Best Swept Handlebars- Top 10 Best To Buy in 2021

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Best Swept Handlebars- Top 10 Best To Buy in 2021

Taking care of your body is the most important thing that you can do if you enjoy bike packing.

When you bikepack often, it may not be a surprise that you end up risking hurting your body many times.

To reduce your chances of being involved in an accident, you should ensure that your bike is in good condition.

One of the crucial factors to put in place is to ensure that the swept handlebars of your bike are in perfect shape and condition.

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You may experience a lot of confusion when it comes to selecting the best handlebars for your bike.

To save yourself from the hustle of spending huge amount of cash on handlebars that may not be of good quality, we have compiled some of the best Swept handlebars that you can buy.

Types of Swept Handlebars

RaceFace Atlas FR Riser Handlebar


This is a well-designed handlebar, and you can ride with it in pavements and non-pavement roads.

It is a good looking handlebar that it is made up of a unique combination of a bullhorn and swept-back flat bar.

The great bar is made up of heat-treated aluminum. The 400 mm horn bar section offers very great work when it stretches out.

The handlebar makes your hand friable, and you experience no tiredness.

RaceFace is good in long-distance touring, and it keeps you comfortable so that you can enjoy your adventure happily.

With this type of handlebar, you can use gloves if you like. Its weight is reasonable at 450 grams, and it makes the bike balance well and stays light.

Fixing this handlebar is easy.

It has a width of 666 mm, and this makes you tackle it even in rough places. The distance between bullhorn is 400 mm, and this makes you feel really natural.

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It is one of the most popular Swept handlebars made of aluminum, and it is very stable. It is affordable in the world market.

Swept HandlebarsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It has a stem cramp of 31.8 mm
  • Its grip sweep is 22.2 mm
  • Extension is 23.8 mm
  • Sweep is 450g
  • Its weight is 450g
  • Its width is 666 mm
  • Its horn width is 400 m
  • Very comfortable
  • Has a great super causticity tape and natural wrap on top
  • Affordable
  • Durability
  • Made of aluminum
  • Easy to fix
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Dangerous in time for rain because it may slip
  • If you fail to maintain it, it may rust after a short time

Origin8 HBAR OR8 MTB ALY Flat


This is the best handlebar for cycling, and it operates well in terrain and mountains. It is a light handlebar that enables you to tour for long distances without getting tired.

It is well designed, and it can hold phones, wallets and a bottle of water.

It is made from urethane-coated nylon canvas that is designed to fit in surly Moloko bar. It is smooth, and it can make the ride more comfortable.

It is well designed, and its brakes are well fixed in its lower part.

It has space for essentials, and it can easily be accessed for riding. It has amazing dimensions of 31.8mm 760mm 120mm.

Elastic cord at the top snuggly secures extraneous loose items like wrappers or gloves.

The integrated light port allows a battery cord to pass through. This is the best handlebar, and its urethane nylon is water resistance.

It is often black and very cheap and available in the world market.

The handlebar is very durable and can smoothly rotate to your desired angles. You can never have discomfort when using surly Moloko.

You can use surly Moloko handlebar at any weather condition. It does best in rough places, and it does cause any hand complications, and this is why many people like it.

Swept HandlebarsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It weighs 161
  • It made up of Chromoly steel
  • It has a width of 735 mm curts marks for 685 mm
  • Its sweep angle goes up to 34 degree
  • Mostly black in colour
  • Water resistance
  • Both used by men and women
  • Easy to fix
  • Cheap
  • Easy to maintain
  • You can use it with gloves or not
  • Durability
  • It is made of cromoly steel where it stays in service for a long time
  • It rotates without using force
  • Handlebar position is awesome
  • Surly bag is perfect and fits many touring items
  • Probably not best for aggressive high-speed trail riding

OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar


This is another type of handlebar that brings you the reliability and efficiency that you need.

It is a high-quality type of handlebar that is manufactured with high craftsmanship to allow you to enjoy better convenience.

This type of handlebar is made using carbon fiber material which is known to be strong and highly reliable.

