How Does Rohloff Speedhubs Work: Top 5 Best Reviews

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How Does Rohloff Speedhubs Work: Top 5 Best Reviews

Do you love cycling? Do you love to enjoy your time and view nature? If this is your passion, you can always simplify your entire encounter with the famous Rohloff Speedhubs.

These devices are great, and they make cycling less of a hustle. With them, you can be sure to enjoy a quick and simpler way of cycling.

Using these Rohloff Speedhubs devices can quickly change the gear of your bike without having to start calculating and making estimates that may not be real.

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The devices have been making work easy for a vat number of people. Those that have used it believe that it is one of the best ones that you can use to make your cycling easier.

With them, you get to save yourself from the trouble that you may experience when cycling.

They are highly reliable devices that last for a long time, and they are bound to turn your tour into an experience that you cannot forget.

Below is a look at the reasons why you need to buy bike Rohloff Speedhubs and different types available in the market.

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Reasons for Buying Bike Rohloff speed hubs

Bike Rohloff Speedhubs are usually underrated by some people but hey have many benefits that one can enjoy.

With them, you can change your gear automatically and save yourself from the trouble of having to calculate the gear and when to change it.

Besides, you are always sure that your bike gear has automatically changed. With this device, you can make your experience on the roads perfect.

Here is a look at the major reasons why you need to Rohloff speed hubs for your bike.

Low Maintenance

Rohloff’s are overly easy to maintain, and you may have to use it for about one year before you can think of maintaining it.

To ensure that you do not experience any problems with this device, you should ensure that you keep checking the primary transmission gear for any problems.

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It is, however, good to note that with this devices, you do not have to keep repairing it as it is a speed hub that is designed in a way that you only need to do very little in terms of maintaining it.

Solid construction

The bike Rohloff Speedhubs have a solid construction that enables them to have a longer life.

It is a pride for the company that manufactures this device because they rarely receive any items that a client may have returned due to dissatisfaction.

With this device, you can easily ride your bike in places of any nature without fearing that they may get damaged.

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The companies that manufacture these devices have also been receiving calls and compliments from the cyclists that have already hit over 326,000 KM.

With this Rohloff with the devices and still have maintained their sturdy nature.

Even Shifting

This is one of the strongholds of this device. Whenever you are using them, you can be sure that it automatically puts the right shift whenever you are riding.

With it, you can always enjoy your touring experience, and you do not have to worry about making daunting calculations on the correct gear.

That you need to adjust for you to maintain a better experience on the roads.

It shifts quickly from and to the gear that you want with just one wrist movement.

Modelled with great craftsmanship

The bike Rohloff Speedhubs are usually managed and manufactured by the original founders that launched it.

The founders carry out their operations in Germany.

Every device that the company manufactures usually features high levels of workmanship, and they only target at ensuring that it is of the highest quality and affordable.

Types of Bike Rohloff Speedhubs

Rohloff Speedhub, 14 Speeds, 16t cog, Silver, QR


This Rohloff is bound to give you a good service and help you enjoy your touring endeavours.

With this device, you save yourself from the trouble of dealing with derailleurs, and there is so much more than you can enjoy by equipping it in your bike.

It is highly reliable and constructed with heavy-duty materials that enhance its durability.

Besides, the item has features that are important in enhancing its performance and capabilities to function according to your expectations.

Rohloff SpeedhubsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It has a system of rear hub drive train that is based internally which allows the system to shift under load
  • Low to maintain and highly efficient
  • The design of the internal parts of this device is excellent at reducing wear
  • Highly efficient with no gear overlap and a maximum ratio range
  • Shift indexing comes from the hub and not from the shifter
  • You can lace it at 2-cross
  • It has 14 sp twist shifter, housing 1742 g, 16 t cog
  • It is one of the lightest speed hubs that you can purchase to enhance your experience on the roads.
  • The hub is also sturdy, and it lasts for a long time, and you can enjoy the value for the money that you spend purchasing it
  • The speed hub has a speedy performance, and you can quickly shift the gears depending on the situation
  • It is highly reliable and last long. The hub is also bulletproof in the mud, and it is bound to enhance your security at all costs
  • The Rohloff is not easy to use, and it requires a little professionalism to do so.
  • Before you can install it, be sure to seek guidance from the seller and read the user instructions in the manual
  • The Rohloff is heavy and it may at times be a load for you

SHIMANO SG-3D55 Universal Hub Kit Nexus 


If you own an e-bike, this Rohloff can make the perfect choice for you. It is one of the rare hubs that give you a chance to maintain your simplicity.

