Free website Traffic Generator Revealed

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Free website Traffic Generator Revealed

There reaches a point when you have worked so hard on the blog that you feel like a pro. And that calls for getting serious about the traffic you attract your website traffic.

The more traffic you can create, the more you will get paid for your blogging activities.

Here are some tips you can use to increase website traffic:

Have a good strategy when it comes to the contents of your blog

The first thing to do to ensure that you have more website traffic is giving your audience quality content.

You have probably come across this many times and heard other bloggers say content is king in the blogging industry.

Content is not just quality alone. You have to strategize better in terms of timing your posts and the effort you put on marketing your website traffic.

The better blog content is one that meets a specific need of the readers. That means you know what the audience wants, what they feel, and the things they love reading about.

In the current blogging era, your content will have to fall into either of these categories: Cool and funny or useful and informative.

If you go for any of the segments, then you will have a good start.

If you want to get some more ideas about the kind of content people are interested in, then visit Quora and see the sort of questions people ask that relate to your topic.

Another great source would be Buzzsumo. It will give an idea or two by only seeing what other people are writing about in the industry you have decided to step into.

You can take it from there and make the conversation even better.

In the case of your style, you can go the extra mile by including cute videos to tell your stories, go for shocking statistics, and other colorful infographics.

It is all about creating something that will move readers and stand out from the crowd of average bloggers. Create content that more people can link to and want to share with others.

Create content that is always green

Ensure that a significant percentage of your blog content is evergreen. This kind of content is one that can pass the test of time.

In other words, your posts should be able to stay relevant even ten years from now.

For instance, if you decide to write about this years’ EMAs, people will not be interested in looking at the post in two or three months.

It will become irrelevant, especially when other awards come, say Oscar. However, if you go for the life of Tupac, the article will be read by generations without losing that aspect of relevance.

Think about what you want to write about and evaluate if it can attract readers two or three years down the line.

Craft headlines that grab attention

Giving your audience a good teaser will have them yearning to read the posts and can even wait for the Ads to finish to get a look at what you have to say.

As a blogger, your headlines should be irresistible. It is what gets website traffic visitors to the blog by capturing their attention and interest.

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Some established bloggers will even tell you that the headline is more important than the actual post. If you have a kickass content hidden behind a shabby headline, people will not know, and that will give it a quick death.

Look at it in this manner, appearance is everything, and that is why you would not go for a wedding in your stay-home-bored pants.

The same way, no one can be convinced that a lackluster headline has excellent content following. 

Do not shy away from experimenting. You can have multiple headlines for a single article and see the one that attracts website traffic , and that should be one that you base your headline styles on.

And by that, you can also have multiple forms as long as they are catchy.

Generate newsletters that showcase some of your great blog posts

A big part of your content strategy should be promoting your work. That is another way that can drive more website traffic to your blogs and should be one thing you are good at.

The best way of doing content promotion is by starting getting emails from your clients for the blog newsletters.

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Once they have trusted you enough to accept this subscription, you can send them your monthly or weekly newsletters and not forgetting to include some of the best posts you have.

That action will have your clients coming back for more and also sharing what you have to offer with other people.

And going by the fact that these users are already familiar with your blog, they might go the extra mile and explore more on your blog.

They might start sampling the products you are promoting on the site as well.

But you must be cautious about maintaining that trust. Some people, in fact, most people, are susceptible to how their contacts are used.

Do not take that as an opportunity to send anything you find to them.

Nowadays, the ethical use of consumer data matters so much, and you must ensure that everything you post your readers is relevant; otherwise, they will unsubscribe from your platforms.

Do not fear using the keywords

Relevant keywords and SEOs constitute a significant part of your strategy if you wish to website traffic to your blog.

Many bloggers nowadays become a bit nervous when you suggest to them anything to do with SEO.

However, it is vital to keep in mind that search engine optimization can be excellent when done in the right manner.

That way, you will target specific users from Google to ensure that you have them getting to your site every time they search for the particular words on the web. That is wondrous!

