Do Titanium Bikes Crack?( Yes! See How)

Do Titanium Bikes Crack?

Do Titanium Bikes Crack?

Yes! Titanium bikes crack. But the cracks are rare. Titanium cracks come in three forms including, weld cracks, stress cracks, and seam cracks.

The worst among the three is the stress crack.

Fortunately, titanium frame bikes have warranties that are either very long or lifetime warranties.

These warranties cover everything but deliberate damage to the frame or crashes.

While seam and weld cracks can be relatively easy to repair, it ‘s sometimes impossible to repair a stress crack.

And even if it was possible to repair a stress crack on my titanium bike, I would not trust it unless done by an expert.

For the fixable titanium cracks, you will need an inert gas shield to prevent O2 and N2 absorption as the materials cool.

But even when a fix is possible, there is the cost aspect: titanium bike welds are pricey.

Can Titanium Bikes Be Repaired?

Yes, titanium bikes can be repaired. But I must state that titanium bike repairs can be expensive. Additionally, if it’s not done well, it’s not worth it.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a need to shield the metal with an inert gas when cooling.

If you do not do this, O2 or N2 will be absorbed by the titanium from the air, making the titanium brittle to the point of cracking over time.

Therefore, it’s needful to use argon shielding when welding. Otherwise, you will effectively wreck the titanium. What’s more, this type of problem will not be fixed.

Unfortunately, it’s not covered under warranty, though.

How Good Are Titanium Bike Frames?

Titanium bike frames have unparalleled strength to weight ratio. Again, this is a frame that is twice as strong as aluminum but bears half the weight of steel.

You may get some consolation to know that titanium is considered a forever frame.

Again, titanium is fatigue tolerant, impact-resistant, robust, has no paint to chip or mark, and will never rust.

Additionally, titanium road bikes are the material of the custom frame builder.

It’s lighter and stiffer than steel; having a spring in its step makes it more comfortable, stiff, light, and longer-lasting than any other metal you see around.

Can You Weld A Titanium Bike Frame?

The popularity of titanium metal among bike builders continues to soar due to its high strength-to-weight ratio supplemented by corrosion resistance.

This not only makes a titanium bike super light-weight, but it scarcely requires powder coating, painting, or other surface treatment for the prevention of corrosion.

This comes as a big benefit. Unfortunately, titanium properties can be easily lost during welding. This results from armature welders who are not conversant with titanium welding.

Titanium welds need to be done in a particular manner. You want to start the process by copying the titanium tubes using a coping fixture.

After coping with the tubes, you will need to debur with a file and belt sander;

Ensuring cleanliness on both the inside and outside of the tube are clean by making good use of acetone.

When cleaning the inside, use an acetone-soaked shop towel with a ram rod resembling something you use to clean a gun barrel.

But remember, you cannot use any old acetone since even small residues of impurities on titanium will cause discoloration when exposed to welding heat.

In most instances, using a reagent grade acetone will eliminate cracking issues on certain types of titanium alloy parts.

How Do You Get Brushed Titanium Finish?

It’s easy to get the brushed titanium finish. Indeed, it’s not different from rubbing down with a Scotchbrite pad, but the brown pads are better.

If you opt to use your hand, it’s very hard to get a uniform finish. Using a pad is way far easier.

And you can do this by attaching a pad to a drill and then using the edge – something similar to how you do fittings at work.

Get somebody to bead blast it for you and then use clean fine glass beads to guarantee a nice uniform matt finish. But the beads need to be clean.

All in all, Scotchbrite is what Airborne recommends on their brushed titanium frames to restore scratches. And at the equivalent grit, ScotchBrite will outperform steel wool.

You want to avoid a “fine” grade abrasive on a brushed finish.

This is because a brushed finish consists of a finish that stopped just before reaching the level of a “fine” abrasive – consequently, “brushed.”

Can Titanium Frames Be Painted?

Yes, titanium frames will do just fine if you paint them. It’s ideal to use a special ceramic paint, thin enough and oven-baked to guarantee durability.

This will give a satin finish that will appear very good and on the brushed titanium. Still, steel colors will also do fine if painted on titanium to give a more flashy appearance.

But several things happen when you paint titanium. Indeed, the painting will add cost, add weight, and will easily get nicked and scraped.

On the other hand, a brush finish titanium frame is next to impossible when scuffing and will be easily repaired with a ScotchBrite pad.

And as you might already know, many people want to show off their titanium frames.

How Do You Fix A Cracked Steel Bike Frame?

All you need to do with a cracked steel bike frame is to weld it. But you might also want to use filet brazing to fix a cracked steel bike frame.

Cyclists find steel to be by far the preferred frame material, especially for cyclists who tour into remote areas. But steel frames usually bend.

This is a warning sign that does not need to be ignored. This is advantageous since steel will not unexpectedly break apart without giving a warning.

Fortunately, you can straighten a steel frame within limits if bent. This might not compromise the safety and strength of the frame.

Again, steel is the easiest to repair by welding. Therefore, if you can’t straighten your steel frame, perhaps, it can be welded.

