Best Bike GPS Computers for Bike packing and Touring  

Bike GPS Computers

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Best Bike GPS Computers for Bike packing and Touring  

Bike packing continues to be one of the favorite activities of people that enjoy exploring nature.

As much as it is fun, there are things that one needs to work on before they begin their bike packing endeavors.

Packing the right equipment for bike packing is the first thing that everyone should do.

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Some of the things that one should carry along in their bike packing trip include safety gear, food, water, cameras, and probably tents in case one wants to spend a few days in the jungle.

It is, however, unfortunate that, at times, people tend to forget about their safety.

Proper navigation is vital for anyone that wants to come back safely.

Bike GPS computers are essential in enabling one to have an easier time during their journey.

They show an individual the correct location and way through their tour.

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In case one is in danger, it is always easy for rescue teams to locate them using such GPS devices.

As a rider who cares about cyclists welfare, it is always advisable to carry GPS computers along with you on your entire journey.

In this text, we outline the bike GPS computers that you should carry with you.

Besides, we describe the features that you should observe before deciding to buy a specific type of bike GPS computers as they always vary, and some may not be perfect for you.

Product Comparison Table

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Types of Bike GPS Computers For Touring And Bike PACKING.

Garmin eTrex 20


This type of bike GPS computers is designed for basic outdoor uses. It detects the glonass of GPS sterile with excellent speed and precision.

It helps you in planning routes for your tour. With it, you can view and share maps and later transfer them to your PC in 2D or 3D.

Its screen is very clear and bright, and this enables it to take information vividly.

Its 2AA batteries go up to 25 hours, giving you a good time to enjoy your touring.

It is an excellent product for those who like traveling by bike while camping in nature without charging their batteries for some days.

Besides, it does not use compasses for direction or sensor, but it basically uses signals which are based on GPS.

Garmin eTrex 20x is affordable, and it is the cheapest compared to other types of GPS computers for touring and bike packing. It is friendly to any type of weather.

By using this type of GPS, you can be sure to stay safe in your ride as you do not have to risk your life handling a touchscreen, which may probably break in the case of an accident.

Bike GPS Computers

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  • 2.5; 65 color sunlight readable.
  • Display: increased resolution 240*320 pixels.
  • Preloaded base map, display size 1.4 *1.7 inches.
  • Battery type is 2AA.NiMH or Lithium.
  • Battery life goes up to 25 hours.
  • Memory capacity it is 3.7 GB
  • Pros

  • Can connect to both GPS and GLONASS satellite: as a result, people find the device to be interesting because it can connect to two devices automatically at the same time.

  • This feature makes the device interesting to use.

  • Battery lasts up to 25 hours: everyone likes batteries that can last for a long time as they allow them to travel to many places with the latter without having to worry about recharging it.

  • Waterproof: You can go underwater smoothly because its screen is waterproof. When traveling to places where there is rain, this type of GPS computer will help you cope with the weather. It is always friendly to the weather.
  • Affordable: You can buy this machine at the cheapest price ever. The Garmin eTrex 20x is of high quality, and you will get it at low prices.
  • Button works reliably: the device uses buttons that you can easily press to get the information you need. It never hangs while you are working with it.
  • Can add custom maps through micro SD ports: You can never lose your data while using this type of device. With it, you can add local routes, and it is one of the items that you can trust.
  • Can quickly pick up signals: this device gives you the confidence that you need while traveling. The signals of this device function properly, and they are easy to monitor and follow up
  • Good size for traveling and hiking: It is a small device you can carry whenever you like traveling.
  • None

Garmin Montana 610


This is a durable and waterproof device that works perfectly, even when it is inclined.

It can detect both GPS and glonass satellites simultaneously. Besides, this type of GPS computer has a high-quality screen, enabling you to enjoy great displays of your location.

It is the ideal GPS for anyone that likes to commute or go touring due to its incredible features.

With it, you can be sure to stay safe even in cases where you are involved in an accident.