As much as it is recommended, SEO must come in moderation. Everything is better when done in moderation. Here is what it means:

  • Should you use keywords in your context texts? The answer is yes.
  • Should you stuff and saturate your blog content with keywords and search queries? No, don’teventhinkofit.
  • Should you link your post to the previous ones you have written on the same topic? Yes.
  • Include links everywhere such that every paragraph has a hyperlink to another article? No.
  • Conceptualize and influence your posts with keywords? Yes.
  •  Give more priority to keywords and search bots as opposed to user experience? No.

Google drives billions of searches a day ad; you should leverage the power of keywords and SEO to get a website traffic pie for yourself.

It is an approach that is tried and tested, and it works a great deal. But the current market has so many sites and advertisers competing for the same keywords.

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So how can you have the edge over the rest of the online crowd? Go for the long-tail keywords.

Why should bloggers go for Long-Tail Keywords?

The first thing would be to let you know what these are. Long-tail keywords are ones that have more than three keywords.

They are more accessible to target and are cheaper options in terms of the PPC since the phrases always attract fewer competitions.

The only sure way of getting a top SERP rank on Google is going for the long-tail keywords.

Long-tails are not only refreshing, but they are also the kind that keeps the blog lively.

For instance, let us say you want a higher ranking on Google for the term health food because you are blogging about that topic.

But we all how many people are using the same term, which makes it very competitive.

For you to take your game to the next level, you will need to expand it to something like health food meal prep or say health food shopping basket.

That way, your chances of getting a high rank will be improved drastically.

 Best SEO for bloggers: how to find long-tail keywords

The best way to brainstorm these top keywords is by checking on Google. Type any phrase on the search area and see the kind of sentences that are suggested to complete the search.

These auto-completed suggestions should guide you in making the decision on which ones are mostly used and the ones that appear on top.

The nest thing should be typing the entire words that were suggested and seeing the ones that are included in the related search segment at the bottom of the search results.

Get the ones that appear to be more related and are appearing in all the sections (suggested and also included in the related search section).

Go on by putting all the long-tail keywords and phrases you have gathered into the Google Keyword Planner.

Find out the ones that drive the most website traffic and compare them with the other ones suggested by Google.

The ones with high search volumes and low competition should be the right ones for you.

So every time you are creating your content, ensure that they appear on the posts (only when the article is related to the targeted keyword).

SEO WordPress plugins that you should have

WordPress has a range of some cool plugins that are designed to help bloggers with SEO.

These add-ins will help you set up your URL slugs in the right way and efficiently as well as guide you when crafting better descriptions, sitemaps, and any other technical bit that is associated with generating better SEO.

Some of these may not come naturally to a beginner,  that’s why you need some help navigating these steps. The most common plugins are:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • All in One SEO Pack

Find the people that are interested in your ideas

To promote your website traffic effectively, you must strategize about the areas you want to spend most of your time.

It might be okay to establish your presence on many social media platforms.

But you also know that the plan comes with some challenges, and if you are not keen, you might burn out after some time.

That is why it is recommended that you hunt for your flock and specialize in areas they are found. 

Dip your feet and figure out where a big part of your audience are found. And also get to know the social networks that work nest for your blog.

If your content is going heavy on the visuals, you will have to set your site on LinkedIn.

But if your posts are more on nerd culture, then you can set your camp on the right subreddit, and you can be guaranteed that you will make it big.

They say that if you are looking for seagulls, you have to visit the shores.

In the same way, if you want to drive your website traffic, you have to establish the blog where a majority of your audience hangs out.

You have to understand your readers and get them where they are.

Leverage the power of Google Analytics to drive your website traffic. Google Analytics will help you understand the websites that have the most referral website traffic.

This way, you will find the right forums and sites that your audience likes using. Once this is done, get active and engage them in conversations.

Posts some links to your website traffic anytime you feel like you have their attention, and the timing is appropriate.

This is a big ask because you do not want to join a conversation and come out of it as a spam master.

You have to present yourself as a valuable member of their community whenever a conversation crops up. Wait for the website traffic to direct people to your site.

For instance, if someone wants to know about a healthy diet, you can offer some tips, then refer them to your blog post about a healthy diet meal plan.

But it would be odd to direct someone to a resource about mountain climbing tips if the conversation is about sky diving.

Learn to move with your crowd.

Once you have your audience, go all in

Make the platforms where your audience is found your focal point. You have to limit the social networks to the ones that are worth spending your time on.

