Brooks B17 Leather Saddle Bike Review

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Brooks B17 Leather Saddle Bike Review

Cycling is good, and people do for diverse reasons. Some do it for fun, exercising, as a profession, as a source of income, commuting, and much more.

All these are good, and they depend on everyone’s tastes and preferences. Regardless of whatever reason you cycle for, you should ride a comfortable bicycle.

The saddle prays a crucial role in ensuring that you are riding your bicycle comfortably without feeling any aches.

If you make a mistake of riding a bike with a hard, disfigured, broken, rough, and poor saddle, you may end up having blisters on your butts, and that will require you to visit your physician for treatment.

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Consequently, you will not be able to ride the bicycle for the next two or so weeks so that the blister wound can heal.

To prevent these injuries, blisters, and other hurting encounters, you should obtain Brooks B17 Leather Saddle.

It is specially designed for greatness, and you will enjoy every minute you have mounted the bicycle.

Leather is one of the most outstanding and topnotch quality materials that are used to make bicycle saddles.

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You will learn everything that you should know about Brooks B17 Leather Saddle in this review. It is a commendable saddle every rider will marvel at, and its durability is amazing!

What You Need To Know About This Chair

This is a renowned leather saddle whose quality and performance are commendable. You will not fail to have a lot to smile about because of this saddle.

For ages, it has kept on scaling up the heights of domination and outstanding performance. It is one of the best in the market, and you will find a lot to smile about when you buy and install it on your bicycle.

It has been designed for all bicycle uses because of its versatility. That qualifies it as a general-purpose saddle that is ideal for long-distance trekking, sports touring, and ATB uses.

Due to its outstanding quality, this saddle has indomitably remained in the market for over 100 years.

All along, the test of time has not disapproved of it because the manufacturer has integrated the best of the best designing and manufacturing skills when making this saddle.

The manufacturer first launched it on the market in 1898. It is available for women and men in two versions: B17 (men) and B17 (women).

The standard ones integrate black steels rails while the B17 special integrates copper-plated steel metalwork alongside the B17 Titanium.

Moreover, B17 Titanium models also incorporate hammered copper rivets.

It is super comfy and outlives its years.

This saddle is sleek, and when you sit on it, you will ride for many years, hence cover long distances without getting numb, sweating profusely, feeling irritated, itching, and there is no friction would cause you blisters.

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It is handcrafted in Birmingham, England, using the most painstaking handiwork blended with splendid craftsmanship.

This saddle is made of premium British leather alongside a painted steel framework made of a strong and durable alloy.

They are made in England, and their measurements are as follows:-

  • Length: 275 mm
  • Width: 175 mm
  • Height: 65 mm
  • Weight: 520 g

How to Maintain Your Brooks B17 Leather Saddle

Even though this saddle is of topnotch quality and amazing handiwork has been integrated into it, you also have your role to play to maintain it.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance,” so the sages said. When you neglect it, do not expect that this saddle will give you the required service you need.

Its lifetime will be hampered and shortened by destructive factors. Do not have a false perception that this saddle is indestructible.

No! When you expose it to harsh conditions, it will get destroyed and wear out within a short time and prematurely.

Therefore, you are obliged to take good care of this saddle to help it last for longer.

To ensure that your saddle remains intact despite thorough use, you should regularly apply it with Brooks Proofide. This protects your saddle from drying out and developing tears.

Brooks B17 Leather Saddle

This saddle appears in honey brown, black, and aged colors, respectively.

The aged saddles incorporate a special blend of waxes and oils massaged into the saddle hide before manufacturing.

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The treatment softens them and considerably subsides the break-in time.

When you buy it, the package comes as a one Brooks B17 Standard saddle together with one Brooks spanner. They are available in the following models:-

  • Aged/Universal
  • Brown/Universal
  • Honey Brown/Universal
  • Black/Universal

The aged model is slightly expensive than the other Brooks B17 Leather Saddles. Fortunately, it has a high star rating in the customer reviews of a whopping 4.9 stars.


  • Made of durable vegetable-tanned leather
  • The saddle shapes over time
  • Has up to 10 years guarantee
  • Handcrafted since 1866
  • Lasting breathability and comfort


  • Brand: Brooks England
  • Manufacturer: Brooks England Men’s
  • Dimensions: 9.06 x 13.78 x 3.54 inches
  • Conforms to your butt anatomy
  • The saddle is wide enough to support the sit-bone area
  • It gives a special traditional touch to your bicycle
  • Great for cycling for long hours and distances
  • Heavy
  • Requires a longer break-in period
  • Does not blend well with hot bikes
  • Requires special care

What Else Do You Need To Know About This Saddle?

Even though this saddle is heavy and it adds weight to your bicycle, it is ideal for commuting touring bicycles.

Moreover, you can use it for road, gravel, and commuting bikes. The saddle is flexible, and it integrates hammock-like features and performance.

You will not get numb or tired when cycling because the manufacturer has optimized it for outstanding and astounding performance.