Bike GPS ComputersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • 2.2 color TFT display
  • High sensitivity WAAS enabled GPS receiver with Hotfix and GLONASS support
  • Worldwide base map with shaded relief of 2000 waypoint 200 routes.
  • Track log of 10,000 points and 200 saved tracks Auto routing Top maps streets maps marine map
  • Supports area calculations
  • 1.7 GB Internal memory and microSD, a card slot for additional mapping
  • 176*220 pixel trans reflective color display.
  • Rugged, waterproof IEC 60529IP*7
  • USB interfere, picture viewer,
  • Supports spine mounting accessories.
  • 25 hours battery life.2AA NiMH or Lithium.
  • Battery lasts longer: The battery goes up to 25 hours, and this gives you a chance to use the item for longer.
  • It is, however, a great idea to carry an extra battery because it will die depending on the brightness you have set.

  • If you want your battery to last for 24 hours, it is good to keep the screen dim.

  • Water-resistant and sturdy: With this type of device, it uses buttons, so do not worry about how you will operate while your hands are wet. It’s good and suitable for any climate.

  • User friendly: No complications while using this device. It is the easiest to use, and anyone can operate it.
  • With its easy user interface, it can never frustrate you.

  • Compact and lightweight: It gives the user a good and enjoyable life as they can carry it easily.

  • Easy to carry: Its very light you can carry it in many places without getting tired. In fact, it is like a phone-sized device.
  • Small in size: the item is smaller than most other GPS devices of its type, and it may never take many routes as you would like to desire.
  • Its screen is always small in size, so this will just discourage you from mapping.

  • Sometimes you need to scroll many pages before you get what you want, and this will waste some of your time

Garmin Montana 680t


This is a device with multiple satellites. It brings about speed and accuracy of location even if you are in a tough environments.

Besides, you can use its screen while using gloves.

For those who like traveling in desert places where there is a lot of sunlight, they do not need to worry about the device getting damaged due to dust.

It has turned out to be a good GPS due to its dual orientation and multi-touch three-screen.

Its battery can be charged via USB while operating, and this gives you more time to enjoy the device.

This device has an advanced geocaching option. For those interested in analyzing their trip data or those who want a flexible device, they can use Garmin Oregon 600 and 600t.

Bike GPS ComputersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • 3 Inch sunlight-readable touchscreen display with multi-touch capability
  • Dual-band GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning
  • Sensors 3 axis compass, accelerometer, barometric and altimeter
  • ANT technology Bluetooth.
  • 2AA batteries
  • Easy to use: If you tend to experience difficulties when it comes to technology, you do not need to worry as this Garmin Oregon 600 and 600t is a fantastic choice for you.
  • You can use two or one finger to navigate or select options.
  • This type of device features two buttons. One of the buttons is for power, while the other is for getting back to the menu.

  • The buttons enable you to understand how to use the GPS device easily.

  • This type of button is arranged in a great manner so that you cannot get confused or touch the wrong button.

  • Display quality: This device has a high modern technology that uses the sun to determine how much backlight is used.

  • An individual with eye problems can use this device without experiencing any harm.
  • It is also good for those who wear sunglasses. The screen of this GPS is highly sensitive.
  • Speed: The screen is very sensitive, so it is easy and fast to use. The compass and map redraw are fast, with no delays.
  • Small size and weight: The unit stews easily in larger pants or in a chest pocket without weighing you down. You can also wear it around the neck, but it is better to fix it on the bike.
  • Uses buttons: The use of buttons is risky because it consumes your time looking and finding keys in your device, and this may leave you a little confused. It may also expose you to accidents.

Garmin dezlCam 785 LMT-S


This 785t series allows the Garmin connectivity to go to the next level.

With this type of device, it is possible to connect devices wirelessly with smartphones, PCs, and the internet.

It is also possible to send and receive messages directly on the unit. The Garmin model is designed for hiking and climbing mountains.

While using this device, it possible to save waypoint to calculate the route according to time and typeset.

It is anti-reflective and bright, so it does not create problems even when it is used under the sun or other weather conditions.

With Garmin 785, you can also download free software for route planning.

