Best Bike Racks and Basket Bags for Bike Packing 2021

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Best Bike Racks and Basket Bags for Bike Packing 2021

Basket packing is the latest trend for many cyclists. People nowadays prefer to cycle rather than drive.

By cycling, there is a lot that one can observe on their way without the limitation that they would experience if they use a car.

People are abandoning the old ways of packing their belongings, and since many are adapting to basket packing, bags and baskets for bicycles are on high demand.

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The vast options of basket packing have enabled people to enjoy carrying vast varieties of foods, cameras, and other essentials that they may require in the course of their journey.

Below we take a look at the various types of basket packing and bike racks that you can take with you during our adventure.

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What You Should Know before Purchasing Basket packing and Bags for Your Bicycle

It is normal for you to get confused whenever you want to purchase a bike racks or a bag for packing any time that you want to go cycling.

In this article, we explain the important features that you should be keen to observe before you settle for any of these devices.

Always ensure that you engage with people that have used the specific product that you want to purchase. Our tips guide you on the components of the best bike racks that you can buy.

Water Resistance

If you are a cyclist who does not mind riding even when it rains, try to look for a bag that is waterproof. Such bags do not allow entry of water completely.

Bags with such a feature are exceptional, and they protect your belongings from getting wet and getting damaged.

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Such devices are made of a rubberized material and thus, it cannot allow water entry. They also have a closure that you roll upwards to seal it and avoid water entry.


Bags with this feature do not flip off form your bicycle or wobble as you ride.

Some have collars that you can expand to hold them tightly in the bike while others feature a compression that holds them together.

With that, you can carry large numbers of bags without having to think about them falling off or flapping whenever you are in motion.

Your load does not shift in a different direction as long as it is easily adjustable.

Ease of Use

You should consider whether the bike racks that you want to purchase has partitions that enable you to easily organize and place all your items to a place that you can quickly access them.

Besides, consider whether the bag has flippers or zippers.

Bags that have side pockets are also easier to use as you can place the items that you prefer quickly.

Handlebar bags seem to be easy to use compared to bags that you put on the seat or panniers.

Attachment Options

Panniers seem to attach to your bicycle easily than seat bags. If you like traveling to public areas, be sure to use these bags.

They feature a spring system that is easy to remove from your bike.

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If you settle for seat bags, be sure to select those with a quick-release mechanism that you can flip off form the bike without trouble.

Types of Basket packing

Thule Subterra PowerShuttle Electronics Carrying Case


Thule is a company specializing in products that make carrying and transferring all your belongings safer and easier.

This time we are talking about Thule Subterra PowerShuttles.

This great and durable suitcase is available in three different sizes.  This case is designed so that you can keep all your necessities within reach.

Elastic loops and padding ensure that the electronic components that you take with you on a trip remain safe and undamaged.

It is lightweight and spacious that you can store it in your backpack or handbag.

This beautiful and safe suitcase keeps all small electronic necessities together that you never have to search in your suitcase between your belongings.

Share your trip with Thule products, and make your journey more comfortable and safe!

Check This Product On Amazon


  • With the help of cable transit, you can efficiently charge your devices on the go.
  • Easy to store in any backpack or handbag with a handy 8.3 x 2.8 x 5.7-inch size.
  • Keep all your electronic supplies within reach on a plane, bus, or car.
  • It happens so often that you want to grab and drop your things from the bus or plane in a hurry. This case is safe, and it has padded compartments that protect your electronics during falling.
  • This great case keeps your electrical accessories together, so you don’t have to sink.
  • The price has been kept so low that everyone can buy it.


  • Cheap
  • Safe
  • Compact
  • Time savings associated with searching. He keeps your things together.
  • Storage is easy because, with the handy size, you can carry it in any backpack or handbag.
  • Helps you relax your mind by not forgetting something
  • The bike racks is crafted in materials that are bound to last long due to their durability
  • This stylish device is sleek


  • The bag only has a single zipper on the outside, and this is not enough to store your belongings
  • The zipper in the inside of this bag is not well designed, but it still serves its purpose

ANZOME Rear Bike Basket


This design bicycle basket is suitable for the back of your bicycle, easy and simple.  Often you carry things in your backpack or in a bag that can be heavy and fragile.

This bicycle basket comes with a cover that is 100% water resistant, and you don’t have to worry about wind, rain, or snow.

Carry your stuff safely and effortlessly with this bicycle basket.  It is made of the best and sturdy material, and you can load up to 20 kg.

All mounting material is included so you can easily attach it to your bike.  The paint layer can last for years without rusting.

Its design gives its ability to be mounted on different bicycles.