It is designed for 60 degrees angled riding position, and its exterior outlook is superb and magnificent.

The leather that this saddle is made of is 100% vegetable tanned leather that shapes and molds individually in conformity with every rider’s butt features.

The designer has integrated it with premium rivets together with an undercarriage.

How to Keep the Saddle in Good Shape

By maintaining this saddle, makes it durable and comfortable throughout.

As aforementioned before, Proofide is the ideal and specially designed substance that is meant to care for your saddle and enable it to remain in perfect condition.

You will be amazed by the fact that the ingredients that Proofide is made of are designed to preserve, condition, and make the saddle showerproof. This heightens the saddle’s suppleness.

In spite of the fact that the saddle is hard when it is new, it becomes gentle and smoother with time, and it conforms to your body’s shape.

However, it retains its good form, support, comfort, and beauty. Ensure that you treat the saddle for the first time to facilitate breaking-in and protect it from destructive elements.

However, you should be careful when applying Proofide because it should not be applied on a wet saddle.

For maintenance, you should apply just a small quantity on the finished top side of the saddle. It gets absorbed slowly by slowly until it dries up completely.

The final touches include polishing it with a piece of cloth to ensure that there is no leftover polish on the saddle’s surface.

This also prevents dirtying your clothes when you are riding the bicycle.

The underside of the saddle should not be ignored. Instead, it should be applied with Proofide to protect it from dirt, moisture, and other contaminants.

However, this one should not be brushed off after absorption because it will not dirty you.

As said earlier, when you buy the saddle, it is always very hard, and Proofide helps you soften it.

It short also be used afterward from time to time to keep the saddle perfectly in good condition and shape.

However, it should not be abused – overused because too much of something is poisonous, hence destructive.

After the break-in period, you should tension the saddle to retain its comfort and shape.

Tensioning the leather requires you to turn the nose bolt nut clockwise at 90 degrees at a time.

Continue doing this while checking until your desired tension is achieved. Use an Allen key or a tension spanner.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are diverse questions that people often ask about Brooks B17 Leather Saddle.

It is good to take it from the horse’s mouth so that you can have firsthand information without any confusion and heresies.

The questions include the following:-

Q: Which Brooks saddle best suits me?

A: The Brooks leather saddles are crafted and come in diverse styles, designs, and shapes.

It is the kind of bicycle that you are riding and your riding position that determines the saddle which is best for you.

A broader saddle that is fitted with springs is ideal for an upright 90-degree posture. The medium widths are great for touring and commuting, and the rider’s position is 45 to 60 degrees.

In conformity with the general rule, the saddle narrows with the more athletic the position of the rider is.

Q: Why does the saddle need breaking-in?

A: When you buy the saddle, it comes being very hard because of the multiple treatments that the leather that it is made of undergoes during the manufacturing process.

Moreover, the molding process that the saddle undergoes at the factory also plays a part in hardening the saddle.

Consequently, the fibers are strengthened and also made rigid. What does breaking-in entail? This refers to the process that makes the saddle leather to become supple and flexible.

There are several factors that play a part in making this process a success: care, effort, and time.

When they work together, they ensure that your saddle leather is correctly molded and brought to its impeccable condition.

Firstly, through riding, the leather will adapt and conform to the shape of your butt anatomy and become flexible.

As you continue, over time, the leather will become naturally hammock-like, and you feel that when you are riding.

However, you should ensure that the leather does not sag too low because it will cause it to come into contact with the metal rails that act as the saddle’s frame.

That contact with a hard surface makes it uncomfortable for you.

What Else Does Proofide Do?

Apart from all the other aforementioned things that Proofide does to your saddle, it also makes it to have a showerproof coating. The saddle leather remains shiny and appealing.

10-Year Guarantee

After buying a Brooks Leather Saddle, you should have it registered on the Brooks website within 3 months. By so doing, you will extend the two years guarantee to 10 years.

This lengthy period of guarantee tells you that this saddle is indeed great.

No wonder the manufacturer does not fear giving you this long time because they know that when you maintain the saddle in the right way, it will still be good even after the ten years are exhausted.

Something worth Noting About This Saddle

The widest chair is available in 175 mm and a steel riveted tip of 275 mm length. People avoid it for fear of numbness in their groin.

When you ride for about 60 miles during the breaking-in process, the saddle becomes better because of its flexibility and softness.

The more you continue, it becomes better and better.

Instead of buying other saddles made of different materials that last for just a short time and then they wear out, you would instead go for this indomitable and extremely durable saddle that will outlive your expected years.

With it, you will get tired of waiting for it to get finished because it has been designed for topnotch performance, quality, and durability.

The History of Brooks Company

This company’s inception dates back to 1866 ad since then; it has run throughout to date. That is impressive.

The proprietor John Boultbee Brooks departed from Hinckley, Leicester, with only 20 Euros and left for Birmingham in 1865.

In the following year, 1866, he started a business dealing in horse harnesses alongside general leather goods.

