Dynamo Lights Bike for Backpacking and Touring Review

Dynamo Lights BIKE

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 Dynamo Lights Bike for Backpacking and Touring Review

Dynamo lights are an important part of your daily cycling as they ensure that your bike is well lit every day.

They enhance your safety in the dark or in places where there is limited lighting.

They are convenient and highly reliable and when you permanently mount them in your bike, you get to enjoy many benefits from them.

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Though they power lights, dynamo lights bike are also important as they can power almost anything including your USB.

They have been in use since the ancient time but they are slowly coming back to the market and they have taken a modern shape.

One can easily get confused when it comes to selecting the best dynamo light to use in their bike packing or for touring because there are many types in the market.

Product Comparison Table

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Here, we review the best ones that can serve you for longer and give you durability and affordability.

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Things You Should Know Before Buying Dynamo Lights for Bike Packing and Touring

At times, it may be stressing when buying a dynamo light.

There are many dynamo lights bike in the market and the confusion that they bring to the buyer may render one unable to make the perfect decision on the lights that suit them the most.

Before deciding on the best one, you should make the internet your closest friend. Be sure to read reviews about each product that you want to purchase.

Besides, you should be sure to ask every question that you may have about the dynamo that you select to your seller.

This factors guide you on how you can know the right dynamo lights bike for you.


This is the most important feature that you should look up o when purchasing dynamo lights as it is the sole purpose of buying the light.

It entails the amount of light that the bulb emits. It should have enough brightness to make the road bright without blinding other riders.

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It should also stay bright enough whenever you are stopped in traffic so that you can control the bike properly.

Horizon (Reflectors)

Your dynamo system may have many high quality lumens but they may not be functional. The system should be able to pint and direct the light to the right direction.

The lenses and reflector of the lamp determines whether the light is directed to the right angle or not.

A narrow beam is not a good choice as it directs light in a small view that may disappear and become invisible when the handle bar has a slight movement.

With that, you may end up drifting in rocks or in the bush due to poor reflections.

Additionally, wide beams are also not excellent as they share light in a wide area and thus they result into reduced contrast and dimmer view.

Such light cannot project to a far distance. Be sure to get a concentrated beam.

Built in Capacitor

Capacitors are essential features of your lights. They make your experience safer by continuing to light your bike even when you take a stop.

Even when you stop at intersections, you can be sure to be visible and safe in your journey.


When buying dynamo lights bike, ensure that your dynamo light should be bright enough so that you can be visible to other motorists.

Be sure to select a dynamo light that is bright enough. Your beam pattern also matters as it ensures that you have the right vision of the road that you are travelling to in the night.


To spend less cash buying dynamo lights for your bike every time, you should purchase one that has durable materials.

LED lights do not wear out easily and thus you should look up to buy such bulbs. Besides, avoid buying lights that are made of cheap materials as they are likely to break down quickly.

Types of Dynamo Lights Bike

NiteRider Lumina 1100 Boost Headlight


Special lightweight aluminum housing makes this product attractive and popular.  The waterproof headlight is suitable for most weather conditions.

Light setting is very easy and with a double click on the on and off button you reach maximum and minimum light.

From holding down for 7 seconds to on and off button, the operation of the light is blocked.  This bicycle light has 5 light levels plus 7 daylight flash mode.

The Lumina 1100 is currently the market leader and best-selling.  Handlebar mounting with the quick release can easily be attached to handlebars up to 35mm.

There is also another mounting option on the helmet, but that is available separately.

By holding the on and off button for 7 seconds you can block the work of the light.  It is easy to charge it by means of a USB cable.

The NiteRider after 30 years of experience and making independent bicycle lighting is still working to bring sustainable and high quality to the market.

And they succeeded.  The sales sum is proof of this.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • Bright lighting. A lot of sun or dark showers can reduce your visibility for yourself or your oncoming traffic, so you need lighting on the bike, just like car and motorcycle.
  • You can always switch off (press and hold the on / off button for 7 seconds) when you are not riding and not using this light.
  • It has an .amp that indicates that battery level is good and the red light indicates that battery is less than 20% full.
  • The body has a fiber making and therefore this bicycle light is durable.
  • Best performance in the market and reliable
  • Charging easy and fast
  • High-quality product and therefore a lifetime warranty

Pros & Cons

  • Sustainable
  • Beautiful LED’s light turns your night light into daylight
  • Water and dust proof
  • 2 year warranty
  • Super compact
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast rechargeable battery
  • Equipped with medical glasses
  • Special customer service that is ready for all your questions
  • The battery of this dynamo light does not last long according to the indications of the manufacturer
  • The connectors of power in this device have a weird design that connects only in one way.
  • There is no visual indicator that offers directions or signals of how to connect it hence you may have a difficult time handling it.