Most companies have been using carbon fiber materials in making their handlebars due to their reliability and ability to last for a long time.

OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar has proven to be a competitive type of handlebar that many people have opted to use in their bikes.

It offers a rider the capability to enjoy more convenience on the road. Besides, the handlebar is highly responsive, and it brings you the comfort that you need when riding.

Swept HandlebarsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The handlebar weighs 220 g hence it is lightweight
  • The clapm has a diameter of 35 mm
  • The handlebar is manufactured using a carbon fiber that is unidirectional. The material is extraordinary when it comes to giving high material durability.
  • Its width is 800 mm
  • It is usually intended for use in trails and ednuro
  • The upsweep of this handlebar is 5 degrees, and the backsweep is 8 degress
  • If you purchase this device, you get an extra deacl kit clear coat that has a raw carbon, and it comes in various colours including red, orange, blue, purple and white
  • The stiffness of the balance with this handlebar is unique, and you can enjoy the best ride and touring experience
  • You enjoy vast comfort by using this handlebar
  • The type of Swept handlebars are easy on the hands, and the terrain is always easy on you with it.
  • Besides, silver decals of this device enable you to enjoy a smooth ride and enhances your experience in your touring
  • The carbon fibre of this device gives it more durability capability to keep operating better even in the terrains
  • You can be sure not to experience any numbness in your hands with this handlebar because of its suspension layer which serves well when it comes to numbing high frequencies
  • It is lightweight
  • The handlebar is only available in a diameter of only 35mm, and this may be unfavourable to riders whose bikes are not compatible with such measurements.

RaceFace Next R 35, MTB Handlebar


This is another type of handlebar that brings you comfort and reliability. It is designed with a carbon fiber material which gives it a lot of durability.

This type of device is excellent for your bike as it is bound to last for a long time and bring you the resilience that you require for your bike.

It is also sturdy enough to last you for a long time. Besides, this handlebar has an XC weight which is essential in helping you carry it with ease.

It is one of the Swept handlebars with high usability, and you can be sure to enjoy using it for the longest time.

With this type of handle, you can be sure to enjoy more stiffness form it as it is designed to maintain its stiffness when you move up and down.

If you are the kind of riders that enjoy touring in terrains, you can enjoy vast advantages with this type of device as there are many benefits that you can enjoy.

With this design of handlebar, you get to enjoy better control of your bike even in the worst conditions throughout your touring endeavours.

Swept HandlebarsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The handlebar is designed with a carbon handlebar which brings it a lot of strength.
  • You can a; always rely on it and you can be sure to use it for the longest time
  • The rise of this handlebar is 20 mm
  • It has an overall weight of 180 g hence it is easily portable
  • It has a clear coating of carbon which is essential in enhancing its durability
  • It is specially built and designed for the XC and terrain
  • Its dimensions are 5 degrees upwards and eight degrees downwards
  • The item has a width of 760 mm
  • Its carbon is flex optimized, and this enhances its small bump compliance
  • It is lightweight hence it does not add up to much of your bikes weight
  • You enjoy better control with this handlebar
  • It is highly durable thanks to its great added strength of 35mm width
  • It is great at taking the edges off vibrations
  • Some of its decals are not as appealing as one would expect

Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon


This type of handlebar is specially manufactured for people with fat bikes.

It has features that enable it to remain sturdy and allow the rider to enjoy full and better control of their bike.

It is one of the best Swept handlebars that you can purchase, and it is bound to give you a comfortable time on the road.

Additionally, this handlebar is designed with a length of 31.8 mm, and the user can cut it down to 700 mm. It has a carbon fiber material which is sturdy.

This type of handlebar is the most commonly used in fat bikes, and it is clear that most individuals trust it as their ultimate riding handlebar.

The handlebar already exceeds the expectations of most riders thanks to its capability to be used even in the fast racing endeavor’s.

It is a reliable type of handlebar that every lover of fat bikes can rely on in their riding endeavors.

