Best Electric Heaters for RV Review


Best Electric Heaters for RV Review

Traveling and camping mostly is done during the summer seasons by most individuals because it is a perfect time to enjoy since it is not cold.

However, camping during winter isn’t a bad idea too. Some individuals do camp during winter.

To ensure they are safe from the cold, they use electric heaters to keep them warm. With innovation, there are many types of electrical heaters perfect for your recreational vehicle.

Benefits of the electric heaters

  • To keep warm during the winter season
  • Helps relax muscles, especially if your day involved activities such as hiking or driving
  • Protects the RV from fungi growth such as mold or mildew due to the cold around the RV.

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Buyers Guide for Perfect Electric RV Heater

1. Safety

The fact that these heaters are electric, means caution should be taken.

You should pick an electric heater that has an automatic shut off when there is overheating. This helps in safety from high temperatures in the RV or from fire.

Before purchasing, it is advisable to check the voltage, wattage, and the electric connection of the heater.

2. The efficiency of the heater

Anyone who camps in the cold would choose a heater that heats up faster since staying in the cold isn’t fun.

Heaters that heat the room fast have adjustable buttons for temperature control are a great deal.

You could also select an electric heater that conserves power to reduce excessive use of the electricity.

Moreover, no one would wish to own a heater that’s full of noise. Select an electric heaters that produces less or no sound by checking on what the manufacturer says about the noise level.

3. Size of the RV

Depending on the size of your recreational vehicle, you will make a selection on the suitable electric heater. If your RV is small, you will choose a compact and small design that can heat large spaces.

4. Type of Electric heater

There are two types of electric heaters for RV. The infrared and the ceramic heater.

The infrared heater uses the infrared heat to warm up the room. It does not use air in the room or any coil to heat up while the Ceramic heater uses a ceramic coil and the air currents around to heat the RV.

5. Spec sheet

Ensuring that you go through the spec sheet that the electric heater comes with help in knowing the use.

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If the sheet is detailed, it will help you understand the product even more. Check on the efficiency, space for the installation of the electric heater on the RV.

The manufacturer can either place the info concerning the heater on the website, or it comes with a manual that gives detailed instructions.

6. Price

We would recommend a great electric heater with excellent value. This will help reduce further incurred costs from buying cheap heaters with fewer properties.

7. Controls

Most of these heaters come with remote control for convenience. However, some have dials or buttons instead of a remote. The advantage of using a remote is that you can control the heater at afar.

Having looked at the guide on how to purchase the best heaters, here are some electric heaters available in the market:

Dr. Infrared DR968 Electric Heater

If you are looking for the best recreational vehicle heater with great performance, DR Infrared DR968 is the best pick.

The heater is best to heat a large space quickly as it has a 1500W power.

Good thing: The heater is quiet at 39Db.Has overheat protection for safety purposes.

Heat is focused on one direction since it uses infrared. The heater heats a large surface area quickly and the LCD shows the current temperature of the room with other settings too.

What we did not like. The heater is quite expensive and weighs 19 pounds; this can be a heavier model compared to others.

Key Features

  • This model is an Auto Energy saving and heats a large room
  • Has the fastest heat transfer rate
  • The heater has a dual heating technology that operates efficiently
  • Has a high velocity and low noise power
  • Have three power settings: Auto, low 1000W, and high 1500W, and one can select two settings depending on room temperature
  • To regulate the heater and cause it to cycle on and off, the heater has a thermostat

Lasko 6435 Electric Heater

Lasko 6435 is a great electric heater that heats your RV and performs excellently.The fact that it has an over protection system it makes it excellent.

The Good thing; Affordable. The presence of a stand offers stability. For better security, it has an automatic power that shuts off after 7 hours.

The heater can be controlled at a distance with remote control.

What we did not like: Only for a small surface area,It only operates while standing on the floor, unlike other electric heaters that are mounted on the wall.

Key Features

  • It has a built-in timer that can be programmed from 1-7 hours for safety purposes
  • Features built-in safety such as overheat protection to ensure the heater does not catch fire
  • Has an adjustable thermostat to adjust the heater 1500W
  • The wireless remote control helps in adjusting quickly
  • The heater is designed to blend into your existing decor
  • The heater can be taken out and in to box as it is fully assembled

Lasko CDO9250 Electric Heater

If your main aim is to find a small and compact electric heater for your RV, Lasko CDO9250 is the best selection.

The Good thing; the heater has a lightweight of 3.5 pounds and can be carried around. Affordable for anyone at a budget.

With 1500W, it can easily heat a small room quickly. To know the status of the heater, it comes with a LED indicator.

What we did not like: The heater isn’t durable as it is made of plastic.

Key Features

  • Features 2 different temperature settings
  • Has a convenient carry handle for efficient mobility
  • Have three quiet settings this are high heat, low heat, or fan
  • Features an adjustable thermostat to adjust heater’s 1500 watts
  • The heater comes when it is fully assembled
  • Features automatic overheat protection that turns off automatically in case of overheating.

Broan Nutone 6201 Electric Heater

Broan Nutone 6201 is the best electric heater that can last longer without frequent replacement.

The Good thing: Aesthetically pleasing. The heater lasts longer and durable. It offers protection as it goes off in case it overheats. Have LED lights at the front. Easy to use and install.

What we did not like; Compared to another electric heater, this one is noisier.

Key Features

  • Made of stainless steel thus lasts longer
  • In case of overheating, the heater shuts off itself and has caution light to show
  • Has a choice of high 1500W, low 1200W, or fan-only settings
  • Features a thermostat to maintain desired room temperature
  • The electric handle has handles to offer mobility
  • The presence of rounded bumpers protects surfaces

Arcon 64409 Electric Heater

Arcon 64409 is reviewed as the best portable electric heater for RV available for the market.

