Are Most Bikes Unisex? – Are There Really Gender Differences in 2021

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Are Most Bikes Unisex? – Are There Really Gender Differences

Are you getting ready to shop for a bike but don’t know which machine is best for you? In the past, women’s bikes were considered smaller and prettier.

But today, manufactures are making these bikes unisex with the same components and performance as men’s models.

Because of structural differences between women and men, females need to ride on specific bikes specially meant for them.

Currently, the number of female riders is increasing steadily and thus the need for specific road bikes for them.

Women who can comfortably cycle on a unisex bike can go for it. However, if you cannot handle the bike’s features, it is advisable to find a specific bike for your needs.

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If you already own unisex bikes but finding difficulty in riding, tweak them to your specifications and enjoy your rides.

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Always remember that the best bike for you is a bike that fits you well, whether female, male, or unisex.

What Are Female Specific Bike Features?

In case a unisex bike isn’t best for you, buy a female-specific bike. Or change the features of the unisex bike to fit a female’s specifications. The features are;

Smaller Frames

Because most women have longer legs and shorter torsos, manufacturers make their bikes with smaller frames with shorter top tubes.

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This feature makes riding easy for them. Many women may not ride male bikes because of this feature.

Shorter Crank Arms

Crank arms play an essential role in a woman’s bike. Shorter riders benefit from this feature.

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Many bikes come with standard cranks regardless of frame sizes, making it difficult for short female riders.

Riding a bike with longer cranks can lead to health issues such as knee pain.

Narrower Handlebars

Compared to men, women have narrower shoulders. For females to have a pleasant biking experience, they need slightly narrower handlebars.


When it comes to female and male bikes, saddles make a big difference. Women’s seats are wider and shorter.

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Though, women performance riders prefer narrow saddles to free up the pedaling motion.

However, do not give up a bike you like because of a saddle. Manufactures give room for riders to change the seats if they don’t match their preferences.

Shorter Reach brake levers

Struggling with brake levers when you are cycling can be a bad experience. With shorthands, it may be challenging to reach brake levers.

Consider buying bikes with short reach levers if your specific machine doesn’t have adjustment screws to reduce lever reach.

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Manufacturers make female-specific bikes with this feature to make a difference for women riders with shorter hands.

Shorter Stem

Compared to men, women tend to have shorter torsos and arms. The store dealers can easily swap this feature after making your purchases if the stem doesn’t fit you.

Therefore, the piece that connects the frame to the handlebar should be shorter if the bike is made with female specifications.

A longer or shorter stem provides a simple way to fine-tune a bike’s frame.

Changing this feature from a unisex or male bike to fit a female’s bike specification can enhance women’s smooth ride.


If you walk into a shop and like and like a male or a unisex bike, the suspension feature does not fit you, take the bike and make some changes.

Lighter female riders need a suspension that is turned to their lower weight.

Can Men Ride Women Bikes?

If you are a man asking if you can ride a female’s bike, the answer is yes. As long as your features fit the bike’s model, allowing you to ride comfortably, go for it.

If a feature such as a saddle is not making riding comfortable, consider swapping it with another that fits you.

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Smaller, shorter men and teenage boys can always enjoy a woman’s bike to the maximum.

Some brands like the Pivot are working hard to ensure the production of unisex bikes.

Such manufactures are making the future of bikes unisex better by making a wide range of extra-large and extra small bikes instead of producing the obvious small, medium, and large sizes.

This step is a practical approach for both men and women cyclists. Focusing on creating more options for a wide range of body types on bikes unisex can change the cycling’s future.

Things You Should Know About Men’s vs. Women’s Bikes

Truthfully, all bikes are unisex. The only differences that lead to a classification of female and male cycles are fits and sizes.

The following are things to know about unisex bikes.

Your Specific Bike Might Not Be for You

Whether you are a man or a woman, don’t buy a bike blindly because it is intended for your gender.

Go through the features and compare them to your body structure to see if the bike fits you. Some women may find comfort by riding men’s bikes and vice versa.

Additionally, women’s bikes are specific for short women with long legs and short torsos. But, not all women are all that.

Also, not every man has the features that meet the male’s bike. Therefore, it’s essential to buy a bike that suits you: female’s, male’s, or unisex.

Not every Woman’s Bike is Pretty

For a long time, manufacturers have created bikes with a pink it and shrink it effect.

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Could it mean that these machines are the same as men’s but with pretty colors? Don’t be surprised if this is a marketing technique.

You Can Always Swap Components to Create Your Fit

Never leave a good bike because of the one thing you didn’t like about it. For instance, if the saddle doesn’t fit you, ask the dealer to change it.

Things like stems, handlebars, and the distance between the gear and breaks should not bother you.


As long as you enjoy your rides and are comfortable, the bike’s specific gender should not bother you. Having fun during cycling is what matters.

Choose a bike that offers effectiveness, excellent performance, and above all, comfort.


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