How to Choose the Best Bicycle for Beginners 

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How to Choose the Best Bicycle for Beginners 

Beginners who have a passion for cycling could be restless because they want to learn how to ride so bad. However, they do not know which bicycle to go to.

One of their questions could be, “Which bicycle is the best for beginners?” If you are one of those looking for the answer to this question, you will get a good answer when you read ahead.

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The writer cannot directly say that a certain bicycle is the best of some underlying factors.

For instance, one of the factors is: it depends on where you live and the terrain of that place, how adventurous you are, the reliability of the bicycle, the purpose(s) you have with the bicycle, cost, etc.

Best Bicycle

It is not possible to directly say that a particular bicycle is the ideal one for a beginner.

You have to consider some other factors aforementioned above to come up with the right decision, hence a choice.

Where You Live

One of the paramount determiners of the best bicycle for beginners is where you live. Your residence’s geographical area is a major factor regarding the type of bike that you should buy.

If you dare make the mistake of buying the wrong bicycle for the wrong place, you will either have to return it to the manufacturer to have exchanged, sell it, give it away, throw it away or keep it in your store because it cannot do in such a place.

Some of the factors that affect where you live include the following:-

Terrain – The terrain of the geographical area where you live matters a lot. It could be mountainous, has no roads, rocky, sandy, muddy, etc.

Therefore, if you buy a bicycle blindly without first considering the nature of the terrain of where you live, you will be greatly inconvenienced.

Suppose you buy a road bike which is designed for tarmacked roads and pavements and you try riding it in such a wild terrain?

You would get the shock of your life and be greatly frustrated and annoyed. Consequently, you can even throw away the bicycle on the road and walk home, or even take rocks and crush it out of rage.

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Therefore, before buying a bicycle, ensure that it is suitable and compatible with the terrain of where you live.

Where will you be riding the bicycle? – When you buy your bicycle, you already know the place where you will be riding a bike.

You should countercheck to confirm that the kind of road that the bicycle is designed for is what you have in the place where you will be riding it.

You could be buying the bicycle to ride it in the countryside, in the streets, for adventure in the wild, mountains, etc.

 What kind of bicycle is suitable for that place – Ensure that the bicycle is designed to be ridden in the place that you want.

For instance, there are mountain bikes, road bikes, cruiser bikes, hybrid bikes, etc. Each one is designed and suited for a specific place.

Choose accordingly for appropriate suitability and to avoid all inconveniences.

Mountain bikes are rugged and designed for off-road uses, but you can also ride it on the pavement.

Therefore, it is reliable, high quality, and a top-notch performer, which is versatile. It is suitable for all terrains.

Road bikes are soft, and they are designed to be ridden on pavements, e.g., around the city. However, they are fast because they are built for speed.

Hybrid bikes are integrated with features and qualities of both road and mountain bikes, but they are not as rugged as mountain bikes, and not as fast as hybrid bikes.

They are best suited for commuting.

Cruiser bikes are casual bikes that are ridden for fun like what you see on the beach and in boardwalks.

You will be able to choose accordingly, depending on the purpose that you have with the bicycle after learning how to ride because you will not live to be a beginner for life.

How Adventurous You Are

There are people who live in towns, but they go cycling miles away from their residential places.

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They could start riding the bicycle in town and end up in the mountains, in the wild, in the countryside, or on the off-roads.

If you know that you have a mammoth cycling appetite, you would rather go for a rugged bicycle, which is not limited to any terrain.

Instead, you will easily beat and maneuver all roads and terrains easily with a rugged bicycle because that is what it is designed for.

You will be sure that regardless of whatever place, road, or terrain you are in, you will still ride and maneuver easily. It goes hand-in-hand with the reliability of the bicycle.

 The Purpose Of The Bicycle

After learning how to ride skillfully, what else do you want to do with the bicycle?

There are people who ride for fun, to exercise, others ride as professional cyclists, others use bicycles to commute, while some use them as their businesses.

