shows you are weaker and require conditioning before riding a bike.

Sit-ups, calf raises, squats, and push-ups will do the trick for good body conditioning.

A good body strength will improve on how to properly sit on a bike saddle and give a satisfying riding experience.


Biking is a fun experience you can share and enjoy with friends and family.

Although it can cause pains as you start in the long run, it becomes something you enjoy doing.

Cycling is something people do professionally and compete at both local and international levels.

Final Thoughts

With Bernard Hainault and Eddy Merckx going down as one of the greatest road cyclists of all-time, cycling has become a popular sport.

You wouldn’t talk of road cycling without mentioning these two greats as they were among cycling pioneers.

Since May 31, 1868, it had immensely grown with advancements in bikes produced when cycling was started.

The popularity of cycling has increased, making it a daily routine for people and making it an option for many people and wanting to do it the right way.

Now that you know how to properly sit on a bike saddle and factors that affect your sitting position, happy cycling.


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