How to Buy a Bicycle for Adults: 9 Crucial Steps

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How to Buy a Bicycle for Adults: 9 Crucial Steps

Cycling is an enjoyable activity that some people love engaging in daily either because it is their hobby, means of commuting, or they use bicycles to earn a living.

Some are professional cyclists, and their job is bicycle riding.

Therefore, they study everything they need to know about cycling to get the necessary skills and knowledge about cycling.

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However, the most important one of all is experience. It outsmarts and outdoes every theoretical thing that you have ever read, heard, or watched elsewhere.

It is a product of practicing time and again to learn it through experience. That makes you get firsthand knowledge of cycling because you learn a lot on your own with it.

You become a self-taught student, and afterward, you start teaching others.

Bicycle for Adults

Everyone starts as a beginner, and you have to choose your bicycle being guided by some factors carefully.

People cannot choose the same bicycle because they have different purposes and tastes and preferences.

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If you have been wondering, “How do I buy a bicycle for adults?” You will get proper guidance in this article to be able to choose wisely and correctly.

Check the price to see whether it is within your budget

Despite how much you have researched and correctly selected a bicycle after falling in love with it, you cannot buy it if you do not have enough money.

You should check the features, specs, and everything else after checking the price for ease and convenience.

It would be annoying to spend a lot of time checking the particulars of a bicycle to get the shock and disappointment of your life when you find that it is way too far from your budget.

Oops! It is something that you cannot afford even if you try stretching yourself to the maximum.

Before going for the specs and particulars of the bicycle, start with the price to avoid wasting time.

The bicycle that you choose should be within the price range that you can afford.

What is the purpose of your bicycle?

When you are buying bicycle for Adults, you should have in mind the purpose that you want to use the bicycle for.

As aforementioned earlier in the introduction, there are diverse purposes that you can use the bicycle for.

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Therefore, the bicycle should be compatible with what you want to use it for.

If it is for carrying passengers, it should have a comfortable and spacious backseat with footrests.

It can also have handlebars where the passenger will hold for stability when they are onboard.

Moreover, such a bicycle for Adults should also have a large load capacity to enable both of you to be accommodated by the bicycle comfortably without it breaking or developing faults.

You could also need a bicycle that you will use to carry loads with.

Some people use manual bicycles to carry bags of maize, beans, potatoes, wheat, heaps of firewood, jerry cans of water, and everything else that can be tied on the backseat.

If this is what you want to do with the bicycle, it should have a large load capacity, stability, and sturdiness.

If the bicycle is for commuting, you will check for speed, brakes, wheels, gears, and riding posture. It also depends on where you will be riding it when you are commuting.

Will the bicycle be convenient for you to ride? Is it compatible with the terrain and the nature of the roads?

The purpose should be a basic thing when you are buying a bicycle, and it will guide you to choose and buy the right bicycle.

Is the bicycle fit for you?

You have your body measurements and weight, which are not like other peoples’. The bicycles are also designed to withstand up to a certain weight.

It could be 150 kilos, 200 kilos, 300 kilos, etc. Is your weight within what that particular bicycle can handle?

Apart from just the weight limit, you should also check whether the model and structure of the bicycle are convenient for you.

There are specific bicycles that are manufactured for women, and their structure is compatible with women.

Even if you want to ride the bicycle in a skirt, it will be perfectly ok for you because of the structure.

That means it is a gender-specific bicycle that favours them. Others are tailor-made for children and the elderly.

Ensure that you choose the bicycle that is suitable and fit for you, depending on gender and age.

It should fit you in every dimension for compatibility, fitting, suitability, and comfort.

The tastes and preferences of every person also matter when it comes to cycling.

Despite all the other qualities, features, and specs of the bicycle, you should ensure that it satisfies and gratifies your heart to the fullest.

Why? Because everyone has their inner heart desire, which should be sufficed by getting the right bicycle.

What kind of bicycle do your colleagues ride?