Bike GPS ComputersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • 3 –inch sunlight-readable touchscreen display
  • Abs sensors-3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass with accelerometer.
  • Display size 1.5W,2.5H inch drag
  • Battery life goes up to 16 hours.
  • Ruggedized for the outdoors-ergonomic
  • Activity profiles simplified multi-activity menu interface including climb, hike,
  • Connect IQ. Connects resolution WxH2408 and 400 pixels.
  • Brilliant display: Its brightness varies with weather changes. It has a brightness which will never discourage you even if you have eye problems.
  • Two customizable buttons: Garmin Oregon has two buttons that can never confuse you while using, and they are arranged in a way that you will differentiate.
  • Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity: You can easily connect to your mobile phones to receive audio and even spoken words of routes.
  • Availability of maps: Garmin Oregon 700 and 700t carries a number of maps. You will never get lost while using this device.
  • This GPS device may confuse you because it uses a combination of activity history.
  • This combination sometimes may give you to bother you, especially when you want to change it.
  • Bike mount not included: You cannot use this device while climbing on top of the mountains.

  • It is good for use in sports and other places, but you should avoid using it in mountain climbing because it is not designed for climbing mountains.

Magellan TR7 Street and GPS Navigator


This is a device that is suitable for all users either in 3, one-touch quick menu, or in touchscreens.

This device is large and could be a disadvantage to those who have limited handlebars.

It has raised edges that protect you from some obstacles during a fall.

The most interesting part of this device is that it has two fixed buttons on the left side of the unit that can be customized for a default configuration.

When you press a top button, it gives you a mark waypoint. With this unique button, you are able to take pictures.

The Magellan TR7 Street and GPS Navigator is equipped with electronic barometric, altimeter, compass, 3.2

MP cameras, and several additional features that give a capacity for videos, audio recording, and higher display compared to other similar devices.

Bike GPS ComputersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • City series USA turn by turn navigation
  • 2-megapixel camera with autofocus
  • 3 Axis electronic
  • World edition preloaded map, summit series USA topographic
  • Barometric altimeter and three-axis electronic compass and directional info of 500MB
  • Two AA batteries which goes up to 16 hours.
  • Three-inch touch screen
  • Paperless geocaching
  • Waterproof and rugged
  • High sensitivity GPS: It has MSAS, which provides accurate location information worldwide. It never fails, and the information it
  • Senses are of high quality.

  • City series: It has a modern series feature that helps it to give all the information about the same city that you are riding in. It gives you the address, history, and waypoint of previous destinations.

  • 16 Hours battery: Battery goes up to 16 hours, which gives you time to travel with no worry. It has a 2AA battery that holds the charge for a long time.
  • Waterproof: This helps you even dive without worries: It is also good in times of rain, and water never gets inside the screen. As a result, people like this type of GPS computer for touring and bike packing.
  • One-touch menu: The Magellan one touch is a menu that makes instant access to bookmarks of favorite places. You make personal searches without interfering with other information.
  • The screen is tiny and hard to use: It has a small screen which gives you a hard time when using it. Everybody likes the big screen as it gives them good readings, but with Magellan eXplorist 710, it may discourage you.

iGPSPORT GPS Bike Computer

This is the type of GPS computer that uses internal GLONASS capable of the chipset to track your ride set.

The cylo computer can connect wirelessly to Bluetooth and WI-FI, and this makes you transfer information to smartphones.

The device uses a USB cable.

The GPS has a wide line of products in the edge series, starting with the basic Garmin edge 130.

The item is of low price, and it is available everywhere in electronic retail shops.

The good news is that its battery goes up to 15 hours, and this gives you good moments while you are touring.

The GPS cyclo computers are the best in mapping and giving clear routes.

You cannot get lost while using this device.

It is the most trusted when it comes to giving information. It has a high-quality screen sensitivity

Bike GPS ComputersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Its navigation is a breadcrumb -style has no base map
  • Basic speed distance, time means it has training data.
  • It connects to Bluetooth, USB, plus ANT.
  • It has a size of 40,62,17
  • It has a screen capacity of 27, 36, which is usually black and white.
  • It has good connectivity: The device connects to both WI-FI and Bluetooth.
  • It never fails when giving directions and small routes. It gives clear information.
  • Easy to use: It has no complications when it comes to pressing buttons. Its buttons are arranged in a manner which you can use very easily.
  • High quality: It is of high quality, and it is a modern device that will never strike.
  • Size: It has a friendly size, which you can use in your touring. It is small in size, and you can carry it everywhere without getting tired of it.
  • It is a waterproof device: GPS cyclo computers can be used in any weather conditions like hot, rainy, or cold season.
  • Actually small in size: It will not read all information on one screen, and you have to scroll many pages

Garmin edge 1030


The Garmin edge 1030 is probably the best GPS cycle computer atheistic with at least the most powerful pro cystic.