Swept HandlebarsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The handlebar is designed with a unidirectional carbon material which is bound to give it durability
  • It has a diameter of 31.8 mm, and you can cut it down to your desired size
  • The width of this handlebar is 800 mm
  • The rise of this handlebar ranges from 10,20,30,40 mm
  • Its back sweep is usually 7 degrees, and its upsweep is 5 degrees
  • It is usually unisex and is usable by adults only
  • The handlebar has a very strong, stiff and durable construction
  • The handlebar is usually tested to ensure that it complies with the BMX drop test standards
  • Its weight is very low, and its rise profile is admirable
  • The handlebar can never slip due to the roughness of its clamp area
  • Its ride is usually tuned so that it can efficiently absorb shock and vibrations
  • None

Easton Haven 35 Carbon Handlebar 2016


This handlebar is designed for mountain bikes, and it is also durable.

The Easton company has been spending a considerable amount of money on this device to ensure that it meets the state of the art standards that are essential in enhancing the riding experience of every user.

The company has been testing the impact and fatigue of this handlebar to ensure that it is more superior compared to its counterparts.

The strength to weight ratio of this type of device is amendable, and it is bound to give you more usability compared to other types of Swept handlebars.

It is one of the items that you can rely on for your uses.

Additionally, the torso of this handlebar is big enough to allow you to enjoy a thinner bar hence a much lightweight experience.

The shed off grams of this unit makes you enjoy using a strong bar that is bound to stay durable and highly usable compared to other items.

The carbon fiber of this device enables it to serve you for a long time and save you from spending a lot of money making new purchases.

Swept HandlebarsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The handlebar features a green and finishes, which is essential in enabling it to have excellent aesthetics.
  • The device weighs 280 g, and with its lightweight, you can be sure to have an easy experience when carrying it
  • It has an alloy construction which is sturdy and worth investing in it
  • This type of handlebar is designed for mountain and enduro uses
  • The handlebar is very wide with measurements of 750 mm
  • This handlebar is usually designed with great aesthetics which are the heart of its sleek design
  • It has a taper wall technology which is crucial in saving the company from so many expenditures as they can design it with a minimum amount of materials and thus reduces the overall weight of the device
  • This type of od handlebar is very comfortable and easy to use.
  • It is lightweight; hence you do not have to worry about adding extra weight to your device. As a result, you can control your bike with ease.
  • This item is durable and sturdy compared to some of its counterparts
  • The finish of this item is amendable, and it is aesthetic
  • Though the height of this haven bar is 35 mm and great when it comes to its height, most clients find its width unreliable as it is only 750 mm.
  • The width is, however, not a deal-breaker, but many users prefer wider handlebars.

Vision FSA Metron 5D Integrated Handlebar

This is a handlebar which is made of titanium which combines function and forms for a comfortable and excellent ride.

It has plenty of room where you can put your phone, computer, and other basic things you would require while touring.

Vision FSA Metron is the best handlebar, and it gives you long service, and you can use it many times without it getting damaged.

It is the best to use in long days out, and you do not need to use grease lubricating it. You can use this with gloves or not.

It is best to even in times for rain.

When rotating through corners, this type of device is excellent as you go smoothly through angles and corners without struggling.

It is an excellent handlebar as you do not end up sliding even when you fail to wear gloves when riding it.

This handlebar does well in rough, swampy and sloppy areas. Any gender can use this handlebar without worries.

Vision FSA Metron has been in the market for many years, and up to date, it’s all over the markets in the world. It is the cheapest handlebar in the market.

Its beautiful colour makes it more attractive and even makes your tour more enjoyable.

If you want to enjoy your adventure with a smile, be sure to use Vision FSA Metron Bar.

Its maintenance is not expensive. It is also easy to repair, and fixing it is not complicated.

