Top 30 Best Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs 2020

crowndfunding affiliates Programs

Top 30 Best Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs 2020

Crowdfunding is an amazing medium that helps start-ups to generate the initial capital for their business. Crowdfunding is a practice where business owners raise funds for projects they consider promising.


Easyship offers services in “product warehousing, shipping, and tracking needs. They are the best choice for crowdfunding campaigns and eCommerce sellers to ship their orders all over the world.

They were the first company to provide an end to end infrastructure that connects sellers directly to all UPS, Fedex, DHL, and TNT with over 100 shipping options”.

Affiliates receive 5% commissions on the total shipping cost from each referral. You earn recurring commissions too every time they ship for up to 12 months.

Affiliates can promote Easyship on their blogs, social media pages, product directories, or even offline. They provide you with all the marketing tools and materials you need.

Each month, you will also receive reports and materials to help you improve your performance. Cookie duration is 30 days”.

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Kickbooster allows you to earn commissions on funds you help raise. Affiliates known as Boosters get access to hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns that offer rewards for helping to spread the word about their campaign.

You can promote the campaigns on your website, blogs, and social media pages.

The commission rate and cookie life is different for each campaign and is set by the campaign manager. So unlike other affiliate programs, you can to pick and choose which campaigns that work best for you.

Everything is managed in the Kickbooster dashboard where you can track your clicks, pledges, and commission. You can also see where your traffic is coming from and so you know where to focus your marketing efforts.


Krowdster allows you to generate passive income just by recommending it. Affiliates earn 20% of sales and any recurring sales you refer.  The cookie life is as long as the subscription is active.

Their program is open to affiliates from all countries who have a verified Paypal account which is also how you receive payouts.

They use a proprietary affiliate tracking reporting system with customizable landing pages.

You can generate unlimited tracking codes and track different traffic sources to see where traffic is coming from. Their commission is $25 per valid lead based on the project.

Their cookie duration lasts up to 30 days. Krowdster helps campaign managers run a successful crowdfunding campaign and rewards affiliates with 20% of sales they refer.


Pratonomy is the only Crowdfunding Platform that offers affiliate marketers the opportunity to be key players and rewards you for helping fund projects successfully.

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Their platform caters to entrepreneurs and business people that are looking from a little more help with their businesses than most crowdfunding sites offer.

 They offer more than just a fundraising interface, and you also get support in marketing, logistics, and post-project business management.

They want to ensure businesses that raise funds have an excellent chance of fulfilling their funding pledges and growing beyond the initial concept.

Their Project Referral Affiliate Program offers $25 per qualified lead with high commissions available based on the number of leads. The cookie life is 30 days.

Their Project Funding Program allows affiliates to promote individual projects. The commission rate varies by project, but the average commission is usually between 7-10% of the funds pledged by your backers.

There is lifetime referral tracking for each project.  Both programs are managed on their inhouse Patronomy affiliate platform. They provide professional creatives, including links and banners.

Custom designs are also available. Cookie duration is 90 days.


Honeyfund is the number one online wedding gift registry and one of the world’s most popular crowdfunding sites for weddings, honeymoons, down payments, and more.

They have helped hundreds of thousands of couples make their newly-wed dreams come true. Their fundraising platform makes it easy for couples to set up and manage their campaign and for their friends and families to donate.

Affiliates earn $3 CPL for new Honey-fund sign-ups and 3.5% commissions on Honey-fund gift cards. The average order value on gift cards is $100.

The cookie duration period is 90 days. Honey-fund uses ShareASale to manage its affiliate program. They provide affiliates with access to their Datafeed, gorgeous creative, links and content, and personalized strategy tips.

Crowd Funding Exposure

Crowd Funding Exposure offers marketing and campaign promotion. It is the #1 crowdfunding promotion service to increase exposure and get traffic.

They have helped over 80,000 satisfied clients since 2004. Promotion includes social media, targeted ads, personal consulting services, and state of the art news-wired services with over 400+ news websites.