It connects all route directions to give out clear live information.

The device is lovable as it connects to Bluetooth and gives information to the phone exclusively.

With it, you can receive information and texts in one touch.

Bike GPS ComputersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Resolution display goes up to 282 pixel
  • 3,123g weight
  • Its battery type is a rechargeable lithium-ion.
  • Easy to carry: Everybody likes carrying light things as they reduce their chances of being exhausted.
  • With this Garmin edge 1030 series, you will never get tired easily.

  • You can travel to places that you like to adventure and get back to your normal life without getting tired.

  • Battery is rechargeable: you can charge your battery with USB if it gets low.

  • WI-FI connectivity: You can connect it to Wi-Fi wirelessly, and it gives you space to collect data from your mobile phone and store them for memories.
  • High quality: It is made of a high electronic screen which gives you good and enjoyable moments while touring.
  • Even when it falls or you get involved in an accident, the GPS Garmin edge 1030 will never get damaged.
  • It is expensive: Not affordable it is of high price, and it is not available in small retail electronic shops. You have to look for it or order it with a high amount of cash.

Garmin edge 520/520 plus

This is one of the cheapest GPS computer devices in the market.

It comes at low prices; thus, many can afford it. Besides, you can find it in most small and big retails shops.

Besides, it operates with both touch screens and buttons; hence you can operate with no much worry of damaging your screen.

It can operate with Bluetooth via smartphones. The Garmin edge has two side buttons, which you can operate with no complications .

They can operate at a temperature of -20 to a positive 55 degrees.

You can use this GPS computer with sunglasses, and it has low brightness, which is friendly to the eyes.

It gives clear routes, but also it carries some history of previous directions.

You can receive notifications and texts in your smartphones while it is connected to Garmin edge 520 and 520 plus.

While using this device, you can also charge with solar panels where you can tour for long hours with no worries.

This device is lovable because it has a colored screen and also several buttons

Bike GPS ComputersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Has all standard metrics
  • Seven buttons and a colored screen
  • No WI-FI but with Bluetooth and ANT
  • It gives all notifications and coming call and text
  • With no navigation, its battery goes up to 15 hours.
  • Advanced metric fitness used with power and HR
  • Very simple to use: This is the simplest GPS to use with seven buttons and one screen. These buttons are placed on the left side, where you can see them in the distance. The screen gives all information with no delay.
  • Battery life: Battery life is great, and it gives you service for a long time. Its battery goes up to 15 hours
  • Good mapping with clear turn directions: By using this device, you can never get lost.
  • It alarms you in case you lose your direction. You can trust it easily.
  • It’s a little expensive: It is not affordable if you have little cash
  • No sim card slot: It does not use a sim card, so connections are very slow

Germin edge explore

You will come across many types of GPS computers, but this is the cheapest type ever.

It has the brightest screen, which is friendly to the eyes.

You can use its screen with gloves, and it never gets damaged even at times of rain.

Besides, it has a smaller screen compared to other GPS computers. The fantastic device rotates by itself, and it turns in all directions.

It gives the exact information of the specific area and address that you may be touring.

You can connect to the smartphone, and at the same time, you receive all notifications and texts.

It detects incidents and also can alarm you when there is danger ahead.

You can use Bluetooth to connect to the phone, but it has no WI-FI connections.

Its battery life is shorter, but it stores its charge for some hours.