This depends on whether you ride in a group. If so, you should buy the kind of bicycle that other people in your group have.

It will be suitable for the uniformity of the entire group and also enable you to move at the same speed.

You do not want to have a slow and more demanding bicycle than the rest of your cycling colleagues.

Instead of having a slower, heavier, and a bothering bicycle, you would rather have a better and more convenient one than them.

Try to buy a bicycle that is just like theirs if you cycle in a group to blend in the group seamlessly.

Otherwise, you may have to work harder and strain more to keep at the same pace as them, and it will hit hard on you.

Your past cycling experiences

If you are an experienced cyclist who owns or owned bicycle(s) previously, you may try looking for a similar bicycle to the one you used to own.

However, this depends on your former experiences. Maybe you bought a certain bicycle model, and its performance was incredible.

The next time you want to buy bicycle for Adults, you will try looking for another one like it. You can be guided by what you experienced before, and you will get it right.


“Actions speak louder than words,” so the adage goes.

It is proved by the performance of the bicycle because obviously, you would not like to buy a bicycle that will make you spend forever on the way before getting to your destination.

There are poor quality bicycles that are so dependent.

Apart from being poor performers and breaking down and getting punctured every now and then, they are also heavy; hence they require you to use more effort and energy.

Therefore, you cannot ride for long distances and long hours.

Some are also poor in such a way that you will have to cycle even downhill. Oops! What a disappointment and a total turn off.

Ensure that the bicycle will be propelled by the momentum too so that you will not have to cycle downhill, and you will also not have to keep on cycling even on flat ground.

It should give you enough time downhill and on flat ground to rest, and the momentum plus gravity will do the riding.

Go for a topnotch performer bicycle that will give you an easy time and an awesome cycling experience to not waste yourself on the way.

It should be a light, high quality, sturdy, strong, durable, and stable bicycle that rides very fast and conveniently.

Without that, it will disturb you, and you will never enjoy riding it. It can even make you hate cycling.

Quality – As aforementioned in the above paragraph, performance is determined by quality.

If you go for a low-quality bicycle, you will always get angry and feel like crying because of the dismal performance.

Why? Because almost every component of the bicycle is wanting and poor.

Where will you be riding the bicycle?

The terrain matters a lot. There is a wide range of bicycles, and their designs, models, and structures also vary from one another.

You should be conscious of where you will be riding the bicycle. Is it on the road, off-road, in the wild, in the mountains, etc.?

After establishing where the bicycle will be riding on, you will be able to pick the right one.

For instance, you could be riding on muddy roads, rocky ground, mountains, or in town.

The manufacturers have specific bicycles for all these places. If you are riding in town, you can buy a road bike because it is designed to be ridden on tarmacked roads, and it is also very fast.

If you are riding on the beach, you can buy a cruising bicycle because it fits such places. For a rugged and versatile bicycle that is fit for all terrains, you can buy a mountain bike.

It is an amazing, strong, stable and optimized bicycle fit for all kinds of terrains. With it, you will traverse all kinds of terrains and maneuver them with any hassles.

Style and design

Everyone has their preferred style and design, which they feel that it tastes better to them than the rest.

You can go for the one that feels nice more than all the others. However, it also depends on whether you have problems with your limbs, age, and gender, among other reasons.

People who limp or have one shorter leg, leg pains, arm and back problems should go for easier designs which will be friendlier and more convenient for them to use.

Bicycle Components

The brakes, wheels, handlebars, gears and gear shifters, and all bicycle components should be in excellent condition.

All of them should have no weakness or malfunction because they are just like organs and body parts.

If one component is not in good order or proper condition, the bicycle cannot ride smoothly.


Have you been wondering and asking, “How do I buy a bicycle for adults?” There you go: you now have a complete guide of what to look for when buying a bicycle.

None of the above points should be overlooked because if you are not conscious of the price or the terrain, you will be distracted.

Observe the above points when before buying bicycle for Adults for convenience.


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