How to Make Money on Tiktok 2021

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How to Make Money on Tiktok 2021

Tiktok is one way to become a celebrity overnight. It has come to be the new exciting app like Instagram did a few years back when it hit the market.

People took advantage of the interest and attention that Instagram commanded and thought of ways to make money from the app.

It is evident that people are now eying TikTok to figure out how they can earn cash from the app, too, and the good news is that actually, you can make money and a lot of it from TikTok.

Now, this is the right place for you to be, for I have analyzed several ways that you can follow to start earning from TikTok.

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And mind you, TikTok might even be More famous than Instagram, a now established marketing tool where you do not need a huge following to market your products and services.

Here are several ways to make money on TikTok

1. Growing Accounts and Selling Them

This is one sure way to earn money from TikTok.

Tiktok is no different from Instagram as you have to identify a niche when creating your content and make sure your videos are interesting and will go viral the moment you hit post.

It will attract those who might be your customers.

What you need to do is to have your profile in this site interwoven around some specific interest though it might not necessarily be one.

When you do this, you might not be selling anything, but there are huge number of brands in that industry that you could sell on your profile to earn money.

When the products brand get the account, it will be easier for them to sell their products.

They can use Tiktok live to sell products. It is now possible to launch new products in the market as well as auctioning while they are live streaming.

It is time to use your account to fetch money from product brands around what industry you will have your account related to.

2. Donations

This involves collecting donations from your viewers when you go Live. It is one of the most exciting features offered by TikTok.

It was created to be a money-making platform, where aTikTok user can access your profile and buy coins.

For 100 coins, you will part with $1.39.

When you have the coins and another TikTok user is Live, you can send them the coins as a way of appreciation, and in turn, they can convert the currencies into diamonds, which can be converted to real cash using PayPal.

Tiktok in the Chinese version has more advanced but similar feature where they attach a shopping cart to the products they are selling.

When you go Live, you may auction and people may buy the product while you are still live using the shopping cart feature.

We hope that this feature will soon find it’s way to so many accounts worldwide.

3. Manage Influencer Campaigns

This is a new idea that has not been ventured by many. This is all about being the bridge between the TikTok user and the product brands who may be interested in working with the influencer.

How does it pay to become a middle man? You can charge a fee for creating the agreement, managing the two parties as well as ensuring that the parties deliver on their end of the deals.

You will be a coordinator, you can request the influencers to work within your space, and the fee goes to TikTok for matching you up.

You come in here and help brands to broker agreements outside TikTok to save up a little money from what TikTok itself is charging.

In this way, you can have a lot of cash for the many you match up, the more fee you earn, and maybe it will be from both parties.

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4. The Ads Platform on Tiktok

You can Google on the ads available for TikTok and sign up to have the ads displayed on your platform.

If you have a TikTok account, it might just be around the time that you look for some ads, to add up to your account.

It is more of the way paid traffic works and not a stressful venture to indulge in. That way, you will be earning some commission from the ads brands for marketing their products and services.

It might also be an opportunity to sell more products from your account.

5. Management Services

To earn some money from TikTok, you might as well offer management services to those creating accounts with TikTok.

Going viral on TikTok is just a blink of an eye, depending on the content you are posting on the app.

When this happens, and a creator gets millions of followers overnight, they might need a helping hand to manage their accounts. This is where you appear.

It is more of taking your services where they are required. You can offer managerial services like creative strategy, content as well as managing offers and deals that will surely be thrown in their path.

This way, you can charge a fee for it, and the good thing is that you can offer the services to as many clients as you can who will be convinced to trust you.

What there is, you need to create yourself a name and do your work well for clients. This way, they might refer you to their friends who may need the same services.

6. Consulting

Once you get to the pro stage on TikTok and you decipher how a person may take a video that will earn him or her a considerable number of views and followers on TikTok, you can use this knowledge to make money.

You may offer consulting services for people who might still be green on the app.

