Bike Security: Best Bike Wheel Locks and Locking Skewers

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Bike Security: Best Bike Wheel Locks and Locking Skewers

When it comes to cycling, it is never easy or fun to cycle without proper gear.

The security of your bike is fundamental as you may need to leave your bike at some odd places sometimes.

If you want to keep your bike safe and protected, you need to have the right type of skewers and locks to ensure that nobody but you access your item.

There are vast types of bike wheel locks and skewers in the market that you can buy.

The specific type that you want to buy is usually determined by your preference and the type of materials that are used to manufacture the device.

In this article, we review the special types of bike wheel locks and skewers that you need to buy for your bike.

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What You Should Know Before Buying Bike Wheel Locks And Skewers

Anyone who has had the encounter of buying bike skewers and bike wheel locks already knows how complicated it is to walk around looking for the best ones.

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If you want to have an easy encounter when buying the latter, you need to be self-conscious and stay keen on the exact type of items that you need to settle for in your endeavour.

Researching and window shopping should be your first steps, and later you can choose to ask friends or anyone that has used locks before about the best ones.

These factors are bound to guide you on what you should be aware of before purchasing bike wheel locks.


When buying a lock for your bike, the material of the latter is important to consider, but you should be cautious not to select a material that is made of metals which may cause dents and damages to your bike.

Your ideal lock should be manufactured using twisted cable or manganese steel as they tend to be very friendly materials to your bike.

Besides, a lock that has a cover which is made of fabric is great as it keeps your bike protected.

You sure need to get a lock which is completely covered and protected. It should entail a plastic or PVC to cushion it and the bike.

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You may pose your bike to extreme damages if you decide to settle for a lock which is thick and manufactured using very thick materials.


Even when you cannot afford a high-end type of lock, there is always a good option for you.

Be sure not to upset your budget by purchasing a type of lock that is not affordable to you.

In this article, you will find various bike wheel locks with different prices that you can choose from.


As much as the security of your bike is important, the amount of weight that you should carry is also as essential.

If you are the type of person that rides on the road, often you may need a great lock to keep your bike secure in the city, but you may find it daunting carrying lock that is five pounds and very heavy.

Before settling for a specific type bike wheel locks, be sure to check on its weight and know how well you may be able to carry it in your daily commuting routines.

Some types of bike wheel locks usually have mountain brackets which enable you to attach them to the bicycle`s body, and this makes it easy for you to carry them.

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Besides, others are lightweight, and they have a coil which allows you to coil them right back into position when cycling.

As a result, you can easily attach and release them back and forth quickly.

Type of Lock

Bike wheel locks usually vary from one type to another. They come in varying shapes and sizes.

You should know the exact type and shape of lock that you want.

Besides, you should always be sure of how expensive your bike is to ensure that you get the right lock for it so that it cannot get damaged.

Additionally, the purpose of the lock matters and if you plan to buy it for your child who commutes with the bike to school, you should be sure to get one that is simple and easy to use.

Besides, if you plan to use the lock for your expensive bike that you end up leaving outside for a long time, you may want to purchase a sturdy and U-Lock type of item that is bound to keep your bike safe in place.

Additionally, you may also decide to double the security of your bike by using an extra chain for the wheels.


A lock that is thin is usually easier to cut compared to one that is thick.

The thickness of your lock determines how safe your device is likely to be. The thickness of bike wheel locks is usually described in terms of millimetres.

Be sure to compare the thickness of your lock with its weight before deciding the exact one to purchase.

Additionally, thick locks take longer to cut. Hence they may put thieves off.

Anti-Theft Policy

This is a vital feature to consider for anyone who plans to buy a lock for their bike.

It ensures that you get compensation back in case your lock breaks or it has any kind of malfunctioning.

Additionally, locks that are more expensive tend to give you a better policy and better compensation, and as a result, it is never a lose for you to spend that extra dollar.

Types of Bike Wheel Locks

Mongoose large bicycle U-lock

The mongoose company has been making high-quality locks for a long time.

It is one of the brands that have the trust of people from all over the globe.

A considerable number of riders have been purchasing these locks to keep their devices secure.

Additionally, the bike wheel locks have proven to be sturdy and worth the people’s investment.

This specific type of lock is strong, durable, and it features a steel material which is crucial in enabling it to last for a long time.

The sturdiness of this lock puts thieves away as they have to spend a long time cutting it.

This type of u-lock is great for large bikes, and it always serves the purpose that it is bound to serve.