Swept HandlebarsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It weighs 375 g
  • It has 22.2 mm stem clamp diameter with shims to take it to 31.8 mm clamp
  • It has the degree sweep up of 5
  • 24 degree back sweep
  • Four rise/101 mm
  • 32.75/830 mm wide
  • It made of titanium
  • Used by both genders
  • Black in color
  • Affordable
  • Easy to fix
  • It can be repaired easily
  • Does well even in sloppy areas
  • It does well even it time of rain
  • It is flexible and comfortable
  • It expensive to maintain

Wake Aluminium Alloy Mountain Bike Handlebar 


This is one of the few swept handlebars that offer you vast options and versatility.

When it comes to its width, you can be sure to enjoy a great option of about 720 to 780 mm.

Besides, this handlebar comes in a wide variety of colours that you can choose from depending on the exact type that you want.

You can select among many colours, including red, blue, yellow and black colours.

The item is manufactured using an aluminium material which is also sturdy and strong enough to last for a long time.

It is also designed in such a way that it does not get overly stiff so that it can continue making your riding experience much better.

Additionally, this type of handlebar is also resistant to shock, and due to its firmness, you can be sure to have the best experience in your riding endeavor’s.

Additionally, this is one of the most comfortable bike handlebars that you can use and as long you as you position yourself well on the bike, you can enjoy better control of your bike without having to worry about it.

This type of handlebars is also highly compatible with a vast number of bikes, including dirty bikes, downhill, road bikes and mountain bikes.

Swept HandlebarsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The handlebar has a size of 31.8 mm
  • The width measures 720 to 780 mm
  • The height of this type of handlebar is overly long and wide, and this enables you to control your bike easily and enjoy vast features of riding it even in extreme conditions like tough mountains.
  • It has a maximum shockproof, and it entails maximum stiffness
  • It is designed using an aluminium alloy, and thus you can be sure to enjoy using it due to its lightweight
  • Its being entails double butting, and it is inodized for better control
  • It has high compatibility with most bikes, and you can be sure to use it in off-road and downhill
  • It has a pro design which entails a CNC precision bending
  • It is one of the most comfortable handlebars to use
  • The height of this type of handlebar is long enough, and this allows you to have better control of the latter
  • The item has better stability, and it does not have high stiffness which may hinder a rider from controlling their bikes better
  • This handlebar is manufactured using aluminium material which is essential in enabling it to last long and also give it strength to continue serving its purpose
  • This type of handlebar is usable in all types of conditions, and you can use it in mountain bikes, dirt bikes, and you can also use it in any types of roads including downhills and off roads
  • Some clients have experienced receiving the handlebar with the wrong diameter that may not fit on their specific bikes

Upanbike Trekking Cycling Mountain Bike Road 


This is another type of handlebar that is manufactured for use in mountain bikes.

It is bound to bring you reliability and the best experience throughout your riding endeavor’s.

It is also one of the handlebars which bring you two diameter measurements to choose from depending on the type of bike that you have.

As a result, you can enjoy vast options when riding as you can be sure to get a size that is highly compatible with your type of bike depending on the type and size of bike that you are using.

Swept HandlebarsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The diameter of the bar ends at 22.2 mm
  • It is made using aluminium alloy, and this gives it more durability
  • It offers you two diameter choices of 25.4 mm and 31.88 mm
  • When you purchase this type of handlebar, you enjoy an extra plastic grip bar edge plugs
  • You can place your hands in different positions when using this type of handlebar
  • It is highly compatible with most types of bikes including mountain and road bikes
  • Ensures that you avoid fatigue as you can place your hands in different positions when controlling your bike
  • You can easily flex this type of handlebar by just a twist of the hands.

XLC Riser –Bar 30 mm Height HB-MO4

This is a handlebar that is made by the best grade aluminium that has a beautiful finish.

It has a perfect shape which provides extra comfort and easy ride. It has a width of 630mm and wide enough to mount some important items when touring.

You can repair this handlebar quickly and attach it to bike easily.

This is a bike that can be used for long-distance travelling with no complications or itching of hands.

You can use XLC Riser on bare hands with no gloves. It does best in places like mountains and even in rough areas.

It is affordable in the world market, and it has been in the market for many years. It is highly rotatable, and you can rotate to your desired directions.