NiteRider Pro 1800 Race Bike Headlight System


If you like riding in the night , you need good light to cover your course safely. The NiteRider Pro 1800 offers you this possibility to cycle in the dark nights.

The light quality is so high that you can even see even the smallest debris in your trail.

This very professional road bike headlight system comes with a battery pack that can be easily mounted anywhere and recharged very quickly.

It is equipped with different brightness levels that you can set yourself.  It is a very compact product and easy to carry.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • Super compact product.
  • 100% waterproof and suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Equipped with a handlebar mount that fits handlebars up to 35mm and a helmet mount that is only suitable for vented helmets.
  • The body has a design of DuPont glass fiber reinforced nylon that offers pro riders more confidence in durability.
  • This device is equipped with a fuel gauge that allows the rider to see at a glance what the battery level is.
  • The customer service based in San Diego provides the ability and availability to answer all customer questions.
  • Defective mechanical components are covered by a limited service life.
  • To keep all accessories together and always ready for the next ride, a nice bag is included.
  • The glass of NiteRider Pro 1800 has a medical stretch and high transparency.

  • Sustainable
  • Beautiful LED’s light turns your night light into daylight
  • Water and dust proof
  • 2 year warranty
  • Super compact
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast rechargeable battery
  • Equipped with medical glasses
  • Special customer service that is ready for all your questions
  • The battery of this dynamo light does not last long according to the indications of the manufacturer
  • The connectors of power in this device have a weird design that connects only in one way.
  • There is no visual indicator that offers directions or signals of how to connect it hence you may have a difficult time handling it.

Cygolite Metro Pro – 1,100 Lumen Bike Light


This is the light with the lowest weight hat you can use in your bike. It also offers you a lot of light and even in the darkest moments, you can be sure to enhance your visibility.

It also brings you an affordable way to save money even when you want to make savings. It projects light in far distances and in a wider angle and thus you can be sure to be highly visible to other cyclists.

The light also offers at least 9 different modes for you to light up your road. High, medium and low modes seem to be the best and the most commonly used by many riders.

The light does not however, last for a long time and thus, if you plan to stay outside for a longer time, you may want to purchase one that serves you for a longer time.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • The 1100 lumen of this device is profoundly powerful to meet all your needs
  • The device is rechargeable and you can be sure to enjoy a long life from the battery
  • The beam of this light is extra wide and large and this makes the light perfect for use in the mountains and the road
  • The steady plus mode of this light is essential in providing enough lighting in moments when you are overtaking as it grabs light pulses
  • The beam of this device is steady and it keeps your way lit
  • The light has a water resistant mechanism that enables you to use it even in wet mountains
  • It weighs 150 grams and this is lightweight for you to carry it whenever you need to do so
  • The light is compact in its size and make
  • It has an indicator for low battery and it also has a lock for you t use whenever you are transporting it
  • It has 9 modes for lighting that allow you to enjoy diverse range of lighting depending on what type of lighting that you need
  • The dynamo lights bike is crafted and designed in the USA with the modern designs that are creative enough to make you proud of your item

Pros & Cons

  • The dynamo light is lightweight hence highly portable whenever you need to transport it
  • It has a compact design
  • It brings you variety of light mode selections that you can choose from depending on the exact thing that you want
  • The light is easy to use
  • Installing this light in your bike is easy
  • The battery life of this device is short hence you cannot rely on it if you plan to travel for a long time in the dark
  • The clamp of this device fails to fit in wider bars like those of 35mm

Busch & Müller Headlight Lumotec IQ-X Black, 164RTSNDI-01


Due to the rampant competition in this industry, manufacturers have to think carefully about product performance and quality before it is put in the market.

Busch and Müller are taking the options and are working on the options that do not yet exist.

The breakthrough to the 100 Lux limit for Dynamo headlamps is on the market for the first time.

A very wide and bright beam pattern makes the beam of this high-end headlamp extraordinarily beautiful.

The light emission from lateral slots on the side of the housing of this dynamo lights guarantee visibility.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • Compact with dimensions 25.5 x 17.7 x 10 cm and lightweight at 251 grams.
  • Available in two colors black and silver.
  • Range of 100 Lux.
  • The dynamo lights bike has a button to turn it on and off at the back and within easy reach.
  • The light is powered by 6V and Watt hub
  • The light has an automatic sensor
  • Stand light
  • Wide beam light for visibility

Pros & Cons

  • Light weight of 251 grams
  • homogeneous IQ-X lighting up to 100 lux
  • Sustainable
  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • This light is designed in a modern attractive way
  • It is highly flexible with the wide range of lighting modes that it offers you
  • High quality
  • The beam of this light is not bright enough for objects that are close to you
  • The stand by function of this device is not as great as one would expect according to the price of the item
  • The materials used in the manufacturing of this device are cheap and this lowers the level of durability of the light
  • The built in capacitor of the light is not wide and large for better stand by controls

CAT EYE, AMPP1100 Rechargeable Bike Headlight


If you are a rider and you like touring or bike packing, you may want to purchase this dynamo light. It is the ideal one that you want to buy whenever you are on a saving plan.

