Do Clipless Pedals Make You Faster?

Clipless Pedals

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Do Clipless Pedals Make You Faster?

When it comes to biking, efficiency, performance, and comfort play essential roles.

As a beginner, choosing whether to use clipless pedals , toe clip, or flat pedals can be a difficult choice.

However, if you have been in the cycling game for long, you know which pedal provides the best cycling experience.

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Without pedal knowledge, you might think that clipless pedals have no clipping mechanism.

A clipless pedal arrangement allows your shoe to remain in constant contact with the pedal when cycling.

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In this case, there is a fastening mechanism on the pedal that clutches to attached cycling shoes.

This pedal system assists the repulsion during the upstroke, which allows the cyclist to pull during a recovery phase.

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These pedals come with many benefits. For instance, they improve power output, safety, and control during cycling.

Before using clipless pedals, it is advisable to know how to correctly adjust them to simplify suitable clearance and rapid release of the lower limbs from the cycle.

So, do these pedals make you faster?

Yes. Clipless pedals make you faster while cycling. If your profession is cycling and looking towards a big cycling competition, consider this type of peddling.

These pedals make your riding more quickly in the following aspects.


The pedals keep your shoes connected to your peddling system throughout your cycling experience.

They allow you to use both your hamstrings and quadriceps when biking.

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While the hamstrings pull the back half of a pedal stroke, the quadriceps push the pedal stroke’s front half.

These pedals improve pedaling effectiveness and allow a cyclist to apply more power through feet and legs when riding.

When you put more energy, you get extra speed and a faster ride.

When using some pedals, you won’t use your hamstrings. Other pedals need to be tightened to improve pedaling strokes.

Therefore, the clipless pedal’s efficiency makes your cycling easier, leading to faster cycling.

When using clipless pedals, both your legs work effectively.

Because you are using both strokes of your legs to pedal, you may not experience fatigue, especially when you are a long-distance rider.

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For cyclists who enjoy hill-climbing, these pedals are the best choice for you because you will need an excellent deal of control.


The best part about using these pedals is that your foot will not slip off while cycling in most conditions.

As a rider, when you transition to clipless pedaling, it is advisable to remember to twist your foot to release when you make a stop.

It will prevent you from falling unexpectedly. Getting used to such pedals will take time. All you need is to be persistent in becoming a faster and better rider with such pedals.


When your cycling shoes are secured on the pedal, your foot remains in a great position. The grip on the shoe will significantly affect your riding experience positively.

When you use such pedaling, you get comfortable over time, and your confidence increases.

You’ll find yourself riding long distances without experiencing inconveniences such as falls.

Even though clipless pedaling makes you faster when cycling, it’s crucial to master the best clipping tips during your practices.

Knowing how and when to clip in or out is essential. Now, what are some of the clipping technique tips to keep you safe?

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are a new cyclist with clipless pedaling, it is advisable to practice the clipping technique before getting on the streets.

Do it yourself or get a trainer’s assistance. Practice pressing the cleats into the pedal by pressing your foot forward and your heel down.

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When removing your foot, remember to twist your heel out to the side. In the process, you’ll determine the amount of force you will need to clip in and out of the pedals.

Consider Lowering the Tension on the Strings

Most pedals come with a tension string. It will be difficult to remove your foot from the pedal if the tension is high.

When you practice gaining comfort, always set pressure on the lowest level.

Clipping Out Before Stopping

Because clipless pedaling provides more speed during cycling, clipping out before stopping is essential.

But how do you do it? Start by clipping one foot out when nearing your stop sign. It makes you feel less in a hurry.

Increase Your Speed Before Clipping In

Looking down on your bike while you are riding can be tricky. It becomes even worse when you try to look down when clipping while balancing.

To make it easier, always keep the foot that’s still clipped in close to the pedal stroke’s top. Apply a hard push and continue cycling to gain more speed.

Once you have both the balance a speed, clip in the other foot and keep going. Always put your focus in front while you clip in or out to avoid accidents.

Consider Stopping in the Right Gear

Always shift to a larger gear before stopping. It will help you get back to speed faster.

Using easy gears won’t give you speed at your initial push. Also, balancing will be challenging.

Pros and Cons of Clipless Pedaling

Everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Using a clipless pedaling system for both road and mountain cycling can positively and negatively impact cycling.


  • It provides faster speeds in long-distance rides.
  • It provides 10% more power for steep climbing.
  • The clipless pedaling offers foot stability during variable and uneven surface terrain cycling.
  • The pedaling is smaller and lighter.
  • It has a somewhat thinner profile offering significant advantages.


  • Cleats, pedals, and shoes are expensive.
  • Sometimes, cyclists experience falls. Other pedaling systems can avoid that.
  • Some clipless cycling shoes are better than others. Terrible shoes will make it difficult to walk up the hill.
  • It takes more time to be comfortable with clipless rides.


Whether you choose the best pedal or not, you will still encounter riding inconveniences at some points. Whatever you choose, remember that safety is the number one priority.


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