And that means that if you have 100 people on Twitter and none on Facebook, build your blog mostly on Twitter. That is where you have readers to impress.

This approach is based on the fact that too many choices will wear you out. You do not want to overwhelm and stress your users either.

In most cases, people tend to think that more choices are better, but research shows that you may be better off with fewer options instead.

But that does not mean you ignore the rest. You can keep a close eye on them, but the most focus should be on what is getting you paid.

Ask for what you want

There is enough evidence to prove that users that ask other people to retweet their tweets get 73.48 retweets on average compared to 2.09 retweets for those that never ask.

That means that by asking people to follow your content, they will be compelled to do so.

The same approach applies to all call-to-actions. To you, the intention will be clear, but to the website traffic, the appeal will increase the likelihood to share more and follow you through the journey.

But you have to offer something worth pursuing.

Optimize for speed and mobile use

Nobody will spend their time on your blog waiting for your content to load.

If your page is not coming up fast as they expect it to then, they will be compelled to exit and move to the next one on the Google list, which may happen to be a close competitor.

So you must ensure that your website traffic has the right speed. Do you want to see that happen? Here is how:

Google’s Page Speed Insights tool helps to give the rate of your site and goes on to provide you with tips on how you can increase the speed of your website.

On the same topic, more people spend time on their mobile phones and tablets than computers.

Therefore, going for mobile is a no-brainer for any blogger looking to create more website traffic. You have to ensure that your blog supports mobile use and is up to snuff.

You can use the following WordPress plugins to optimize your blog for mobile application:

  • WPtouch Mobile Plugin
  • .JetPack by WordPress

Play calm and friendly with other bloggers

To go all the way in online jobs, you have to exhibit good mannerisms. You have to build a good relationship with other bloggers in the same industry.

Sometimes you can team up with them against a common enemy, talk of the game of thrones style. Or you may want them to help you with some ideas.

Sharing ideas is all part of the blogging business.

Comment on other people’s blogs and join conversations on various community platforms.

You can even interview other leading bloggers or include their blogs on your top ten list as a way of supporting and appreciating their work.

You can tag them to such posts to let them see how much you appreciate their work, and chances are they will also show you the same love.

They will share your work on their blogs as a way of returning the favor, and that will, for sure, drive more website traffic for you.

Creating links for your blog posts is good for SEO, but the moment you also link some outside sources, you let Google know that you are not a spammer.

That will build a positive relationship with other people in the industry, especially the ones you are linking to.

Creating traffic may not be easy, but if you follow the right steps, you can make it a bit simple. Of course, it will take time, but it is worth your patience.

Follow these steps, and you will be amazed at how your audience base grows with time.

Finding the right idea

You are at a point where your blog is fully set up and ready to go. The next thing coming to the mind is getting the right ideas of what to write about and make the blog active and appealing.

It might not be easy to get the best intentions, especially for beginners.

However, some tips can help you navigate this challenge.

Below are a few steps that can get you going and give you the best ideas for your blog posts:

Solicit feedback from other people

You may want to know the hottest areas to write about by asking people what they have in mind.

It might be in the form of what they want to learn about or the challenges they look forward to solving. There must be a good connection between your ideas and the need of the people.

For instance, this book can be used as a good example. It was inspired by the need to address this area as many people want to find a way of working at home and making good money off it.

For a new blogger, the audience may not be that huge to give you the best response to exciting areas.

All the same, you can still post your inquiries on community forum sites to find out what other people are interested in.

In some cases, you may not need to ask. You can just read through what most people follow.

Listen to what they say on social media platforms and the kind of conversations they have going.

Be very active in your niche

Being active in your niche will give you so much to write about. Additionally, you will be in a position to provide the latest updates and attract many readers.

To become more active, you need to follow the most recent trends and news and participate in anything that covers the area you have decided to concentrate on. 

You can also subscribe to top blogs in the field you are writing about and keep up with anything new going on in your niche and the industry at large.

That would give you enough ideas to implement on your blog.

Utilize the power of social media in the industry

You have to keep an eye on all social media platforms because those are the areas that most people interact on.

Check what is happening on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social network, especially the ones that people in your industry like using.

The best way of going about this is by monitoring the relevant keywords to figure out the areas of discussions and the key topics that keep their conversations going.

