Byrant AIR Conditioner Troubleshooting Review

byrant air conditioner

Byrant AIR Conditioner Troubleshooting Review

Byrant air conditioners are made of unique equipment that facilitates your air cooling needs. Pipes and hoses connect the equipment used in making the air conditioners.

 Most of the equipment is outside with the condenser, fan, and grill being on top of the big unit that houses them. 

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The furnace of the air conditioner uses the ductwork mechanism to distribute cool to your room, and it is inside the system.

 Repairing the system is not a daunting task in case it malfunctions if only you follow the right instructions in handling it.

You do not need to call your byrant professional each time you face a problem with your air conditioner as long as you apply these tips on how to troubleshoot your device. 

Prevalent air conditioning problems and how to troubleshoot them

The AC fails to turn on

This is the greatest fear that you can have if you have an AC. If you turn on the device and feel nothing in air changes, you should be sure to check for the common problems.

In the cases of lack of power in your system may be a result of a blown a fuse. If this happens, you should buy a new fuse since repairing it is difficult.

Additionally, your circuit breaker may be tripped. If you confirm that your circuit breaker is tripped, you should reset it.

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For your Byrant Air Conditioner, you should check for the switch that is located outside the condenser and make sure you turn it on for it to work.

 Loose wiring in your AC could also be the cause of the lack of power, and you should be sure to fix them as long as you follow the safety criteria that experts recommend. 

Grimy Condenser

The condenser is an important part of your Byrant Air Conditioner. It is located outside of the unit, and thus it has high exposure to dirt, debris, and dirty air.

The condenser traps the heat that you produce in the room and later discharges it outside to bring a more cooling effect in the room.

Most problems that arise in your condenser are majorly located in the condenser coil.

Be sure to check your condenser coil for any problems. If it is filled up with debris and other waste, you clean them with a vacuum.

 Clogged condenser coils strain your system and thus make it wear and tear quickly. You can know if your condenser is working if it makes periodical noise. 

Clogged filters

The filters are located around the furnace, and some are also based internally in your unit.

If you notice problems with your Byrant Air Conditioner, you should slide the filters outside and check if they are filled with debris and dust.

You can get rid of the debris using a vacuum. 

Filters that are overly filled with debris make the cleaning process difficult for you; thus, you may need to replace them. 

Thermostat Glitches

Thermostats give your air conditioner orders to turn on. Poor calibration of the thermostat may render it powerless to give such commands.

 When the thermostat is not working, it gets almost impossible for your air conditioner to function. 

If you set your thermostats to the lowest level and it continues to malfunction, you may need to replace it or seek help from a technician.

It is difficult to program new models of thermostats, and you may have to involve a professional if you need to program it. Old thermostats are easy to calibrate. 

Depending on the type of thermostat that your AC uses, you can follow the instructions on the user manual to program it and thus get your air conditioner working again. 

Condition of your blower motor

The blower motor tends to work mutually with the thermostat. As long as your thermostat is running efficiently, your blower motor should also be functioning well.

If it does not operate normally, you should check if it is turned to ON or OFF. 

Evaporator Coil is frozen

If you often experience hot temperatures in your room even with your air conditioner on, the evaporator coil is usually the cause of the problem.

When troubleshooting your byrant Air Conditioner, be sure to check on the condition of your evaporator coil.

Through its refrigerant, the coil absorbs all the heat coming from your house.

When there is low airflow, a thin layer of ice forms on the evaporator coil, and this could suggest major problems in your cooling system. 

In such a case, you can either experience overly hot conditions in your room or completely no air from the air conditioner.

The issue could be as a result of:

  • Dirty and clogged filters, 
  • Obstruction of the air that returns in your ductwork 
  • A refrigerant that is low. 

Cleaning the filters and ductwork is a great solution to solve this problem. 

Dirty or Leaking Ducts

When the airflow in your ducts is improper, you may experience varying air conditions in your rooms.

 Some rooms may seem to be too warm while others are too cold. Such air conditions may be disappointing, and it is high time you check the root cause of your woes. 

You should be sure to carefully check the condition of your ductwork for any tears and wear. The tearing of your device maybe as a result of rodents that eats it up.

Besides, straining the ductwork by not cleaning it and replacing overly dirty filters may cause a lot of strains in your ductwork, thus making it incapable of handling your air cooling endeavors. 

If your ducts are torn, they cannot complete the process of carrying up the air that needs to be cooled through the system, and this renders it useless in your AC.

Besides, if they are leaking, they may lead to a strain in the AC hence making it work harder than normal consuming more power, which adds up to your bills.