Bike Wheel LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Its steel shackle is hardened for more effectiveness when using in high-risk areas.
  • It also has a mounting bracket which is usually included on purchase
  • It has a width of 8.25 inches
  • Its length is 5.125 inches
  • Its shackle is 5 inches, and it fits well
  • It weighs 1.5 pounds
  • It comes along with a set of keys which are vital in helping you stay in control of the lock
  • It is overly affordable
  • It is sturdy
  • It is a brand that is trusted by many people
  • The item tends to rust quickly

Titanker Bike Wheel Lock


This is one of the best types of bike wheel locks which makes your bike safe in your long tours.

It has many combinations that give you a chance to practice the keyless system. You can set the lock easily in your bike to keep it safe.

It is excellent because you take four numbers of your own and lock your bike and relock it with the same numbers to start riding again.

The numbers are changeable, and you can change them as many times as you want.

This cable is long enough and can catch trees, gates and any post for lockage, and this makes it safer.

It has a coat of PVC which makes it durable, resistant to scratches and dents.

It has a feature of the free mounting bracket and designed to attach at the core of the bike and carry your lock when cycling.

This is the very best of all locks because you do not need to carry bags to put it.

It has a weight of 11 ounces, making it the lightest model in the world market. Besides, the inside core is made up of steel which makes it pretty secure.

You can use the different lock-in gears like toolboxes, skateboards, lawnmowers, gates and even grills.

Bike Wheel LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • ATV which protects your bicycle from theft
  • Resettable: Easy to set your personalized number combination
  • 4-digit combination locking mechanisms for keyless convenience with free maintaining bracket
  • Multipurpose: ideal for bicycles, state boards, gates and fences, grills and lawnmowers, toolboxes ladders and sport equipment
  • It has a good performance cable like flexible steel cables for strong cut resistance and PVC coating which help prevent starching and keep it more durable
  • Style is of two
  • It is made up of alloy steel and polyvinyl chloride
  • It has a weight of 0.45 kilograms
  • It is of low price
  • It has a long cable
  • It has a free mounting bracket
  • Setting is easy
  • It can be sliced with a good cutter
  • When not keen you can forget the numbers

SIGTUNA Bike locks – 16mm Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Combo


This type of bike lock is designed for heavy-duty types of bikes.

It is manufactured with a lot of keenness to ensure that the user achieves the exact results that they want.

It is an item that you can rely on for your daily needs, and you can always be sure to enjoy vast advantages by using it.

This type of device is also designed for those that want to achieve maximum security for their bikes.

It is manufactured with 16 mm length, and it entails a square-like design which is essential in enhancing its durability and ability to serve you the exact purpose which you need from it.

This type of lock is one of the most sought out locks for bicycles, and you can use it for all your needs.

It has sturdy materials which are always good enough to last for a long time.

Bike Wheel LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • This type of 16mm and thus it is long enough for you to connect it to your bike and keep it safe
  • It comes along with a critical hold cover which is vital in preventing you from losing your keys or from anyone accessing them
  • Whenever you purchase this type of lock, you get two extra high-quality keys that you can use to lock and unlock it whenever you connect it to your bike
  • The disc lock is crucial when it comes to enhancing the security of your bike, and you do not have to spend a lot of money on keeping your belongings safe
  • It is usually designed for heavy-duty types of bikes
  • It has a lock pin that is hardcore for durability and enhanced protection
  • It comes along with a cable which is brightly colored, and this enhances its ability to keep your bike protected
  • It has a double loop cable which is 1800mm
  • The accessories of this lock are of the highest quality, and they are usually tested and well-proven in the lab for better usability
  • The lock is of high quality, and it guarantees you quality and better usability
  • Its cable which is coiled is bound to put off any thief as it exposes them
  • It is water-resistant hence you do not have to be scared that it may end up rusting
  • The lock is manufactured using carbon steel material, and this enhances its durability and capability to bring your bike more safety as it is not prone to jacking, prying and pulling.
  • The disc lock is expensive compared to the prices of its competitors.

Kryptonite keeper 785


This is a seven millimetre and four-sided chain which is composed of a high-quality lock, and at the end, there is a deadbolt, and this bolt connects directly to the chain which ensures there is no link anywhere to the lock.

It has a cylinder which is designed for drill resistance. Its material is of high-quality steel with a nylon cover which is best in protecting starches and improving durability.

Krytonite is of lightweight, and it is 2.7 feet long, and its heavier side weighs 3.50lbs.

It is a safer lock than other brands of bike locks in the market. It is the easiest lock to use and set. It is amazing to use because it has anti-theft protection, and you can activate it online.

The look of kryptonite is enough to scare the thieves. It looks sturdy and hard to cut. If you want to leave your bike on a busy street comfortably just use this lock.

It uses two keys which are tricky to use, but with the manual that the company brings you, you can always follow the instructions carefully on how to handle the keys.

The lock is affordable, but it never comes with mounting bracket. It has a tip to wrap around your seat post when you’re not using it.