Cycling for ladies, teenagers, men, young and girls is easy with this bag.

Bike RacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • This universal bicycle basket can be mounted on any type of bicycle.
  • A beautiful and effective cover is included that is% 100 water, wind, and snow resistant. An additional three-layer bag that protects the basket against corrosion, rust, and wears.
  • It is made of ironclad material, which makes the product durable.
  • This bicycle basket can be loaded up to 20kg.
  • Can be mounted in two ways, one with screws and the other with cable ties. Both methods are reliable.


  • Handy size, not wide, high or long.
  • Supplied water, wind, and snow resistant cover.
  • Made of best quality material that makes the product durable.
  • This basket makes transporting groceries, drinks, and private items easy.
  • Mounting using the supplied mounting material is simple and easy.


  • Not adjustable, so you can’t easily put it on and take it off.
  • The color of the bolts is not black and does not match the color of the bicycle basket.

Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP Bicycle Trunk Bag 


This is one of the bags with a top rating. Clients have been purchasing it, and through their testimonials, it is evident that it is a high-end device that you can purchase.

The bag is designed into compartments that allow you to remove your belongings quickly. It has a rare kind of sturdiness that is unshakable even when you ride in bumpy roads.

Installing the bag into your seat is super easy. The bag gives you more storage space to place your items, and enjoy carrying more things even at times when you plan to camp or stay longer at your destination.

Its features can only bring a smile on your face.

Bike RacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The bag brings you a shoulder strap that you can tie around your shoulders and turn it into a backpack when you are not using your bike
  • The denier polyester used in making this bag gives it a strong and durable look and feel
  • The bag is overly spacious, and with its 1380 cubic inches, there is a lot that you can store inside and enjoy vast space for your belongings.

Besides, you get to enjoy expanding the panels on the side of the bag and place the essentials that you use frequently so that you do not have to dive into the interior of the bag when you are in a hurry

  • The holder of the water bottle is crucial for you, and the bag offers it to you. Whenever you need a drink, you can quickly access it on the side of the bag.
  • The bag has a bungee that you can easily adjust and hold it and also carry it in case the belongings that you have are not bulky
  • The bag enhances your safety due to its light clip that you can put your light in case you are riding when it is dark outside.
  • It has strips of 3M, and they enhance your safety whenever you are riding in places that lack enough light
  • The track system of the bag is a unique aspect that enables you to secure your bag on the bike rack


  • The bag is easy to use, and with the pockets and zippers that it has on its sides, you can easily access your belongings whenever you need them
  • Highly durable due to its polyester material
  • The bag enhances your safety due to its strips and pocket for placing light
  • It is a highly convenient bag
  • It is of high quality


  • The bag lacks a safety lock; hence at times, you may stay worried about your belongings
  • If it is too wet, the bag cannot be waterproof, and it may get your belongings wet

Ohuhu Bike Basket Rust-Proof Quick Release 


This comfortable and beautiful bicycle basket is made with good quality steel and finished with a strong plastic coating that prevents rust and makes it waterproof.

The mesh bottom is versatile and makes the product light that can also be used as a shopping basket in your arms.  It can be mounted on most handlebars.

The top dimensions of 14.2 “x 10.83” x 10.24 “and bottom dimensions of 12.2” x 7.68 “and weight of 4 lbs makes this product beautiful and adaptable on most bicycles.

The foam-covered hooks prevent damage and scratches on the handlebars of your bike.  The basket is easy to assemble and portable.

Bike RacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Rust-resistant by means of a special plastic coating layer that is never affected by the effects of water and oxygen.
  • Sustainable.
  • This basket is detachable that you can take anywhere. You can carry it along with you in the store as a shopping basket, and you can also fix and loose with Velcro.
  • The mesh bottom is designed in such a way that the small parts cannot pass through the mesh.


  • Non-rustable due to the unique plastic coating layer. This also makes the product durable, and the product can last longer.
  • Easily removable for any person.
  • Light material makes it easier to carry this bicycle basket that you can also use as a shopping basket.
  • The unique mesh bottom is safe for all your small accessories or groceries.
  • The size is designed to fit most bicycles and handlebars.


  • This basket cannot support heavyweights.
  • If this bag was manufactured with even more solid material, it could handle more weight.
  • Color variations can be a great advantage for more sales and not just one color.

AEGISMAX Outdoor UL Goose Down Sleeping Bag


This is a unique bag that offers you great diversity in your cycling journey. You can use it as a sleeping bag and as an actual bag to carry your belongings.

It has a design that is easily adjustable for you to use it for almost any purpose. It is made of robust items that make everything easy.