You should ensure that you check your duct frequently for any common issues. 

Poor drainage

The state of the drainage system in your home is important for the better working of your air conditioner.

The moisture that goes through your air conditioner from your warm room usually passes to a pan through a drain line. 

If there is a lot of clogging in your drain, it gets impossible for the water to get through, and thus it overflows in the pan.

With water flow in the pan, there is a high possibility that your entire system gets damaged.

The overflow may also get into your walls or floor and cause severe damage that brings you extra costs of painting and replacing the floor. 

You should, therefore, not ignore the condition of drainage lines, and by constantly checking on them, you can solve your duct problems early. 

Overly Noisy Motor

Noisy motors are irritating, and they may cause ear damages if left unattended for long. Air conditioner systems are always equipped with a fan.

The fan rotates to capture warm air form your building, and later they channel the warm air to the evaporator, which cools it.

The condenser coil then captures the warm air from the building to the condenser, which channels it outside for the cooling process to be complete. 

Fan motors of the fun are always the source of the noise that you hear from the system. Some of the problems that may make it give out the noise include:

  • Torn belts
  • Debris and dirt that fill the fan motors
  • Bearings that are deteriorated

You can clean the fan motors using a vacuum. If the belts are torn, it is advisable to replace them.

At times, seeking professional help is vital if you find it difficult to complete the replacement process on your own.

Open doors and windows

Some people believe that opening the windows and doors while the air conditioner is on increases the cooling process.

According to research, doing so only causes more harm to the AC.

Air conditioners act by absorbing warm air from the surroundings, and if you open the windows, the AC ends up absorbing the warm air coming from outside through the windows. 

If you fail to close the windows, the air conditioner may strain due to overworking by absorbing air that is unnecessary form outside.

 The air conditioners are designed to automatically turn themselves off when they achieve the right temperatures in the room.

With the windows open, the Byrant Air Conditioner can’t reach optimal temperatures, and as a result, it continues to work without switching off.

Some more problems that may arise from overworking the air conditioner include:

  • The AC may malfunction, and this adds you more cost of purchasing a new one without enjoying many benefits form the old one.
  • The AC works extra hard to maintain the right temperatures in your house as it lets in warm air from the surroundings. Overworking gets the device damaged in few days
  • The AC works continuously, and thus it consumes extra energy that may accumulate to high electricity bills

Additional tips for troubleshooting your Byrant Air Conditioner

Move furniture away from the AC

The Byrant Air Conditioner furnace usually has return grilles that it uses to replace the air that it collects from the room.

If you place furniture near the grilles, they end up getting blocked by the latter.

Besides, furniture tends to accumulate a lot of dust, and when the furnace blows, it takes in the dust, and if you fail to clean it frequently, it may get blocked. 

If you do not notice any changes after moving your furniture away, be sure to check the condition of the grilles and clean it with a vacuum in case it is blocked. 

Clear grass and bush from the surroundings

Grass and bush tend to shed leaves, especially when it is dry and windy.

The condenser that is based outdoors may suck up the dry leaves, and they end up causing the system major problems. 

When the leaves enter the condenser coil, they end up blocking it and creating more strains in the entire cooling system, and if you fail to check up on it, you may end up having a faulty system a few days after purchasing it. 

Install a thermostat that you can program

A programmable thermostat is a good choice for anyone that wants to save costs in terms of their energy consumption’s and frequent replacement of their air conditioners.

Before installing your thermostat, you should learn how to use it properly so that you have an easy time whenever you need to program it. 

Tips for cleaning an air conditioner compressor

When your compressor is damaged, you can always notice by listening to the air conditioner.

If it makes noise but fails to cool air, there is a high chance that the compressor is damaged or clogged with debris.

Here are the steps to clean and get it back to work again

  • Turn off the power to the system: you can do so by turning off the power supply at the wall near the outdoor air compressor.
  •  Be sure to shut off the air supplier of the circuit at the main circuit. Additionally, shut off the furnace power provider
  • Remove any extra grilles that may be attached to protect the compressor. You should, however, be careful not to cut the wires that are based internally in the AC.
  • Clean debris and dust from the fins with a soft brush and avoid damaging the latter as you have to return them to the compressor.
  • Use water from a hose with a nozzle to spray water in the fins that are in the unit, but be sure to protect the wiring with a waterproof paper. 
  • Reassemble the compressor and get it to work again

Your AC is an important device in your home that you should maintain well for it to function well.

You should create clean environments for it not to strain by clearing bushes and closing windows when it is running.

 Cleaning its filters and observing the state of the drain is vital in ensuring that your AC lasts longer. 


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