The Good thing; Small and compact design, Operates efficiently and can be carried around easily as it weighs 3.4 pounds.

What we did not like; since the heater is small, the price is expected to be a bit affordable. This is not the case. The fan is very noisy.

Key Features

  • Heats a small or medium room with ease using ceramic colt
  • Features a powerful power of 1500 W maximum and 750 W minimum
  • Lasts long as it is aluminum built
  • Have adjustable settings for better temperature control

Heat Storm Phoenix Infrared Space Heater

Heat Storm Phoenix Infrared space heater operates both while on the wall or the floor as it has removable legs.

The Good thing: The heater is safe as it can be touched as it operates. Has a high power of 1500 watts and generate heat of 5200 BTUs.

Cons: Has no timer control and is expensive.

Key Features

  • Features HMS Technology. This means the heater combines with the humidity in the room to provide soft, safe heat
  • By mounting the removable feet, the heater can operate while on the floor and also can be attached to the wall
  • Temperature can be controlled using a remote control
  • Manufacture backs the heater with a one year warranty
  • Has two power modes: 1500W maximum and 750W minimum
  • Features built-in thermostat with LED display to regulate heat rates of the room

Mr. Heater MH18B Portable RV Propane Heaters

With just a single push button, Mr. Heater MH18B heater provides high heating power in seconds.

Moreover, this heater is easy to carry around and also safe to use.

The Good thing; the heater is easy to store and carry around. Has an excellent built-in blower fan.

Prevents overheating and malfunctioning and provides a high heating power in a few seconds

What we did not like; the air that comes from the heater smells of propane, and this is dangerous for once health.

Key Features

  • It is capable of heating a 450 square feet area, and at altitudes, over 7000 feet above sea level, the heater may shut off
  • It can operate up to two weeks a 20-pound tank fill with the gas without need to refill
  • Features an anti-bump safety whereby it turns off automatically if it is knocked or hit accidentally
  • It has a full wire cage that protects the interiors from outside elements
  • Features a blower fan that facilitates the proper circulation of air

Camco 57351 Olympian Wave 8LP Gas Catalytic Heater

If you are likely to either operate at a maximum altitude of 12000 feet or your recreational vehicle is up to 23 feet long, this particular electric heater is perfect for you.

Good thing; since it does not require the use of chimney, flame, or flue, its operation becomes easier.

It operates silently. It is highly portable. It is capable of heating a 290 square feet area.

What we did not like; the heater takes time before it starts heating up.

Key Features

  • The heater is adjustable from 4200 to 8000 BTU per hour
  • Features a safety shut off valve to help prevent accidental non- ignition fuel discharge
  • The heater’s Legs   radiate heat up and can be placed in the direction you want the heater to face.
  • It has a built-in automatic Piezo electric sparker that lasts for 20,000 starts
  • It can be mounted on a wall or used as a portable unit
  • It operates using low-pressure gas, thus does not require a battery connection.

DeLonghi EW7707CM 1500W ComforTemp Oil- Filled Radiator

For safety heating inside your recreational vehicle, this particular electric heater is perfect. It uses its portable oil filled radiator to heat your area effectively.

Good thing; the heater is a perfect deal for small and medium-sized recreational vehicles. It operates silently.

Great for safety purposes inside the RV as it is equipped with few safety features.

What we did not like; when it is dim, it is difficult to see the thermostat unit.

Key Features

  • It is capable of heating spaces up to 250 square feet in size
  • Features thermal slot that has a unique design to increase heat flow in the room as it maintains low surface temperature
  • To prevent frozen pipes, the heater has an anti-freezing setting to help warm up the heater
  • It comes with an adjustable thermostat and three heats setting to help heat your room according to your preference

Suburban 2438ABKNT-16SEQ Furnace Electric Heater

A suburban electric heater is perfect for large surface areas: It makes use of electronic ignition to heat a particular room.

Good thing; Perfect for warming an entire recreational vehicle. It is easy to install and use. It is durable as it lasts longer for 30 to 40 years. Uses minimal power as it runs.

What we did not like; it is expensive compared to other portable heaters.The electric heater is not portable. If it mounted or placed inside the RV, it could not be taken outside.

Key Features

  • It comes with a vent assembly; its installation takes only 2-3 hours to setup
  • It reaches up to 30,000 heaters BTU that means it can heat up to 2000 square feet
  • Weighs 39.9 pounds. This means the heater can be too heavy to carry around.

Bovade USA 166648 Ceramic Space Heater

Bovade USA 166648 heaters is a medium-sized RV heaters that is constructed using durable materials.

The heater emits great heat power and does not destroy the components inside or outside the heater.

Good thing; It is compact, and lightweight and can be carried everywhere. The heater is very easy to use.

Cons: It is very noisy.

Key Features

  • Features a positive temperature coefficient heating system that transfers heat in small spaces
  • Comes with a carrying handle for portability
  • Feature 3 different settings with an adjustable thermostat ;They include-high heat, low heat, and fan only.
  • Its compact design makes it fit even under desktops or tables
  • It features an overheating protection system, whereby the unit shuts off when a specific temperature is reached.



As we have seen, owning an electric heater in your RV is a great investment, especially during cold seasons.

Most models we have reviewed above depict high-quality construction, efficiency, safety, and silence as it operates.

Furthermore, they use up little energy, easily heat a small to medium-sized RV instantly, and installation is not a hard thing to do.

All in all, it is upon you to select the best one according to your preference.


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