The bag also brings you extra fabric that you can unzip and use as a blanket at times when the weather is not too cold.

During your time in the camp, you can have a lot of fun with this bag. You get to carry it easily behind your bike, and with its versatility, you can always fix it quickly in your bike.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • The bag comes in two sizes. R and XL. The R size is about 1.28lb. Due to its ultra-light pad, you can always opt for the XL, which has a little bit denser feel and quality.

For this R size, the pad is small, and if there is low insulation; hence you may catch a cold if you fail to use extra reinforcements to cover yourself like blankets.

  • The regular weight of this device is 1.28lbs and 1.74lbs for a larger size. This bag is ranked as the lightest one in the world, and thus you can never regret purchasing it as it gives you an easy way to transport it
  • The 800 goose fill of this bag makes it warm and not too cold as one may think
  • The bag is a multipurpose one, and you can be sure to convert it into a large warm blanket with its unzip nature. You can also purchase two bags and convert them into sleeping bags in case you are two in the camp
  • Waterproof: the bag is made of nylon that you can unzip, and this prevents it from soaking your belongings with water in case it rains.
  • The bag offers you versatility in terms of the colors. It comes in two different colors that you can choose from depending on what you like among beige and dark blue.


  • The bag is durable
  • The lightweight of this bag makes it easy to carry and use
  • The customer services from this company are impeccable, and you can always receive a refund from them in case you experience difficulties from using it
  • The compact design of this bag makes it an easy one to install and use


  • When temperatures drop, you may have to get an extra cover to avoid feeling cold
  • The bag is slippery, and it may cause discomfort to people that want to use it for the long term
  • The bag is narrow at the shoulders for the average person, and the company should consider reviewing it

ROCKBROS Waterproof Handlebar Bags Bikepacking Bags


This bag fits evenly on the handlebars, and you can be sure not to notice any interference in the entire period that you want to ride.

Besides, you can travel even 1000 miles with this bag and not damage it. It has a compact and sturdy nature that enhances its durability.

The bag is not pricey, and for people that want to explore backpacking, it can be a good option for them as they do not have to spend extra on purchasing a premium quality bag.

Bike RacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The bag comes along with a pouch that you can detach from the handlebar. The feature enables you to attach the bag to the handlebar alone or the two front roll bag
  • The mounting system is flexible as it uses Velcro straps that are strong to attach the bag and hold it in the right position and prevent it from wobbling
  • It has a roll-up feature for closure, enables you to tightly secure your belongings and avoid losing your bag during the ride
  • The bag is waterproof due to its nylon with 600D strength. You can never get worried about water leaking into your belongings, and the bag keeps them dry throughout
  • The bag as straps, and on the purchase, you get to enjoy more extra straps that you can tie around your waist and use the bag as a backpack whenever you do not need to ride your bike.
  • The logo in the bag is reflective, and it keeps you safe in case you travel to places with low levels of lighting
  • The bag is multipurpose, and you can use it for many things


  • The bag is highly durable and with the nylon materials used to enhance its feel and make it waterproof enable it to last even longer due to the layers that they add
  • The bag provides you with a large storage system that you can use to carry vast things. Among the major things that you carry with this device include lots of snacks, sleeping bags, cameras, among many others
  • The waterproof nature of this bag is an added advantage to you as you do not have to purchase extra nylons to protect your belongings
  • The mounting system of this bag is amendable because it brings you flexibility in everything that you do
  • The bag is easy to use


  • Installing the bag is not easy
  • The bag is not light, and it may add up to more weight when you pack your belongings inside

Roswheel Race Series 131432 Ultralight Bike Saddle Bag


Roswhell once again offers beautiful, top-notch equipment for your bike and cycling enthusiasts.

The specialists at Roswhell have again worked very seriously and professionally to make cycling lovers happy again.

Roswheel Bike Saddle Bag 131432 Tail Bag is a nice and compact product that everyone wants to have on a bike.

Reflective elements on both sides make your ride safe in dark conditions.  It is specially designed for speed.

This wind-resistant saddle bag is made of high quality and light fabric.  This is a beautiful design and quality product.

Bike RacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • This design saddle bag is available in different sizes. Check the needed size before ordering.
  • Wind resistant saddle bag Roswhell is designed in such a way that it can be easily attached with three high-quality Velcro straps.
  • The fabric of this item is made of is 30% lighter than the same type of fabric with the same thickness.
  • The content of this saddle bag is 0.4Liter, With a weight of 0.14 kilograms.
  • It is available in black color.