Affiliates earn up to 30% commissions per sale/customer.  Cookie duration period is 30 days. You can share your affiliate link on your blogs, website, social media pages even through an ad.

Crowd Funding Exposure provides you with text and graphic ads along with marketing tools and training on their affiliate platform. You can also track your performance and earnings.

Future College Fund

Future College Fund allows friends and family to replace the gift of toys and clothes with the gift of higher education. They can donate to your child’s college fund using Future College Fund’s crowdfunding platform.

They can even set up direct deposits to make contributions with ease on birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions.

Affiliates earn a 2% commission rate. The cookie duration period is 45 days. Future College Fund uses Impact Radius to manage their affiliate program.

They provide affiliates with free tutorials, state of the art technology, a suite of creatives, and real-time reporting.


Custom link takes out the hassle of setting up a crowdfunding campaign then having to spend money on apparel for rewards. They allow schools, small businesses, charities, and more to set up campaigns on their site.

That way, they can raise funds by selling apparel with no risk or cost to them. Plus, the custom-designed apparel boosts spirits, inspires a sense of community and brings people together.

Affiliates earn 7% commissions per sale except on licensed products which earn 5%. You can also earn $10 for every partner you refer that gets approved for their affiliate program.

The cookie life is 30 days. CustomInk uses ShareASale to run their affiliate program. They send out a weekly newsletter with updates on strategies and opportunities to grow your partnership.


GoGetFunding has helped people from all around the world raise money through crowdfunding. You can raise money for anything that matters to you, including personal causes, special events, projects, and more.  

They have been recognized as one of the top 6 crowdfunding websites in the world by Forbes.

They offer partner programs tailored to your specific needs. So bloggers can be rewarded based on referrals, and a non-profit organization can have a white-labelled solution that allows the fundraiser to create donation pages on their behalf.  

GoGetFundng offers its affiliates 50% of their commission share, so you will earn 2% of every donation a referred fundraiser receives. The cookie life is 14 days.


Udemy is the world’s largest online learning marketplace. They have thousands of courses in hundreds of categories created by the world’s top experts. You can even take courses on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

There are specific courses like crowdfunding for artists, businesses, and real estate that go into greater depth on the best practices for marketing for their industry.

They have lots of helpful courses like how to create a website and online marketing tips for businesses that would also be useful for running a crowdfunding campaign.

Affiliates earn 25% commissions on sales on their exclusive content. The cookie life is seven days. Udemy uses Rakuten Marketing to run their affiliate program and give access to dozens of text links and hundreds of banners.

They have lots of promotional assets and tools to help you drive sales and a dedicated affiliate manager to help with any questions you might have. You will also receive affiliate exclusive coupons and discounts.


DiversyFund is a financial start-up dedicated to providing everyday Americans with the same investment opportunities as the wealthy.

They make it possible for all Americans to invest like the 1% by helping people diversify their investments beyond stocks and bonds and into “alternative investments.”

Currently, they offer a real estate fund that allows everyday people to invest in apartment complexes through their private real estate investment trust (REIT).

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EvoEstate offers three different affiliate programs to match its affiliates audience:

  1. Target circle – where you get 5 EUR + 0.5% for the affiliate after the first investment was made, for investor 0.5% for six months after the first investment is done.
  2. Invite a friend – you can register as an investor and get your affiliate link in invite a friend section, by this model you earn 15 EUR and investor earns 15 EUR when he completes first investment.
  3. Direct affiliate system – personalized account on their internal affiliate system.

EvoEstate focuses on three main characteristics: transparency, diversification and a secured environment where investors can generate passive income with the minimum effort.

They strive to offer a complete affiliate experience by offering support whenever it is needed.

With their affiliate program, you can earn income by promoting the first real estate investment aggregator that focuses on the safety of investors and fosters transparency of project information.