Swept HandlebarsCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It is made from 6061 aluminium
  • Its width is 660 mm
  • It stem clamp has dimensions of 25.4 mm
  • It rises to 30 mm
  • It back sweeps is 9 degree
  • It has extremely lightweight
  • It has a beautiful finish
  • Durable and strong
  • Ideal length of bars for easy mounting additions
  • Affordable compared to other types of handlebars
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to repair
  • Need regularly maintenance
  • When you hold with watery hands it slippery

 When buying swept handlebars, it is important to pay attention to its diameter as it is an important factor which determines whether it is compatible with your bike or not.

Additionally, it is crucial to know the materials used in manufacturing the handlebars as they determine whether the latter can last for a long time or not.

The height of your handlebars is also crucial and the width.

What You Should Know When Buying Handlebars

When buying Swept handlebars for your bike, you may not have an easy encounter.

If you lack knowledge of the exact type that you want to buy, these tips guide you on what you should know before buying the items.

Be sure to observe them keenly during your endeavour so that you can settle for the right type of handlebars that bring you the safety that you need during your touring.


This is a crucial factor to know before buying a handlebar.

The items are usually made of various materials. Carbon fiber and metal are the major ones used in manufacturing the handlebars.

Some handlebars are also designed with steel cromoly, but they are mainly found in the BMXers.

For most mountain bikes, riders prefer to purchase those that are manufactured with carbon fiber handlebars because they are lightweight and they offer better support to them.

Though in the traditional day’s manufactures were hesitant to design their handlebars with carbon fiber, they have drastically changed their minds about it, and they are striving to design them with the material due to its reliability.

Carbon fiber Swept handlebars are also robust and highly reliable.

They tend to dampen the ride, and also they are exceptional when it comes to absorbing shocks on bikes that have alloy bars.


Handlebars with a wide width have become so common among mountain bikes.

Most riders say that wide ones are great in helping the control of their bikes better as they have a bigger surface to ride their bikes.

In the past, some manufacturers thought that handlebars with a width of about 700 mm are not ideal for riders.

Still, the fact that most racers are now hitting the 800 mm mark, it has become obvious that wide handlebars are exceptional when it comes to riding.

Swept handlebars with a wide width are also great because they enable you to steer the input without using much force because they distribute your weight evenly to the front wheel.

A wide width in your handlebars is also great because it helps you when it comes to the position of the trail.

If you are not certain about the exact width that you need to buy in your handlebar, it can be an excellent option to buy 800 mm handlebar and later cut it down to your desired size.


When it comes to height, there are many things that can affect it.

The distance from the center of the bar to the upward bend (the amount of rise) is usually affected by the type of trail you enjoy riding and also the stack height.

Bikes that have low front ends usually work well with taller bars. Such bars are great as they help to move your weight backwards.

Besides, the bikes with high stack heights usually work better on bikes with lower rise bars.

In the current market, bars come in rises between those that are completely flat and those that are 40 mm.


Swept handlebars  usually have two types of bends. One is usually at the back and another one in the front.

These designs are bound to provide a riding position that is more natural so that you can have a good grip with your hands for better riding experience.

About five degrees of upwards sweep and a backwards sweep of seven degrees are believed to be the norm when it comes to the diameter of handlebars.

They are not the only diameter measurements available and more flat, and more swept options are usually available in the market.

It is crucial to note that when you roll your bars forwards or backwards, you can alter your feel on the hands.

Unlike the past days, manufacturers are quickly shifting towards manufacturing handlebars with wider diameters of 35 mm, which is much bigger compared to that of 31.55 mm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should The Seat Of My Bike Be Higher Than My Handlebars? -Your handlebars should be at least as high as your seat or a bit higher than your seat.

If your Swept handlebars are lower than your seat, you may not enjoy a comfortable experience as you may have to use more energy when controlling the bike and you may also have to push yourself forwards to reach them.

How Long Should Mountain Bike Handlebars Be?- For mountain bikes, the width should be between 750-800 mm and not more than that.



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