You should first know the reason why you want to buy the bicycle so that you can make the right choice.

The purpose for which you want to use the bicycle will guide you through buying the right one because they are not designed alike.

Their qualities, models, and designs are different from each other.


Cost is very important to consider because of the multiple accidents that you will be prone to. Whenever you fall, the bicycle will break, weaken, get grazed, dented, or damaged.

You do not want to see such scars on your expensive bicycle, which cost you an arm and a leg. Therefore, it is good to be budget-conscious.

Please do not go for a high-end bicycle because when you fall in the course of learning how to ride, it will pain you a lot.

However, even if a cheap bicycle develops faults or breaks in the course of training, you will not feel much pain.

Owing to the fact that you are buying a beginner bicycle that you will use to learn how to ride, do not spend on a bike that you are not willing to lose.

Suppose the bicycle gets run over by a truck on the road? Will you be willing to let it go and you buy another bicycle immediately?

Age and Gender

Bicycle manufacturers also design bicycles for women, men, and children. There are bicycles which are specially designed for the aged.

Before buying, you should check whether that bicycle is suitable for you. If you want to buy a bicycle for your child, wife, grandparent, you will be able to choose rightly.

However, if you do not check these things, you will be inconvenienced because you may buy a bicycle that your 6-year-old child cannot ride.

You may also make the mistake of buying a bicycle that your grandparent cannot ride. This is not only because of size but also the model of the bicycle.

The Model Of The Bicycle

The tastes and preferences of every cyclist matter a lot. There is a certain bicycle model that most people talk highly about, but you do not like it.

However, when you are buying, you should choose wisely for convenience in every dimension. Mounting and alighting from the bicycle should be easy for you.

Moreover, you should not take chances with the weather. Go for an all-weather bicycle that will not have any limits. It should ride on stagnant water, muddy, sandy, and rocky ground for reliability.

Quality and performance

These are the ideal factors that should be defining trademarks of the bicycle that you buy.

The quality says it all, and that is accompanied by many other fanciful and outstanding features and qualities of the bicycle.

It will also be durable, and its performance will be amazing. You do not want to buy a bicycle that will keep on breaking down now and then.

The performance of the bicycle should also be impressive.

To know everything about a bicycle, you should read and study the customer reviews on online platforms such as Amazon because the reviews are written by customers who have bought and experienced the bicycles.

Therefore, they are truthful and give reliable information. You can also check the star rating against the bicycle that you want to buy. That will guide you accordingly.


Bicycles have different kinds of wheels. Some have smooth tires, while others have rugged treads.

As aforementioned above, you should buy a bicycle that is suitable for the road and terrain where you ride it.

After establishing the exact place where you will be riding the bicycle, you will know not only the best and the most suitable bicycle for you to buy but also the kind of wheels and tires that that bicycle will be having.

If you are going for a road bike that will be confined to road cycling only, you can choose to go for smooth tires because the roads are tarmacked.

However, if it will be a general-purpose riding bicycle, you can go for tires with rugged treads so that they can maneuver all terrains.

The tires should also have good traction on the road to avid slipping and falling. You will also ride more comfortably than when the traction is poor.

The tires should also integrate anti-puncture technology to make them very reliable.

You do not want to ride for some minutes and then feel the bicycle start staggering on the road only for you to check and find out that it has a flat tire.

Other components – You should ensure that the brakes are extremely good because, without them, you will easily fall or cause an accident.

The gears are equally important, and shifting them should be easy and convenient. Every bicycle part should be of great quality.

Reliability, performance, and quality are closely knit and intertwined, and they have solid intercourse.


These are the factors that you should use to choose the bicycle that you should buy.

There is no specific bicycle that can be pointed out as the best for beginners because there are other factors that you have to consider, and they matter.

The tastes and preferences of the buyer also determine the bicycle that they will buy.

If you had been asking, “Which bicycle is the best for beginners?” You can use the above points to choose accordingly, and you will pick the right one.


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