Bike Types: How to Choose the Best Bike 

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Bike Types: How to Choose the Best Bike 

There are different types of bikes that are made by manufacturers. They are more than 16 in number, and they bear different names.

Their designs make, and models also vary because they are not manufactured for the same purpose. The bikes are also not meant to be ridden on the same roads and terrains.

You have to consider quite a number of issues before deciding on which bicycle type to go for.

Perhaps you know how to ride a bicycle or not, but failure to understand how to ride does not prevent you from buying one.

After considering the factors that guide you, you will know how to select the best one.

The following are the factors that pinpoint which bicycle best suits you.

After carefully observing them, you will land the best bicycle that will give you a memorable service and riding experience.

They are also user-friendly for your convenience. However, apart from the qualities of the bicycle, some personal things lead someone to go for a certain bicycle.

You will familiarize yourself more with them in this article.

Y56 Meridian Adult Tricycles 7 Speed

This is a reliable bicycle whose make, model, design, and performance are topnotch.

It has a considerable carrying capacity, and it integrates a comfortable saddle that you will marvel at. The frame is stable, and you cannot stagger on the road.

It is durable and sturdy, and it rides on three wheels that measure 24 inches each. You can carry up to 150 kilos, and it has seven gears that are easy to shift.

The bicycle has front and rear brakes that make it easy and convenient to stop it.


  • Incorporates front and rear brakes
  • Integrates seven speeds
  • Has three wheels
  • Features a rear basket
  • Flexible rear derailleur
  • Made of high strength steel


  • The wheels measure 24 inches
  • Weight: 27 kilos
  • Load capacity: 150 kilos
  • Dimensions: 42.5 x 10.6 x 24.8 inches
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Has a comfortable saddle
  • Cannot ride on rough roads
  • Not ideal for tall people

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

This great high-performance bicycle possesses stunning and adorable qualities that you will not help falling in love with.

The bicycle has 21 speeds, and it is made of a hi-ten steel hardtail frame. It is easy to accelerate it because the pedal power is seamlessly transferred to the bicycle.

Therefore, you can ride it efficiently on all terrains.

It is fitted with an ATB saddle, has premium padding for lasting comfort. The Kool 1200 fork, which is of rich black gloss, absorbs all bumps and potholes.

Moreover, the rear derailleur keeps the gears safe.


  • Has index Shimano rear derailleur
  • Knobby tires
  • Integrates Kraton grips
  • Comes with an assembly tutorial video
  • Has 21-speeds
  • Features an ATB saddle


  • Dimensions: 55.15 x 9.05 x 27.16 inches
  • Weight: 42.7 lbs.
  • 26 inches wheels
  • The saddle is highly adjustable
  • The gears are compatible with all kinds of terrains
  • The tires cut through mud
  • Wheels have good traction
  • Shipping cost makes it expensive
  • Not for children and men

Mongoose Impasse Mens’ Mountain Bike

Among the great and fantastic bicycles that you will find in the market is this one. It is made of Aluminium mountain-style frame.

Moreover, the manufacturer has integrated it with internal cable routing.

For reliability in whatever kind of terrain you would be riding it on, it has been installed with a whopping 21 speeds.

It has rear and front disc brakes that give you a guaranteed stoppage.

The threadless headset is ideal for crisp steering, not to mention an Aluminium 3-piece crankset for the ease of maintenance.


  • 21 speeds
  • Aluminum mountain-style frame
  • Has front and rear disc brakes


  • Extra-large tyres: 29 x 2.35 inch tyres
  • 29-inch wheels
  • Dimensions: 56.5 x 30 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 22.02 kilos
  • Brand Name: Mongoose
  • Tires offer great grip
  • The bike is stable on the road
  • The internal cable routing gives the durable bicycle ride
  • Fit for diverse terrains
  • Stable on the road
  • The price is a bit high
  • Designed for adults

How To Choose a Bicycle Type

Tastes and preferences

Due to the uniqueness of every person on earth, they have their tastes and preferences even as the adage says that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

You cannot find people who have the same dos and don’ts and likes and dislikes. There can never have simpatico people in every way as if they were carbon copies of each other.

That is why there is a wide range of bicycles in the market for all and sundry to have their exact taste.

Even if the best of the best bicycle is manufactured, not everyone will go for it because out of their reasons, and they will find excuses to dismiss that bicycle.

After considering all the necessary factors that properly guide you through buying a good bicycle, lastly, listen to your heart and buy what your heart loves.

That will make you feel satisfied because you will have honored your tastes and preferences.


What is your main purpose and reason for buying a bicycle? Is it for riding during your leisure time, for professional cycling, for commuting, for carrying loads, etc.?

When you know exactly what you are buying the bicycle for, then you will make the right choice. Bicycles are not made in the same way, and they do not look alike.

Some are designed for carrying loads and luggage, and they are installed with the necessary facilities for that.

Others are for touring, and they have baskets that you can use to put the stuff you need when you are moving from place to place.

Cycling bikes for professionals are optimized for performance not to lag when you are competing with your opponents.

Some are designed to be ridden on the beach for fun while others are suitable for mountaineering, riding on graveled roads, and even wild.

That is why you should know why you are buying a bicycle after learning why then you will be able to pick the right one that will execute your mandate satisfactorily.

Without considering this factor, you will be inconvenienced and even prompted to return the bicycle to the manufacturer for exchange.