In most cases, you will find out that the result of what you are searching for is enough to get your blog lively.

Keep a close eye on the community sites

Be active on the community sites. And by this, you have to visit the industry category on sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora.

These sites will give many clues on the topics that people want to know about, and that should be a starting point for your blog.

Do not limit yourself

There are many ideas that you can have on the blog posts that you can ever imagine. You just need to expand your thinking and the way you look at things in your niche.

Do not limit yourself. And by that, you should start seeing things beyond the scope you have decided to focus on.

For instance, if you are writing about blogging, you can go the extra mile and talk about marketing and making money off blogging because that is an area that most bloggers want to learn.

And if you decide to talk about health, you can also include diets and fitness because they make a good part of overall health and are essential for one to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Find what you are passionate about

The best idea you will ever have is writing about what you know and interest you more.

That is always the first advice that anybody will give you if you are looking for ideas to start a blog.

But that alone is never enough, you want to make money, and if your thoughts do not attract many people, then you will not be anywhere near your goals.

You have to ensure that whatever you concentrate on gets those bucks in your account.

Getting an idea that can be monetized

Sometimes a basic idea is not enough to get you earning a decent salary.

You need something profitable that can generate website traffic to your blog and turn into a good income stream.

In general, finding the right niche for your blog is one of the essential steps in getting started, and it determines the performance of your blog against others in the industry.

This area must be given considerable attention to ensure that you do not quit after some months.

If you go for a niche that attracts a lot of competition, you may end up losing to the already established experts in that niche.

In the same way, if you go for a smaller niche that has market appeal, then you will not make a remarkable impact to get you paid.

Therefore, beginners must go somewhere in between.

Below are ways that will get you a paying idea for the blog:

Talk about what you know and enjoy

Starting a blog may be fun considering the processes. But there reaches a point where you need to convert that fun into some bucks.

The best way of doing so is by ensuring that your posts are informative and authentic. As much as you enjoy what you are talking about, you have to ensure that you give the right information.

Do not fabricate facts. People would like to be taught ways of solving their problems, be it relationship advice or some handy tips and life hacks at home.

If you keep suggesting things that do not work out, they lose interest and brand you a joker and fake.

And the best way of doing fine in that respect is by going for a niche that excites you.

You are moved, inspired, and motivated to learn more about what you are writing and dig deep to get all the answers that can solve the problems you want to address.

So, the question is, how can you get the ideas that interest you? Here is how. Get a pen and a paper.

Write some ideas that you can talk about off head. Chose the first five because you will find out that they are the ones that you wrote very first without even thinking hard.

Research on those topics and see if they are highly demanded.

Conduct market research

You have to find out if your ideas are profitable and have a market appeal and demand. That would require you to do a little market research.

Here are some tips to get you started:

For instance, let us have relationship advice as an area that you would like to write about, and you want to find out if the market demand is high.

The demand will be determined by the audience size as well as the level of competition in that segment.

The first thing you will do is type relationship advice on Google Trends and see if many people have searched for the topic and if it hold any appeal in the market, which is determined by the interested people about it.

Google Trends will give you a graph that shows if the topic is stable, rising, or declining.

That should be enough to decide whether you want to delve on the matter or should go for something else.

You will not want to go topics that are on the decline because your blog may not have the right audience in the long run.

The result given will be within a range of years. You have to see if it is seasonal, or the topic has sway all the time.

If the item is rising relatively, then it means that your audience will keep growing, and that will drive your traffic for many years to come. And that pays.

Go for a smaller niche

The point here is that you do not want to lock horns with the most established pros in the industry.

As a beginner, you will not win the competition. And that may affect your blog significantly. So you have to determine the level of competition you are about to face.

To do so, you will have to search for the topic on Google search and see the number of search results you get.

The topic of giving relationship advice is so broad, and many bloggers are focusing on it. To ensure that you avoid such stiff competition, you have to go for a smaller niche.

When scrolling down the search results, you see an area that has other related search terms. Pick one of the terms and see how many results you get.

You should also be able to identify the number of people that are interested in that area.

Go over to AdWords Keyword Planner for a better analysis of the search term you have chosen.

You get the number of average searches per month, which is enough to determine if it is a great idea or not.

You continue exploring other keyword ideas you will notice that some attract low competition but are very popular, and those should give you the right ideas to write about on your blog. 