Bike GPS ComputersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Three gloves and rain friendly touchscreen which is visible even in direct sunlight.
  • Built-in GPS tracks, so it makes things fast
  • Compatible with various cycling devices detects cars and alerts drivers.
  • Preloaded Garmin cycle map with turn-turn
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Cheap: This device is the cheapest compared to other GPS devices in the market.
  • Easy to use: Many people know how to use this device without asking for help.
  • It is designed with the best style; thus, it can never bring any complications.
  • Buttons are arranged in alphabetic order; hence you cannot press unknown keys without your intention.
  • It gives notifications at the same time with reading routes and also gives clear information about the place and address of the area that you are touring.
  • Brighter screen: No doubt, this GPS gives you clear reading on screens.
  • It has a brighter screen which is friendly to the eyes. The screen is of color, and this beautifies even the device by making it attractive.
  • Battery life: Its battery never lasts for a long time, so that it can die any time . You carry a spare battery in case the battery goes low.

Garmin edge explore 1000

Though many GPS computers share some features, this device has a little different feature compared to other GPS computers.

It supports e-bike monitoring and has a top-notch routing.

It can also connect to WI-FI and Bluetooth.

It is a type of GPS computer which can detect incidents ahead of and gives information and also gives alarms of the incidents.

Bike GPS ComputersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Ethiopian cycle map preloaded
  • Round trip routing
  • Incident Detection
  • Gives smart notifications
  • Live tracking
  • Tracks ascent and also decent
  • Tracks time. Speed and distance
  • Tracks calories burned.
  • Easy to carry: it is not heavy, and you carry it easily anywhere you want to tour.
  • Easy to use: With this type of computer, you have no issues handling it.
  • It has no complications on how to use it, and the screen is in an organized manner.
  • Limited battery life: Battery goes for up to 15 hours, but when loaded and active, it can go for less hours.

When buying GPS computers, you should be cautious.

Some types of computers do not meet the specified qualities and descriptions; hence they may disappoint you.

Cost and safety features of the GPS device are crucial as they determine how much you can save.

The connectivity and data customization abilities of the devices are also crucial to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate Are GPS Bike Computers? – GPS devices seem to be very accurate as they give the correct information about the location with high accuracy.

It is, however, sad that they tend to change the distances, especially when riding in mountain places.

Do I Need A GPS Bike Computer? – Battery life is the major reason that you need to have a GPS computer.

Even when you decide to use your smartphone, you may not enjoy vast service from it as it tends to go off quickly.

The batteries of GPS computers can last for many hours compared to those of smartphones.

Commuters may not be affected by this issue, but those that like to explore the world for long hours may need a GPS bike computer for their endeavors.

What You Should Know When Purchasing Bike GPs Computers for Touring and Bike Packing  


If you are a cycling enthusiast, you already know that technical devices usually come at a slightly higher price compared to other bike gears.

Bike GPS computers are not an exception, and they come at varying prices depending on their features and performance.

As a cyclist, you should be ready to spend a little more on your GPS computer.

If you want one which has high functionality, you should be sure to select an item that has a beautiful display and amendable features.

Before giving in to a specific type of GPS camera, you should take your time to research and know the exact one that suits you.

Besides, ask your sellers about the features of various types of cameras so that you can purchase a camera that suits your specific needs.

Data Customizability

Though some bike GPS computers come with just basic features that you can find in your smartphone, some specific types of GPS cameras have high-quality features that make them worth their price.

You can get a vast number of customizable data collection features in GPS cameras.

You should, however, know that such computers come at higher prices due to their high capabilities and functionality.

Safety Features

As we all know, safety is always the ultimate concern of every cyclist. Bike GPS computers are bound to enhance your safety in many ways.

Location sharing capabilities of these computers may seem to be a small factor for some individuals.

Still, experts agree that it is crucial for everyone rides in locations that they are not familiar with within the jungle.

The rear view feature is one of the major ones that you can benefit from in your GPS as they show you all the approaching cars in real-time, and this prepares you to avoid any crash.

Additionally, the incident detention feature of this GPS devices ensures that your immediate contacts receive alerts in case you have a crash during your tour.

You can stay safer throughout your trip by purchasing a GPS computer.

Connectivity Capabilities

In the modern age, a considerable number of bike GPS computers have the capability to connect to your computer and phone.

As much as these devices have been modernized, you should be keen not to buy one which is still old.

Some types of bike GPS computers also have the capability of connecting to one another, and you can exchange messages with your fellow riders as long as they share the same type of GPS as yours. 


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