This factor says it all. It is the main and the first and foremost thing that people look for in everything that they buy. The same case applies to bicycles.

Every wise cyclist would like to go for a high-quality bicycle that satisfies their riding quest. You would like to mount and ride a bicycle that everyone admires when they see you riding it.

Nowadays, when we have smartphones, after packing your bicycle, you will see people gathering around your bicycle and taking selfies with it because they admire it.

That makes you feel man enough and also feel on top of the world because of the fanciful bicycle that you are riding.

No wonder it carries everyone away, and they are left mouth agape with admiration. It is quality that is well blended with style, glamour, and splendor that make people want to buy a bike that is exactly like yours.

Quality goes hand in hand with other captivating qualities like:-

Performance – A high-quality bicycle also integrates performance, and you will marvel at how swift and agile it is.

You may go for competitions and emerge the winner even if your legs are not so fast because the bicycle has been optimized to cover a long distance by just pedaling a few times.

However, a low-quality bicycle requires pedaling all the time. It disturbs a lot because it requires pedaling even when you are cycling downhill.

The entire bicycle has excellent components that make it move swiftly, and it does not develop frequent faults from time to time.

Therefore, it does not require maintenance from time to time, which would impact on you financially.

That makes it cheap to maintain because you will not have to keep buying spares and taking it for service.

Durability – Quality and durability have intimate intercourse. They go together all the time because the former determines the latter.

The higher the quality of a bicycle is directly proportional to the length of time it will serve you. If you want a bicycle that will outlive you, go for a high-quality one, and you will marvel.

 Terrain – The terrain where the bicycle will also be ridden matters, and it is a basic thing for that matter.

If you fail to consider the terrain where the bicycle will riding on, you will be greatly inconvenienced.

For instance, you may buy a road bike, but you will be riding it on a graveled road or a mountainous terrain.

That will result in frustrations because that is not what that bicycle is manufactured for. Be very careful and conscious of the terrain to facilitate the bicycle to remain in good condition.

However, you can buy a mountain bike which is high quality and a rugged bicycle which is suitable for all terrains.

You can ride it everywhere without any problems because that is what it is designed for.

You could be riding the bicycle on the road, off-road, sandy, muddy, dusty, snowy, and mountainous terrain.

Ensure that you have bought the right bicycle for the right terrain.

If you make a mistake and buy a soft bicycle for rough terrain, you will not ride efficiently because of the multitudinous obstacles.

Choose the right bicycle for the suitable terrain: both of them should be compatible.


Some bicycles are specifically designed for a certain gender. For instance, some are designed for women.

If you are a man and buy a women’s’ bicycle, it will look very odd on you.

The structure and model are only compatible with women but not men. Even in real life, when a man dresses in feminine clothing, women point fingers at them and make fun.

That is the same case that applies to bicycles when a man rides a feminine bicycle; it will look odd on them.

Therefore, be careful when choosing a bicycle. Such bicycles are designed to facilitate women to ride with skirts to avoid exposing their nakedness when riding.

If you are a Muslim woman, you must ride in Islamic regalia, which cannot allow you to ride normal bicycles.

Go for a bicycle that is okay for your gender for convenience and compatibility. You will have very easy and smooth riding experience.


It goes without saying that you cannot buy something that you cannot afford. Right from the word go, you should start by checking bicycles that are within your price range.

You may spend much time checking the components, features, and specs of a bicycle, and then you find that it is too expensive for you.

You will have wasted your time for nothing. Ensure that the bicycles that you are checking are within what you have budgeted for.

However, some features, qualities, and performance of some bicycles may entice you to buy them even if you had not budgeted for it.

Bike design, model and structure

Bicycle manufacturers are scattered all over the world, and they have their unique trademarks.

There are bicycles that you can see and directly know which company has manufactured them.

Go for a bicycle that integrates the design that you feel ok with. You do not want a bike that you will be hiding somewhere when you get near people because you feel ashamed of its design.

Buy a bicycle that you will always be willing to flaunt and ride majestically in front of everyone.

Moreover, it also depends on your age, gender, and whether you are physically fit. If not, go for an ergonomic bicycle that will facilitate you to ride with fewer problems.

Imagine you are riding in a skirt and you will pass people on the way or maybe it is in the streets and you will have to lift your legs to mount on the bicycle.

What if the wind blows up your skirt when you are riding? That will be shameful. What if you have a shorter leg or you limp?

If you stagger with such problematic legs, you will fall if the bicycle is not favorable for you.  Therefore, ensure that the design, model, and structure of the bicycle is good for you.

Bike components

All the components of the bicycle should be of high quality and functioning in the right way. The wheels, gear, gear shifter, and everything else should be of indisputably good quality.

Check whether the brakes are ok or if not so, it should integrate the technology that causes the bicycle to stop when you reverse the pedals.

However, this depends on the bicycle type and the manufacturer because all of them are not alike.

Where to shop

You can buy a bicycle on online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and many more. This takes time to ship the bicycle to you, and you could be in need of it soon.

However, you can go and buy the bicycle from a nearby physical shop and go home with it there and then and also benefit from other post-purchase services.


The bicycle-type that you should buy is determined by the aforementioned factors.

That bicycle should not fall short of what has been addressed here to make sure that you will get a high-quality bicycle that gives you an easy time, and it is cheap to maintain hence has value for your money.


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