Profitability is everything

The plan here is to earn money from the blog, and that means that whatever you are going for should be profitable enough to help you make a good income.

There are ways that you can test the profitability of the topic you have chosen and to determine whether you want to continue with it or drop it for another profitable one.

The best way of doing the test is by checking if there are any brand or business advertising or the keywords you have chosen.

If many people spend some money to advertise any product on AdWords that targets the keywords related to the niche that you have chosen, then that is proof enough that you have gotten it right and you will get get quality website traffic.

That will also be an opportunity for you to earn good money by including some Ads through AdSense. Another way, which is the most profitable one, is selling affiliate products on your blog.

For instance, you can join Amazon’s Affiliate Program to start promoting their products.

Whenever you direct a client to Amazon and they make a purchase, you will be given a 10% commission on the product they have purchased.

You can write reviews of the affiliate products and make their lists before linking them to Amazon to get paid.

And that is how you can turn an idea into something that gets you paid, which is part of the reason you should start a blog.

Over to you

The moment you get the right idea for your blog, ensure that you have exceptional content written down and published.

This move will get you ahead of the competition by making you stand out. Consistency is also essential and should be one of your greatest assets.

Always schedule your posts to get your readers something whenever they visit your blog. Accordingly, you will have to be patient.

You won’t attract a thousand website traffic overnight. You have to earn them one by one, and with the time, you can have the best audience depending on the quality of the content you give them.

Choosing the right topic for the blog

First things first, getting the correct item for your blog is entirely different from finding ideas for the blog content.

A topic is the foundation upon which your articles will be based on, and there might be different ideas within the same issue.

Here are some ideas about how you get the right topic to blog about:

Just like in the views, you have to be passionate about the topic of discussion. The same applies to the level of knowledge.

You may like a lot of things, and the only difference, which makes a lot of sense, is the knowhow.

The better you understand a topic, the most likely you will perform better at blogging about it.

You may be so much interested in technology, but how much do you know about that topic? Can you generate ideas from that subject?

And for how long can you sustain the ideas? These are the kind of questions you need to ask yourself before going for a topic simply because you are interested in them.

The moment you choose a topic that you understand well, you will be able to maintain consistency for a very long time and generate creative ideas that would capture the attention of your readers.

You already have some knowledge to share, and the fact that you are passionate about it will ensure that you keep looking for more options and updates about the same.

Passion and knowledge is nothing if people are not willing to spare some time and go through what you have written on your blog.

You have to attract buyers and readers to like your posts. That means that you have to go for in-demand topics.

What interests clients is better than what interests you as a person because you are not going to get paid for what you like.

On the other hand, what readers prefer will get you paid. So the best way of going about it is ensuring that you have some feedback form your customers.

Let them tell you what they would like to see in the next issue. Their response should inspire the kind of topics you dwell on.

And that calls for monitoring the comment section to see what readers think about your blog posts.

Finding out the availability of information on the topics you choose is a vital part of ensuring consistency.

You have to go online and figure out how much you can get about the problem from online sources. If there are a lot of resources, then you are safe.

You can be assured that you will not run out of ideas to support your topic. But if the information about that topic is limited, then you would be better off getting another one.

You do not want to write for one or two months straight, then find yourself stuck and unable to provide contents of the same quality.

Every situation and breakthrough you make will present more opportunities and challenges.

In that sense, if you find a topic that is exhausted, then you will have to work so hard to ensure that your articles stand out from the previous ones on the same question.

Likewise, if the subject has not been covered adequately, then you have to put in more effort to find information about the same.

You must have some articles ready for publishing even before you start your blog.

You should write attest five posts and have them prepared before you have your blog running.

That would ensure that you don’t have a hard time thinking about writing when you are just getting started.

And in the same line, you can keep on writing for years because you are always covered with extra content.

You will not want to get stranded along the way after investing so much on your blog due to some reasons that you can avoid.

Having good content is excellent, but having great content is the best you will ever have as you start your blogging career.

And all that comes with the choice of topics and ideas you want to blog about. Get it right, and you will be amazed at how many people are attracted to your site.

However, if you get it wrong, you will be considering quitting along the way. What a better way than having firsthand information about the topics and preparing some articles in advance.


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