His business was located in Great Charles Street, and it was called JB Brooks & Co.

Afterward, in 1878, his horse died, and since that was his means of transport, when the horse died, he borrowed a bicycle to use it to commute to work.

Unfortunately, the bicycle’s seat was bad, and he vowed to work on it.

However, he did not do it until 28th October 1882 when he filed his first saddle patent.

This saddle was amazing, and when other cyclists saw it, they did not help to fall in love with his saddle.

All and all and sundry embraced it and consequently gave birth to a booming business.

That is how this saddle came into being, and it has prevailed through 3 centuries and continuing until today.

Despite the modern innovation and inventions, this seat has remained undeterred and unshaken by the market forces.

The technology that continues to make the entire world to evolve has not silenced this saddle.

Instead, it has remained soaring in the heights of the bicycle saddle market to date.

Many cyclists prefer it because of its quality, durability, and performance.

Brooks B17 Leather Saddle Buyers’ Guide

Before buying a saddle for your bicycle, it is good to make the necessary investigation, consultations and dig deeper to unearth everything that you need to know about it.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed because you will know which proactive measures you are going to take when the need arises.

When you read this buyers’ guide, you will be fully equipped with all the information you need to know about this chair.

All the points that are discussed here are credible and worth noting:-

Gender – The saddles are designed for men and women. Therefore, you should buy according to your gender for suitability.

For instance, if you are a man, you should buy a saddle designed for men, and that will be compatible with your masculine anatomy up to the finest detail.

Likewise to women, they should buy saddles designed for women to enable them to ride comfortably without feeling any side effects.

Their feminine anatomy will not also be tampered with. The bottom line is that you should be gender-sensitive when buying a saddle to avoid any anatomic incompatibilities.

Proofide – When the saddle is new, it comes being hard and rigid. That will be hard on your butts and groin too.

The manufacturer prefers that you should break-in the saddle with Proofide to make it softer and flexible.

Proofide is applied on the outer coat of the saddle and also on the underside for flexibility and softness.

It also has many other benefits for the saddle, and it helps to protect and maintain it in good condition.

Even after breaking-in the saddle, you should continue applying the Proofide from time to time for its beneficial qualities to the saddle leather.

Maintenance – Maintenance of the saddle is paramount because it greatly participates in lengthening the saddle’s lifetime.

Sun is one of the destructive factors that greatly affect leather negatively. All and sundry know that when leather is let basking in the sun, it starts hardening and shrinking.

Lastly, it starts folding and getting deformed. That is the exact thing that would happen to this saddle if you leave it exposed to direct sunlight.

If you want to see your saddle remain in good condition for a long time, do not expose it to the sun.

Also, ensure that you apply it with Proofide from time to time but do not do it too regularly; its quality will get compromised. Just take good care of the saddle, and it will outlive its years.

Colour – Brooks B17 Leather Saddle is available in diverse colors like aged, honey brown, brown, and black.

This diversity gives you several choices to choose from so that you can be totally satisfied. Everyone has their tastes and preferences, and they must be honored.

Otherwise, you will remain with a heart desire that can only be fulfilled and satisfied by obtaining the exact color you love.

Go for the color of your choice among the few available ones.

Durability – One of the things that people complain about concerning this saddle is the weight. They are cut out by hand from a heavy animal hide that is vegetable tanned.

This makes the weight of the saddle to increase because of the heaviness of the material.

Consequently, the heavy-duty leather is for your advantage because the saddle does not wear out shortly.

Instead, it is durable and remains in good condition for a long time when maintained properly.

When you check the customer reviews, they speak highly about it because of its soaring quality, and it has scored a whopping 4.9 out of 5-star rating.

It is an overwhelming force to reckon with, and you will surely marvel at all its qualities.

Quality – As said above, the quality of this saddle is extremely good because it is exemplified by comfort.

You can conveniently ride for many hours without feeling irritated, getting numb, feeling pain, and much more.

There is no way that a poor quality saddle can have fanciful qualities and features that all clients will fall in love with and commend.

This saddle, regardless of whether they are for men or women, they are of magnificent quality, and when you read the customer reviews, you will also reckon that.

It is ideal for long-distance touring to tell you that you have nothing to fear about it.

Performance – This saddle is not only durable and of high quality, but also great for riding your touring bicycle for long hours without anything to complain about.

Right from the exceptional handiwork that is done to the leather that is used to make this saddle and blended with astounding craftsmanship, the final is this award-winning saddle that has won itself accolades.

You will marvel when you feel the awesome and wonderful feeling of the saddle after riding for miles without anything to complain about.


This is a comprehensive and detailed factual Brooks B17 Leather Saddle that has a long history. The test of time has not shaken it because its quality is exquisite.

When you see it defying the test of time, that goes without saying that its quality is flawless. The customer reviews and the very high star rating confirm all these.

Grab yours today, and you will marvel and smile all along the way regardless of the tens of miles that you will ride.




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