Bike Wheel LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • 2 keys high-security disc-style
  • Protective vinyl covering
  • High-security bent foot design
  • It has a click-style transportation bracket
  • High-security disc-style cylinder
  • Reinforced collar over the keyway for increased protection
  • 12mm hardened steel shackle resists hand tools
  • It is a reliable brand
  • Secure lock
  • High-quality material
  • It has no mounting bracket
  • Some users get a problem with key fitting

Kryptonite New York FAHGETTABOUDIT


This specific type of bike lock is designed with exceptional craftsmanship with the typical biker in mind.

It is sturdy, and it is bound to cater to the needs of the typical biker. The latter is high quality, and it is great in helping you enjoy your biking experience.

The design of this type of lock gives you maximum protection, and you can be sure to leave your bike anywhere, even in busy streets.

Since it is manufactured using some of the best materials, this type of bike lock enhances your safety.

Besides, the bike lock is made of lightweight, and you need not worry about carrying it with any difficulties.

Its design is exceptional, and it brings you the reliability that you require for your daily commuting endeavours.

Bike Wheel LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It has steel which measures 14 mm
  • This type of device is designed with steel which is hardened, and it makes your bike more secure as thieves cannot cut it with ease
  • It comes with a cover which entails protection with dust cover
  • The material which manufactures this lock is great as it is resistant to cut and force
  • It has a double deadbolt locking mechanism which is essential in enhancing the safety that the latter is bound to offer to you
  • This device brings you value for your money due to its sturdy and durable materials.
  • It is sturdy
  • It is durable
  • It brings you maximum protection for your bike
  • It is easy to use
  • If this device comes into contact with water or humidity, it may start to jam hence making it difficult for you to keep your bike safe

Aduro Sport Bike Lock


If you are fond of losing keys and risking losing your bike, this type of bike lock is a great idea for you.

You do not need to have keys to operate this lock, and you can always protect your bike from thieves.

The bike wheel locks comes in two sizes, and you can select one which suits you better.

The small size of this device measures 4 feet long. Additionally, the big size of this device measures 6 feet, and it is majorly ideal for big bikes.

This device is usually covered with PVC material which is sturdy enough to keep the bike safe and protect it from dents and damages that may reduce its ability to last for a long.

Besides, this type of device entails a great cable which is bound to enhance its sturdiness and ability to stay strong for the longest time.

The braided wire of this device makes it more sturdy and durable.

The special locking mechanism of this device is exceptional, and it relies on the use of a four-digit pin, which is never easy for thieves to guess; hence your device is bound to stay safe from theft.

Bike Wheel LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • This bike has a free frame mount which is vital in enabling you to install the lock in your bike
  • This type of lock is multipurpose, and you can use it in a vast number of bikes like road bikes, mountain bikes and bikes for kids
  • The wire that the company designs this type of device is essential in withstanding tension and preventing the bike from scratches as it is designed with a PVC material which is durable and great for most bikes.
  • The lock entails a master lock which is essential in giving your bike a lot of security.
  • It entails a four-digit number which is vital in helping you secure your bike. With it, you can set a four-digit number to lock your bike
  • This type of bike lock comes with a lifetime warranty, and with it, you can always receive a full refund of your money in case you experience any problems.
  • Besides, you can receive a replacement of your item in case it does not meet your needs
  • You can use this device for vast purposes like scooter lock, skateboards, grills and many more
  • The lock is affordable hence you do not have to upset your budget
  • It has a long length, and thus you can conveniently lock your bike
  • It has a keyless feature thus you do not have to worry about losing them
  • Its lifetime warranty is exceptional in enabling you to save money
  • Bolt cutters that are sturdy can cut through this lock
  • The number of this lock can be sticky

Hiplok Homie Bicycle Chain Lock


This is a different type of bike lock, and it is sturdy and reliable. The lock has a 12 milimetres steel frame and extra 3.85 millimetres PVC coating.

It is a thick lock which can resist cutting and breaking. It also has a dust cover protector that extends its lifetime.

It has a practical lock, and its keyless system makes it easier to close and open smoothly.

This lock has a size of 10 inches, and you can put it in the pocket if you are not using it. The numbers are smooth and precise, and the whole lock is friendly to the user.

It is easy to use, and it is also suitable for children. With this keyless method, it is so convenient just to pop in the lock, spin the code and leave the bike anywhere with full hope of it being safe.

The four digits lock number is an assurance that a thief can guess the numbers million times without getting the right answer.

The price is very competitive but also not the cheapest lock around. It is not easy to find a place to attach your bike since it is not a long chain lock.

