How to Choose Dynamo Hubs for Your Bicycle

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How to Choose Dynamo Hubs for Your Bicycle

If you are a cycling titan, you already know that you may not predict the exact time that you can get back home whenever you go riding.

At times, you may find yourself hitting the road even when it is dark. There is not enough lighting in the places you ride, especially if you like to go to the mountains.

To ensure that you stay safe and find your way back home, you need proper lighting.

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For your dynamo lights to work, they must receive electricity that dynamo hubs generate.

Dynamo Hubs

In this article, we outline the different types of dynamo hubs that you can purchase and the things you should know before buying them.

How to Choose Dynamo Hubs for Your Bicycle

Not all dynamo hubs have the same design. Some have a higher performance than others, while others are heavier than you expect and may slow you down.

Here is a guide on the things you should know whenever you want to purchase a dynamo hub.

Power Specification

Dynamo hubs have varying power specifications. There are three different types of dynamo hubs: 1.5 watts, 2.5 watts, and 3 watts.

They all have 6 volts.

Riders conduct bike packing and touring at a speed of about 15KM/PH or 25KM/PH.

A dynamo hub of 3 watts is the best to use as it is powerful enough to give better power to your dynamo light.

It is also the best for charging your USB and for use in low-speed lighting.

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Hubs with 2.5W are great for use if you are touring and backpacking at high speeds while those with 1.5 Watts are good for touring in wheels with smaller diameters of about 16-20’’.

Spoke Count

For lightweight carbon wheels, dynamo hubs come with 20 spoke holes. They have 48 holes for the strongest tandem wheel.

Many bikes have spokes of about 28 to 36.

Even when the hubs spoke count is right, you should ensure that the tension across the wheel and the stiff touring rim is balanced evenly.


An efficient dynamo hub should turn more of your pedal power to power your dynamo lights and charger.


Dynamo hubs come in different sizes and shapes. Some have more weight compared to others.

It would be best if you settled for a dynamo hub that is lightweight as a heavy one tends to slow you down and uses more pedal power.

Easy to set up

Setting these hubs is not usually easy, and they consume a lot of time. It is, however, great news to note that you only have to set it up once.

If you also decide to use a USB, the process of installation gets more complicated.

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To make the process easier, you should ensure that the wiring, wheel, and lights are precisely dedicated to the specific type of dynamo hub you choose to select.

Types of Dynamo Hubs

Joule3 Biologic Dynamo Hub 32H

This is one of the currently available dynamo hubs with the best efficiency. It is also lightweight and offers you the exact needs that you need for your bike packing.

The hub has been receiving high accreditation from people that have used it to light their bikes.

It features many aspects that make it the number one choice for many bike packing gurus.

The dynamo hub is also high quality and profoundly reliable. It features the latest technological design that gives it a powerful feel and nature.

It is bound to attend to all your lighting needs, and with its lightweight, you do not have to use a lot of energy when peddling.

It was a Eurobike award winner in 2012.

Dynamo HubsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Has a beautiful and small packaging and thus you can give it to your loved one as a gift
  • It has a 32 hole version.
  • It is one of the dynamo hubs with the lowest drag, and the generator has a 73% efficiency.
  • It is ultra-compact
  • It is suitable for both non-disc and disc brakes.
  • It is one of the hubs with the lightest weight
  • Highly efficient
  • Value for your money
  • Easy to install
  • Pricey

Shimano DH-S501 Generator Dynamo Hub, 36H


This is also another dynamo hub that gives you a satisfactory experience whenever you load your dynamo lights. It is highly dependable.

It is easy to install in your bike and does not slow you down due to its lightweight nature. It is also a top choice for many clients that mind about their safety.

If you enjoy riding when it is dark, you can always rely on this hub to power your dynamo lights as it comes in 3watts, and it is excellent to use in wheels of about 20 to 28 inches.

It is available in both silver and black; hence it gives you a choice to select one that best matches the color of your bike.

It is made of high-quality materials, and using it is not as complicated.

Dynamo HubsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It has a quick-release mechanism that enables you to operate it efficiently
  • It is suitable for wheels of about 20 to 26 inches, and thus, you should be keen on these features before buying it.
  • The dynamo hub is suitable for use in disc brake rotors at the center lock.
  • It is available in holes of about 32 and 36 drillings.
  • It is powerful
  • Durable for long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Not affordable

YSD Dynamo Bike Hub 36 Holes Rim Brake with Nuts


If you want to make your riding experience good and safe, you can always install lights on your bike so that you can have the assurance that you need whenever you go out riding.

With a good dynamo hub, you can make your experience better as with them; you can install the type of lights that you want to use on your bike.

There are varieties of these dynamo hubs in the market, but this YSD Dynamo Bike Hub 36 Holes Rim Brake with Nuts has caught our eye.