Their team constantly works on ways to improve their business model and create new opportunities for their affiliates.


Their platform fee is 5% of donations and payment processors take 2.9%, along with 30 cents per donation. GoFundMe is mainly Ideal for Service-based causes, Start-ups, Artists, Designers and more.

Since its inception in 2010, GoFundMe is responsible for generating more than $5 billion for various projects. It receives more than $140 million monthly in donations. In 2016, this crowdfunding platform made $100 million in revenue.


RocketHub has a platform fee of 4% of total funds raised and 4% transaction fee RocketHub is ideal for Small scale businesses, start-ups, artists, scientists and social projects.

RocketHub is a global crowdfunding platform for venture capitalism. Therefore, start-ups can use it to raise funds for their businesses.

You can generate interest in your project by pitching your idea in their ELEQUITY Funding Room, which leads to getting great feedback on your project alongside additional funding.


Crowdrise was acquired by GoFundMe in2017. This crowdfunding platform is ever ready to help organizations that want to tackle real-world issues instead of for-profit funding ideas turning into a business.

It is also a useful platform for raising funds for birthdays, weddings, college scholarships, and other similar events, etc. Crowdrise has a platform fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. They are ideal for Charity and Social events.


SyndicateRoom connects ambitious investors with trailblazing organizations, and it is great for multi-sector private investments. Founded in 2013, SyndicateRoom has quickly scaled up to have more than 100 high-growth businesses in their portfolio.

This crowdfunding platform has built a solid trust and reputation among the fundraisers and contributors.

They charge a follow-up fee of 4% on any subsequent investment made by a nominee investor in a future round. They are ideal for Start-ups and small scale businesses.


This is an ideal crowdfunding platform for private investors who are willing to invest in early-stage start-ups against their equity. Founded in 2014, Equitise has helped many tech start-ups to generate an ample amount of funds to pursue the journey of their dreams.

They offer a Platform fee of 7.5% of the funds raised. They are Ideal for Early-stage start-ups, small scale businesses, filmmakers, etc.


This crowdfunding platform allows investors to choose promising projects they wish to back. More than 325 companies opted for CrowdCube to raise funds in 2017.

This platform enjoyed year-on-year growth of 23% last year, showcasing that fast-growing young start-up are increasingly seeing crowdfunding as their preferred medium to raise funds for their ventures.

They offer a platform of a success fee of 7% and 0.75% -1.25% of all funds raised. Ideal for: investment, business, start-up, start-up, entrepreneur, small business, equity, crowdfunding, angel investors, business finance.


With 186 successful pitches during 2018, this crowdfunding platform managed to invest £195M in the platform. Seedrs has a 74% pitch success rate.

 The largest amount of funds raised on this platform was by TransferGo, who raised €11.2 million from more than 1,000 investors. The largest EU funded deal was Sono Motors, which raised €6.1 million from over 760 investors.

Has a platform fee of 7.5% on any profit made. Ideal for: Start-ups and small scale businesses.


If you’re aiming for a venture capitalist or an angel investor to lay their eyes on you, Crowdfunder may be your ideal choice.

Projects that needed not more than a million dollars or two were able to raise more than $5 million to $8 million through this crowdfunding platform.

Perhaps this can prove to be an ideal crowdfunding platform for your business.  They offer a Platform fee of 5% of the funds raised.


This Canadian Best Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs got it’s a Facebook app released in 2009. FundRazr allows its users to start fundraising campaigns by creating pages on Facebook to raise money for their causes varying from medical care, memorials, to animal rescue.

You can distribute your campaign via social media, emails or even embed a third-party website to solicit donations from supporters who want to contribute to any cause by commenting, sharing, liking, and donating, which are all visible on Facebook.

No platform fee. However, 2.9% + $0.30 (depending on your country) standard third-party payment processing fee will be charged by PayPal, Stripe or WePay. Ideal for: organizations, charities, and personal causes.