Bike Wheel LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Lock weight is 1.8lbs
  • Color is black
  • PVC coating 3.8mm
  • Lock size 8.96×5.74zx0.624 inches
  • Shackle thickness 16mm
  • The shackle material heavy-duty and hardened steel
  • Competitive price
  • Good for children
  • Easy to carry
  • Keyless
  • Easy to use
  • Maintenance is cheaper
  • It is of high quality
  • It is not long hence it is tricky to connect in places like trees, gates and posts

Seatylock Heavy Duty Drill Resistant Anti-Theft


This type of bike lock gives you vast opportunities to explore the different ways to protect your bike.

It comes with five sets of keys so that you can stay safe from losing them. If by any case you lose your keys, you can always retrieve others from the safe place that you store them.

Additionally, u lock shape of this item is at the level of bulldog protection and you can be sure of maximum protection from your lock.

Locking and unlocking your bike with this type of item is excellent, and you can continue.

This item is also lightweight, and anyone that owns it can enjoy maximum protection for their bike.

The compact design of this lock is exceptional, and you can be assured of maximum security and protection.

The device has a mounting bracket of this lock exceptional, and it is never difficult to lock and unlock.

Even with the vast great features of this lock, it is vulnerable to theft. It is not as sturdy, and it is prone to breakage, and a strong screw breaker can easily break it.

Bike Wheel LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The device comes along in vast five sets of keys that you can use it with ease and replace it in case you lose it
  • This device is made of PVC that is strong to keep it strong and sturdy enough for the protection to your bike
  • It has a quick-release mechanism which is essential in enabling you to lock and unlock it very easily
  • It has a snap-lock feature which ensures that you unlock and lock it with ease
  • It has a mounting bracket which is essential when it comes to locking and unlocking it
  • It is sturdy
  • It is affordable
  • Easy to use
  • It is lightweight hence easy to carry along with you
  • Easy to open in the night due to its ultra-light key which is essential in allowing you to have high visibility in the night
  • In case the lock gets wet, it tends to jam a lot

OnGuard Brute LS U-Lock


This is the best lock that offers you great security. It is affordable in the market and also available in world markets.

It is lightweight, and you can easily carry it everywhere you would like to travel. It uses keys.

OnGuard Brute suits your needs, and it secures your bike in place and makes it harder for thieves to steal it.

It is a well-proved bike lock, and you can go on your bike in the streets and have maximum security assurance.

It has a hard cable which is hard to cut. If you need a cheap lock to give to your child or loved one, be sure to try OnGuard Bruter and thank me later.

It has a unique shape and provides extra strength with hardened steel and combination lock feature.

The cable is permanently attached , and this makes it amazingly good.

Bike Wheel LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Carabineer style provides extra security
  • Vinyl coated lock protects your bike from scratches
  • Hardened steel with a combination lock to keep your bike safe
  • Item weight is 454g
  • Product dimensions is 20.32×12.7x 7.62cm
  • Budget price
  • Lightweight and practical
  • Easy to use and also best for children
  • Easy to maintain
  • Not suitable for high-end bikes and also in dangerous areas
  • Small cable which can make it not able to lock the bike at a certain object

Bell catalyst Bike u-lock


This is a U-lock model like a lock. Its cable locks are available in combination and key form.

They are flexible, and thus it gives you more options to lock your bike. It is lightweight and portable.

Its cables give you a free replacement and personal combination of programs.

Bike Wheel LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • 500 anti-theft protection and 2 keys included
  • Vinyl crossbar and shackle coating protects the bike from scratches
  • Carrying bracket with quick release guarantees easy transportation
  • 8 inches hardened steel shackle and crossbar for tough security
  • A must on campuses and in high-crime areas

Always try to be cautious when buying bike locks as some may not offer you the protection that you want.

There are many factors that you should put in place before buying the locks for bikes.

The type of material that the manufacture uses to design the bike is crucial to consider.

Besides, the weight of the lock determines whether you can carry it easily or not.

The thickness, type of lock and its weight are also other crucial things that you should put in place when buying locks for your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Lock The Front Or Back Wheel Of My Bike? You should lock both of your bike wheel locks.

The first lock should go around your back wheel and connect it to a bike rack that is cemented on the ground.

Ensure that your lock ties around the back wheel and the frame for maximum security and protection.

You should then lock the second one around your front wheel and round the frame, and if you wish, you can as well lock it against a frame.

How Do I Keep My Bike Lock From Freezing? -Oil is the major thing that you can use to keep your lock from freezing.

Lubrication tends to be the best option. Be sure to use your winter chain oils as they tend to serve this purpose better than some oils designed for the purpose.

What Is The Use Of A Bike Lock? A bike lock is a device that is used for protecting your bike against theft by fastening it against a frame or on an object that is fixed.


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