While a steel frame will remain serviceable with dents, dings, and scratches, these will render any carbon fiber frame unsafe to be ridden.

Titanium, aluminum, and carbon-fiber frames are much more complex and difficult to repair. They might not even be repairable in many instances.

However, a steel frame has its limitations, including increased weight. Your steel frame will weigh a kilogram or so more than an aluminum alloy, a carbon fiber, or a titanium frame.

Why Are Titanium Bike Frames So Expensive?

As you might be aware, titanium is rarer, even as there is less demand for it compared to other materials for making bike frames.

This makes for a recipe for higher pricing.

Additionally, the production of titanium bike frames requires special or peculiar processing equipment and specialized welding technology.

All these are way difficult and complex processes than normal metal bike frames, so it comes with a high production cost.

Titanium is a great metal for bicycles. Its weight is almost equal to that of aluminum. Because of its structure, it doesn’t rust, just like aluminum.

Still, titanium resists bends and dents, like aluminum. Due to the technical and labor costs associated with working with titanium, it gets damn expensive.

While you can buy an aluminum bike frame off Alibaba for, like, $150, its titanium equal, though, will go for over $900.

And again, raw titanium costs between five and ten times as much as aluminum per pound.

But considering that bikes aren’t that heavy and there isn’t a supply and demand relationship to consider (people aren’t screaming for more titanium bicycles).

What inflates the costs of these frames is mostly related to production costs, as insinuated earlier.

Why Do Titanium Bikes Have Carbon Forks?

Due to titanium’s higher ability to deform as it responds to road imperfections, it can deal with bumpy surfaces or terrains in a better way.

Indeed, titanium beats all other metals when it comes to handling terrains. This leads to a more comfortable ride.

But this cannot be achieved without pairing with a carbon fork to amplify such road comfort.

If you are buying a titanium bike, you are scarily looking for the world’s lightest bike.

As you might expect, titanium is not very suitable or appropriate for road forks since this would require large diameter fork blades to reduce flex.

This is why titanium frames need to have carbon forks.

Is Titanium Better Than Carbon Fiber?

No, not necessarily. Generally, this will depend on what aspects you are looking at since each has its strengths and weaknesses in equal measure.

In comparison with carbon fiber frames, titanium frames are denser since the material is much denser.

While modern carbon fiber boasts a density of 1.9 grams per cm^3, titanium bears a density of 4.5 grams per cm^3.

In reality, carbon fiber has half of the density of titanium.

Additionally, carbon fiber bears have a higher strength-to-weight ratio, although it falls short of the strength you enjoy with titanium.

This is because with titanium being denser, less material is used to create enough strength, unlike carbon, which needs to be used more while still maintaining a lightweight.

Can You Paint A Suppressor?

Yes, but with the necessary caution. It ‘s easy using several types of paint in the same manner you do it in cars. First, you can use apply a base coat and then a clear coat.

You only need to note that all paint coats must be high-temperature paint. And if you can use a high-heat ceramic coating, this would be a great splurge as it provides a great finish.

Additionally, anodization is needed as an aluminum suppressor will degrade faster when used heavily without it.

Since this aluminum oxide film is porous, it can be painted/painted in various shades.

Do Titanium Bikes Rust?

No, titanium does not rust as it’s not subject to the same oxidization affecting steel bikes like rust.

As you might be aware, rusting is an electrochemical process initiated by transferring electrons from iron to oxygen.

And because this does not apply to titanium, titanium will not act as the reducing agent (as is the case with iron), while oxygen acts as the oxidizing agent.

Indeed, titanium has many benefits, as earlier discussed.

These benefits include strength, durability, and ride performance (complemented by not rusting) that make riders invest in titanium frames, even though expensive.

These characteristics make titanium tough to the point of shrugging off impacts that easily write off most other frames.

Are Titanium Bikes Lighter Than Aluminum?

No, titanium is heavier than aluminum. Essentially, titanium comes as the material of the boutique custom frame builder.

Additionally, titanium is lighter and stiffer than steel, beating all others in durability, hence making supplements where it fails.

For the sake of making bike frames, titanium is mostly alloyed with aluminum. After the tubes are created and formed, they get welded together.

As we noted earlier, in welding, it is not advisable to expose the sections being welded together to oxygen.

If this happens, the frame’s longevity will be compromised, especially at the joint.

But if you consider what to buy based on the budget only, you will find that aluminum frames make the most economic sense.

Indeed, aluminum frames cost hundreds or even thousands less compared to carbon fiber.

But much of this will be lost compared to titanium, although costs less in weight and durability.

But ultimately, carbon fiber will be the clear winner when it comes to strength and stiffness for competitive bikes, making it ubiquitously used in top-level competitions.

Can You Cerakote A Titanium Suppressor?

Yes, you can ceratoke a titanium suppressor. Generally, the cans are coated with either a physical vapor deposition (PVD) or an anodize Cerakote™ finish.

Either of the options will add durability to the respective silencer even as it brings a level of attractiveness to the final product.


Titanium bikes crack, some of the cracks proofing too hard to handle.


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