Crowdfunding in Canada has been gaining traction and momentum lately. Vested allows investors to contribute as low as $100 in promising start-ups.

This Best Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs specializes in helping private organizations, raising more or less under $250,000. An individual investor can invest up to a maximum of $1,500 in any project.

The best fit for Vested are organizations with an exit strategy in place. Some of the most successful campaigns include energy, cannabis, and mining sectors. No platform charges

Ideal for:  Small scale businesses and start-ups.


SVX is a crowdfunding platform ideal for social and environmental organizations. The funds come from private firms, investment funds, the general public as well as from the debt or equity investments.

With approximately more than 20 projects currently being supported, SVX has successfully mobilized $7 million over the past year.

Platform fee: 5% for transactions below $10,000 and 2% for transactions above that. Ideal for:Small-Medium scale businesses, start-ups, social and environmental causes, etc.


Catapooolt is one of the Best Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs in India. It is the first-ever industry-backed and the most crowd engaging platform for movies, music and performing arts.

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It is ideal for people seeking crowdfunding for independent and creative ventures.

It also helps you to seek resources and professional assistance for making, production, distribution and release of your creative projects.

Their team continues to seek valuable partnerships with leading industry luminaries to unleash a new cinema and creative revolution.Platform fee:10% + 18% of 10% (GST)

Ideal for: Sports, politics, social enterprises and start-ups.


Oneplanetcrowd offers crowdfunding solutions with both financial sustainability and returns. The form of securities that Oneplanetcrowd facilitates are not straight equity, but rather subordinated loans with the option for equity conversion.

There must be a clearly defined reason or motive for the activities that are planned to use those funds. Additionally, the fundraising goal should range between €100,000 and €2.5 million.

Also, before any public campaign goes live, the start-up should be able to generate a minimum of 20% of its fundraising goal privately.Platform fee of7% and is Ideal for Start-ups, Small Scale Businesses, Social Causes, etc.


Lendahand has managed to successfully help more than 2000 projects to alleviate poverty, create sustainable jobs and provide access to the basic human needs in underdeveloped countries.

Overall, this Best Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs has raised funds for projects from more than 20 different countries. Platform fee:Annual fee of 3-5% on the loan volumes. Ideal forindividuals, start-ups and small businesses.


Startupxplore invests their funds in promising projects. They say that magic begins when they spend. From that moment, onwards, a long-term relationship begins.

Speed is also an essence of this crowdfunding platform. They take only 21 days to close a fundraising round.

It is mandatory to have a lead investor, investing at least 10% of the round for all the businesses who wish to raise funds with Startupxplore.Ideal for:Investments and start-ups.


This crowdfunding platform holds impressive numbers for the year 2018. Goteo was able to raise an average of €8,948 for 222 projects in the previous year.

Their percentage of successful projects is 92.12% which is a major consideration factor for those who are willing to opt for crowdfunding.Platformfee:5% of the total funds. Ideal for:Individuals, start-ups and small scale businesses.


Companisto has its focus on investments that lie between €350,000 to €2.5 million in innovative start-ups at the seeding and early-stage.

Companisto has successfully raised funds for diverse sectors like software, e-commerce, electronics, food, and beverages, etc.
One of the real strengths of this Best Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs is their network of co-investors in the business angel and venture capital space. It greatly helps in fulfilling one of their key promises, i.e. extreme speed.

They’ve been advertising that it is possible to go from initial application to money in the bank in less than 12 weeks.Platform fee:Free registration. Ideal for:Individuals, Start-ups and small scale businesses.


Seedmatch is one of the largest crowdfunding websites that are ideal for start-ups. It holds a market share of nearly 30% of the capital collected as a part of successfully backed projects.

The company was launched in 2011, but by the end of 2012, they were able to collect more than €100,000 in financing.

“Projekt AoTerra” in 2013 was their first project that generated €1 million in a successful crowdfunding round.Platform fee:5-10%. Ideal for:Start-ups, high-growth companies.


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