Even with its best value, you can be sure to enjoy the perfect lighting whenever you are riding in the dark.

The light provides you vast options of lighting and you can be sure to select one that suits you the most.

It is also the type of light that you can use for a long time due to its durability. It is easy to use and even when you need to transport it, you can be sure to lock it and avoid unnecessary power usage.

Its features are impressive and they sure meet most of your needs.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • Strong battery and it can run for up to 50 hours
  • You can charge the device using a USB and it takes about 2-3 hours to complete the charging
  • It has a battery indicator that has three levels. The blue level indicates when the battery is above 50%, the yellow one indicates when the device`s battery is between 30 to 50% and the red one reads when the battery is below 30%
  • The light has five light modes that allow you to select the suitable one for you depending on the level of lighting outside. The levels include the low, flashing, high, middle and daytime hyper constant
  • The bracket of this light that is Flex tight is adjustable hence you can shape it to fit in handlebars of about 35 mm
  • The device has a button for release and it is easy to use. you can take it OFF whenever you want to charge it
  • The body of this light is made of heavy duty aluminum materials that are accompanied by a style that is streamlined to give it a special look

Pros & Cons

  • The pattern of the beam in this device is good
  • The battery indicator of this device is great and useful
  • The mounting system of he dynamo light is slim and easy
  • Easy to use and install
  • It does not interfere with the speedometer
  • The light is bright enough to light up your nights
  • The battery of this dynamo light lasts long
  • The dynamo light is not affordable
  • The nut that you fix while mounting this light is easy to break especially when you move lights between multiple bikes

Cycle Torch Shark 500 USB Rechargeable Bike Light – Headlight & Tail Light Set


Shark 500 is solidly built with IP65.  The waterproof shark 500 provides the best lighting in all weather conditions in all seasons of the year.

The shark 500 is designed so that it can be mounted on all bicycles and can be mounted within 5 seconds without tools.  It is rechargeable on your PC or a 5V charger.

The blue light on the on and off button indicates that the headlight is charged and when it is red, it is required to charge.  In 2 hours, it reaches 80% of the charge level.

All accessories such as charging cables and mounting parts are included.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • This beautiful rechargeable headlamp increases your visibility with LED 500 lumens.
  • The holder is designed to fit all types of bicycles like racing bikes, city bikes, children’s bikes.
  • To charge this shark 500 only USB plug or computer is needed.
  • To show the best side this manufacturer gives a satisfaction guarantee. Means in case of dissatisfaction you can return the product and get your money back.
  • The light brings you a bonus LED tail light USB
  • On high light, the battery runs for 2 hours while in flash light it runs for up to 30 hours
  • The device has a compact shape and with its durability, you can be sure to use it for a long time
  • The light is also water resistant and thus you can be sure to use it even in winter or in areas like mountains where conditions are wet. Even when it rains you can be sure that your light is safe

Pros & Cons

  • No battery required and rechargeable with USB plug or PC. So you save money
  • Easy and fast installation without tools on all types of bicycles
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Safe in the road with 500 Lumen lighting
  • Sustainable
  • Cheap
  • The rubber band used in mounting this device may cause the light to keep moving and this may distract the light that you receive as it goes to the wrong direction
  • In cold conditions, the device may be unresponsive
  • The light has poor lifespan and it may force you to purchase a new one after a short time

Light & Motion Taz 2000 Bike Headlight


This is the brightest dynamo lights that is engineered with the modern technology to meet all your requirements and it is the world`s light with the most powerful battery.

You can never feel loose of your money if you purchase this device. It is also a high quality light that you can use in busy roads, mountains and the darkest places in the globe.

The wide beam of this device enables it to emit a lot of bright light for you to have a better view in case you are in dark areas.

With this light, you can see even the slightest and darkest thing in the road. It is also durable and highly reliable.

Installing this light is not a difficult task and it is advisable to use a rubber buckle when mounting it so that it can be stable.

Even with its price, you can be sure to gain value of your money due to the wide variety of features that it brings to you.