  • The lightweight of this saddlebag is popular and attractive.
  • This bag is made especially for speed.
  • There are reflective elements on both sides that increase your visibility on the road.
  • It comes with a rear light hanger that increases your visibility, and no rear light is required.
  • The zipper is made of the top brand (YKK) and durable.
  • Cheap and high-quality and affordable for everyone.


  • The bag may be too small for some people that may need to carry more belongings with them

WIND HARD Wearable Goose Down Sleeping Bag


This is a great bag that you can use to warm your night and enjoy more comfort after your ride.

The bag is made of great fabric and insulators that enable it to bring forth warmth even when temperatures are not as high.

The durability of this bag is out of this world, and it is never prone to wear and tear.

You can use it many times whenever you want to go cycling, and with it, you can always enjoy comfortable and warm nights.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • This bag is recommended for people within the range of 173cm
  • The bag comes in different sizes; hence you should not be worried about weight limitation as you can always place an order of the exact size that you want.
  • The company has a small, medium, and large sizes.
  • The bag is usually compressed, and thus you can fit it into any bag and enjoy transporting it anywhere that you wish to camp or cycle.
  • In temperatures of 11 degrees Celsius, you can be sure to achieve comfort with this type of sleeping bag


  • The bike racks are lightweight
  • The price point of this device is reasonable, and you can be sure to save more eve after ordering it
  • The bike racks brings you comfort due to its sturdy base layer
  • Flexible


  • The bag feels flimsy, and one should be careful when handling it to avoid breakages and damage

ROCKBROS Bike Pannier Waterproof 27L 


This is a bag that you can use for your riding needs and camping. The heavy-duty bag is bound to give you a good experience in your journey and adventures.

Its fabric materials are waterproof, and they prevent water from soaking your items.

Besides, it is durable, and you can rely on it for many years. It is spacious, and you can carry many items along with you to take care of your needs in your new adventure.

Bike RacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Waterproof: the 840D nylon used in manufacturing this bag enables it to handle any wetness from rain or spills. You can be sure that your items remain dry even in the time of a storm
  • The bike racks is of large capacity, and with its many pockets and zippers, you can be sure to sure many things that you may need to use in your journey
  • It has a logo that is reflective to enhance your visibility during the night and in dark places; hence you should never worry about your safety with this item
  • It has two strong pads at its bottom to support it and make it durable even in any weight that you place it
  • The roll-up nature of this bag allows you to close it and prevent it from getting wet easily
  • The plate that it has allows you to fix it and prevent the bag pannier from being trapped at the back of the bike spokes


  • The bike racks is highly durable due to its heavy-duty nylon and other materials
  • Cleaning the bag is easy, and you only need to wipe it with a cloth and get the worry done
  • Sturdy
  • Flexible and thick to support all the weight form the items that you put in the bag


  • The panniers of this bag break easily, and one should be careful when handling them
  • The bag may snug in the heavyweight

Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Quick


If you are passionate about fashion, this is a good selection of cycling bags for you. It brings you many things to enjoy, including comfort, large storage, and durability.

Mounting this bag to your bike is easy due to the vast accessories that it has to assist you in the process. It is also secure in protecting your items.

Bike RacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • With this bag, you do not require straps to fix it; its quick-release feature makes everything instant
  • The high compatibility of this bike racks with many carriers simplifies your entire travel plan and endeavors
  • It has a sleek and stylish design. The many zippers it has both in its interior and exterior offer you more storage space
  • Carries 19.3 pounds


  • The bag is spacious due to its zippers and pockets; hence you enjoy more storage space
  • Installing and using this bag is simple and easy
  • The rain cover keeps your items dry for a long time
  • High-quality materials


  • Poor customer service form this bag, and you may never reach them
  • The bag gets damaged easily

You should be sober-minded whenever you want to purchase a bag for your bike packing. Durability is essential as it allows you to be safe in cost.

Besides, the bike racks that you want to purchase should be easy to use and install.

Adjustability and water resistance should be a big concern to you as they add to a smooth and enjoyable experience in your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bike Packing Bags Compatible With All Sizes Of Frames? Yes. Most bags fit in all frames, but at times, they fail to fit in women frames.

You should consult with your seller before purchasing the bags to know whether they can meet this need.

When I Am Riding, Will My Knees Touch The Bike Packing Bag? No. anytime you are riding, you have an extra space of 3/5 cm. you may, however, experience some resistance and interference when riding uphill

Are Bike Packing Bags Waterproof? Yes. Most of these bags are designed with nylon materials that are specially designed to prevent water from interfering with the items in their interiors. It is, however, good to research on their feature before buying.


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