You need to be sure of this before setting up a consulting service and do background research as well as testing on how and what one needs to do to be famous and earn thousands of views and followers for the videos they post.

Remember, people will entrust you, hoping that your directions will work a miracle towards the huge views they are yearning for. You must deliver this miracle.

Come up with ways to help people get what they want, and they will pay you for that. You might be a household name within a short period, and TikTok is not willing to get those millions of followers.

7. Being an Influencer

An influencer is who can affect the decision to purchase a good or service of other people due to their popularity and interaction with the people.

You need to invest a lot of time and effort to create credibility and a name for yourself to be an influencer, but once you get there,  you may make a lot of money out of it.

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As much as there are so many influencers now, they are equally many fake influencers. The fake ones buy accounts with a big following to dupe clients.

Real people follow real influencers, and people hold some respect for them when they talk about a specific topic.

If you are an influencer, and you are on TikTok, you can use this as an opportunity to earn more money. But you need to be honest with people and with yourself.

Promote products that you have used to give an honest opinion to yourself as opposed to speculation.

Again you need to come out clean with your audience and let them know that you are on a deal to promote the products.

This is because it might be ugly for you if your followers come to learn of it, and you never came out clean.

This might have a negative impact on your reputation, so come out clean from the word go.

8. Live Streaming

You can take to live streaming to earn money. Mostly you may do a music-oriented performance for your fans and followers.

How will performing live help you make any cash?  For those of your fans who will like your performance, they may send you coins to support you.

These coins will help you to get actual money. Once they send these coins to you, and the more coins you get, the more money you got, you can easily change them into actual money though they don’t earn so much.

To have more coins, prepare a good content live performance. People will always be looking forward to the next time you will be streaming and will be generous with their coins to you.

9. Promoting and Selling Your Products Or Services

This method may not require millions of followers for your TikTok account.

Have a relatively good number of followers,  have your business or your store then market it through TikTok.

You can use your TikTok account to promote your business and the right thing It’s that it will be free to do so and you can promote any kind of business as far as it is a legal one.

You can have a video of your business when it is fully operational, as this is what will attract customers to you.

If you have a hotel, for example, you can take videos of people having a good time at your restaurant accompanied by the deals on offer and the excellent food from your kitchen.

You ought to include your location and how people can access the hotel. Remember to include your contacts too.

This method does not involve getting paid by TikTok, but you will use TikTok to earn money from your businesses.

People might find interest and have your premise flocking within a short period.

10. Amazon Referral Links

You can make lots of money if you use the Amazon links correctly. Tiktok does not allow any links to be created, and having any anyway will distract people from the video itself.

Again, you can only do short captions on your videos, so how will it be possible to do affiliate marketing if TikTok has all these limitations?

Another hindrance could be that the terms and policies of Amazon prohibit any links whose origin has not been verified for their products, and that is inclusive of handwritten ones.

All you may be required to do is use your bio. On the bio, it is possible to write a text but not a link. This is where you put a URL to your affiliate marketing page.

On the page is where you can set the Amazon links for their products so that people may buy, and you will get the commission.

Not many people may want to go through the steps to get to the link to make to your URL .

This will guarantee more people being interested in visiting your page for the Amazon links, and you, in turn, earn yourself a commission with Amazon.

The more people that you will get to buy the products, the more the commission you earn.

11. Linking Your Tiktok Account to Your Other Social Media Accounts

What you need on TikTok is a lot of followers who might as well be gotten from your other social media accounts.

They will help you boost your popularity, and this is the first step to becoming an influencer.

More people might be interested in following you on TikTok too, and that is where they can discover the products or the business you are promoting and become your clients also.


Having outlined for you various ways that you can earn through TikTok, it is now up to you to decide which method works best for you.

If you are yet to open a TikTok account, consider having one, then pick one or several of these ways and earn cash.

Social media is now a money-making platform, and it is just about the time that you join the millions of people across the globe, getting cash from their social media pages.

But as you do it, remember to have fun, enjoy what you do, and the outcome will be even better.


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