The light also features a state of the art technology with its design that entails the integration of both the battery and light in the same single unit.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • The device is all weather and with its fully sub merge able mechanism, you can always be sure not to have to replace it after a short time of using it
  • The brightness of this device is exceptional thanks to its wide and flat beam that reflects the annoying lights from other bikes so that you can enjoy your ride
  • The company offers you 2 years warranty and thus you can always rely on the customer services whenever you experience problems with the item
  • The device has side lights that have an amber color for you to enjoy more safety on the road
  • It brings you vast features for your safety and you can turn it on with a single press button and turn it off with double press button.
  • You get to enjoy 5 modes with this device. Besides, it gives you updates on the progress of the charging and discharging on top of the screen
  • You get a free handlebar mount and USB for charging

Pros & Cons

  • The interface of this device is user friendly
  • Installing this light to the handlebar is easy
  • The output is exceptional
  • The beam is also shaped in a way that you get the brightest reflection
  • The device is pricey compared to some types of lights

LEZYNE Super Drive 1600XXL Smart Bike Light


This light has the best mounting system. With that, installing it is super easy and fast. It is also a great light and it is bright.

Even when you are travelling in the darkest places, you can be sure to enjoy better lighting.

It is also easy to use and brings you many light mode options. With this bulb, there are vast selections that you can choose and it is a rare type of light hat you can use for your daily activities.

It also features aluminum construction that makes it durable. It has a design that brings more beauty to your bike and you can be sure to enjoy a lot of versatility with this device.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • The light has 1600 lumens that bring forth its brightness
  • You can recharge this device with a USB hence you cannot struggle to bring its battery back to life when it goes off
  • The aluminum construction of this device gives it a sturdy look and more durability
  • The battery is bond to last for about 148 hours hence you can enjoy more time riding in the night or dark places
  • The beam pattern of the device is exceptional and it allows the reflection of light to be better for you to enjoy a better lighting
  • The smart connect feature of this device allows you to enjoy a better way to use this device
  • It has a remote switch control that is easy to use
  • It has a sensor for both auto and night so that you can enjoy a better time with it
  • The cutouts of this device allow for visibility
  • The cooling fins in the light give it an excellent look

Pros & Cons

  • The light is affordable and you enjoy better features hence get value for your money
  • Easy to use
  • The smart option of controlling this device allows you to select vast options without struggle
  • Versatile
  • Does not use a brighter economy mode

Supernova Unisex -Adult’s E3 Pro 2 Front Light


This is the most affordable device from this company. The venture has been manufacturing highly innovative device that feature the latest technology.

This dynamo lights bike is bound to meet the customer needs even in future.

It is a strong device that lights up your rod brightly and it also provides you with a broad range of smart technology techniques.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • Weighs 186 g
  • You can mount it in handlebars of about 31 to 35 mm
  • The body is made of aluminum material that enhances its durability
  • Ideal for XC racing
  • The ride reflex technology enhances brightens on the roads
  • High lumen outputs
  • Mode selector that is optimized
  • USB rechargeable
  • Powerful
  • Constructed in high quality materials and body
  • Brightness system that is managed through intelligence
  • The beam pattern of this device is balanced
  • Expensive
  • The user interface is complex

BrightRoad Rechargeable Front 800 & Back 40 Lumens Bicycle Light set


This is a dynamo lights bike with exceptional features. There are many factors that you can enjoy with it.

It is also a light that gives you convenience as you can detach it from the mount and carry it along with you whenever you do not want to ride.

It is also affordable and you can save a little more by buying it. It is also a light that offers you versatility and better ways of enjoying well lit rad whenever you go riding in the dark.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • It has an intensity of 800 lumens
  • It has 6 ft visibility
  • Made of aluminum hence durable
  • Ideal for any weather
  • The 360 degrees feature of this device allows you to illuminate anything that you want in any direction
  • Takes only 3 hours to charge

Pros & Cons

  • The device is highly durable and you can be sure to use it for a long time
  • It is highly visible
  • The light is bright
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install and mount
  • The light is not so effective in the night

Dynamo lights are important to install in your bike especially if you like riding away from the road.

They help you have a better view of the places that you are travelling to and you also get to enjoy vast things from this device.

The visibility of the light is essential part of your bike. Brightness, durability and reflectors of the light matter as they control how well you can control your bike by having better vision of the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dynamo Lights Slow You Down? – The lights slow you down by slight speed. The difference per 100 km is about 3 to 6 minutes only and it is spent charging your electronic.

Can I Use A Dynamo To Charge A Battery? -A dynamo can charge a battery as long as its voltage is higher than that of the battery.

For example if our battery is about to be fully charged it may be rated at 14 volts and your dynamo voltage is usually 12 and thus it is impossible for it to charge the battery.

How Many Volts Does A Dynamo Produce?- Normal bike dynamos produce volts ranging from 3 to 6 watts.


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