It is manufactured with the state of the art technology that gives it the power to provide more power directly to your dynamo light.

It is also high quality and a top choice for many clients that love riding. With it, you can enjoy more security in all your riding endeavors.

Dynamo HubsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The spoke holes are 36, and thus it is suitable for a powerful bike
  • It is suitable for a rim brake type.
  • 2.4 to 3 Watts
  • Power is 6V
  • Has a switch that has light-activated
  • The design is exceptional and high quality.
  • Waterproof hence you can be sure ride even in the rainy areas and keep it safe
  • Entails a cut offline that is clear
  • Durable due to its sturdy materials
  • High quality
  • Value for your money
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Heavy

Sturmey-Archer S2 Kick-Shift Hub Kit 32h 120mm Black without Coaster Brake


Though lighting your bike sounds like an easy task, you can realize how complicated it is when you begin the process.

If you connect them in a way that lacks professionalism, you can end up having a difficult time whenever you go riding due to the many wires that hung around your bike.

Dynamo hubs are essential in preventing these wires form doing so as they secure the light and the wires in a safe place.

They also help in generating the power that is required in charging your dynamo lights.

With this dynamo light, you can be sure to secure your bike and enhance your visibility in the night to other motorists.

It gives your dynamo light enough charge for it to maintain a straightforward way for you as you enjoy your tour.

Dynamo HubsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The hub drilling entails 32 spokes
  • It is available in a wide variety of colors for clients to select one that suits their needs.
  • Has an axle length of 160 mm
  • It is intended for people that have bikes for road use.
  • 2-speed internal gear
  • The shells are made of aluminum, and they are polished and anodized for durability.
  • Weighs 930 g
  • It has high compatibility with the rim brake.
  • Its bearing type is a loose ball.
  • High compatibility with many bikes
  • High quality
  • Easy to execute the shifting motion
  • Well-built hence durability
  • The hub is a whisper, smooth, and quiet in the case of direct drive.
  • The two gears of this hub are spaced in a good way, and you can easily set up one you prefer depending on the nature of your driving speed.
  • Works according to the descriptions by the manufacture
  • The hub is heavy compared to other designs, and thus, it may often slow you down during your touring
  • The hub tends to be noisy, especially when you are in high gear.

SRAM 36h Automatix 2 Speed Rear Hub


Anyone that enjoys riding knows that the noise of any part of their bike can be annoying.

Any device that one chooses to add in their bike should be easy to use and friendly to them no matter what.

With this dynamo hub, many riders have been able to maintain their normal riding speed and enjoy better rides.

The hub seems to be selling at a fast rate, and those that have used it before do not hesitate to share their experiences with other buyers.

The hub has received a rating as one of the highly reliable ones. The efficiency that it brings to its users is exceptional, and people can enjoy better rides every time.

By looking at features, one can tell that it is bound to make one’s experience better, as installing it is not a difficult task.

It is one of the many hubs that you can buy and enjoy the value of your money.

Dynamo HubsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • A two-speed hub that shifts automatically between gears
  • It weighs 980 g
  • The hub has a special centrifugal force that it uses to shift to other gears automatically.
  • The company offers user instructions online hence making it easy for one to install and use it.
  • It has no cables, unlike other dynamo hubs, that entail a vast number of cables.
  • Has coaster brakes
  • It weighs 1.3 kg, and if you add other connection accessories, it tends to weigh more than you would expect
  • The OLN is 120mm, but you may add spacers to make it better.
  • The hub is highly efficient due to its automatic mechanism that other types of hubs lack
  • It is excellent and durable, and you can enjoy many years of service after purchasing it.
  • It is fairly quiet, and thus, you do not get annoying screeches.
  • The design of the hub is admirable.
  • The hub is heavy, and it may highly contribute to low speed that you cannot avoid
  • The device seems to shift way too early, and this may not be safe, especially if you are not prepared for it.
  • When coasting, it tends to drift.

Dynamo hubs are vital for any rider that wants to install their dynamo lights.

They also bring a rider many advantages as long as they select the exact type that is suitable for them.

When buying them, you should be sure to know about their efficiency as it allows you to have an easy time when it comes to operating them.

Besides, the weight of the hub is critical to note because it highly determines the speed that you can use.

The hub you choose to buy should be simple to install, and you should preferably purchase one that has special instructions for you to complete setting it up quickly.

The power specification of the hub is also crucial as it determines whether it can be compatible with the type of bike that you have or not.

The power of the hub also determines whether you can charge your light quickly and efficiently.

The various types of dynamo lights in the market may not be easy to choose the right one.

But if you remain specific on the exact variety of features that you need, you may be able to buy your preferred type of device quickly.






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