With its advanced features, you get to make upgrades to your bike and operate the gear with much ease than manually.

The item is crucial in making your experience better. Besides, it is one of the few that tends to last long compared to some expensive items in the market.

With this hub, you can achieve a lot of conveniences and enhance your experiences while touring.

Rohloff SpeedhubsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It is manufactured with an aluminium cover shell that is known to last for a long time compared to other materials that are of low quality
  • It weighs 945 kg, and thus it is not heavy, and you can be sure not to slow down in your journey
  • The company manufactures the item with various color options that enable you to select one that best matches with your bike. It comes in both black and silver.
  • The mounting system is a centre lock rotor
  • It offers you a three-speed mechanism that enhances your speed on the road and ability to change your gears with much simplicity. The speed options include centre lock, clutch and silent.
  • The disk is a brake version for internal brake version
  • The gear range is 186
  • It has a spacing of 135 mm
  • Has 19 tooth cog
  • The hub is very strong, and you can make good use of it for a long time
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • It is not affordable



This Rohloff is of high-quality evidence from its materials. It lasts long and enhances your ability to control your bike efficiently.

It is also easy to maintain, and it does not add up to extra costs in your endeavours. With its simplified form, you can easily install it to your bike.

It enhances your safety on the road, and there are vast things that you get to gain by using it.

It is also a device that features great craftsmanship, and with the keenness that manufacture uses to make it, you can be sure to enjoy an all-round experience that gives you the morale to keep touring.

Rohloff SpeedhubsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The drive train shifts under load and it has an internal rear hub of 14 speed
  • The disc is only compatible with a four-bolt rotor. The bolts are sold the shift indexing separately does not originate from the shifter but the hub
  • The ratio range is usually at its maximum, and it brings you high efficiency as it does not have complications of gear overlap
  • You should lace the hub into the cross of only 1* and 2*. If you lace it 3* you can cause a lot of problems as the hub ends up a premature hub flange failure and the manufacture under their warranty never covers this.
  • As a result, you should be careful to place it in the right numbers as failure to do may lead you to spend more money buying a new Rohloff
  • The Rohloff is easy to maintain and low cost when it comes to handling it
  • It is very reliable
  • It has a solid construction that enhances its durability and safety hence saving you money
  • It is highly efficient, and you can enjoy using it on your bike as it enhances our experience on the road
  • The design of this device is adorable, and you can be happy to ride a good looking bike
  • It is not easy to install
  • The warranty does not cover for any mistakes that you make during the installation process, and as a result, you should always consult a professional when handling this device

SHIMANO Alfine 11-Speed Internal Geared Bicycle Disc Brake Hub


This Rohloff brings you eight-speed. It also comes in another 11-speed choice. It is a device that brings you versatility and high reliability.

With this Rohloff, you can adjust the gears of your bike and keep changing them depending on the way you want to ride at the particular moment.

Besides, it saves you from the trouble of having to shift gears at a time when you are not ready.

With it, you get to have good times in your cycling endeavours. It is also a great choice to have a whole new experience in your cycling endeavours.

The Rohloff Speedhubs also features a high-end method of manufacturing their devices, and this is one of the earliest Rohloff that they have manufactured.

Clients that have benefited from this device know how safe and high quality it is for you.

With it, you can always be sure to save more money and enjoy your ride even when you choose to go racing.

With this type of speed hub, you can always be sure to remain victorious and make great memories from your adventures.

Rohloff SpeedhubsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It is a highly efficient device to use in your bike of either 8/11 speed
  • It has an E-TUBE mode that is highly efficient and brings about the reliability
  • The shifting hub of this device is D12, and it brings along efficiency and high levels of flexibility
  • The design of this Rohloff is clean, and you can be sure to achieve a certain level of the aesthetic in your bike
  • With this hub, you can go long miles and still be sure to have the same quality as the hub
  • The hub is highly flexible, and you can be sure to enhance and impact the quality of your journey
  • The speed hub is heavily reliable
  • It brings you value for your money and wit this device; you do not have to keep moving the pedal if you want to change a certain gear. Hence you can rely on it even on places that you may not have been read to shift them as it does so automatically
  • It lacks a wide range of gears as one would expect and thus there is not much to expect from it
  • The price is high hence you should be ready to spend

The process of buying a bike Rohloff is not as simple as one would expect. When purchasing them, one should be careful to look at various features that matter.

The device that you want to buy should be easy and low to maintain so that you do not have to spend a lot of money.

Besides, your Rohloff should have even shifting so that you can stay on the right gear and safety. Your choice should also be sturdy enough for durability.



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