Are All Bike Grips The Same Size?(No! Complete Guide)

Are All Bike Grips The Same Size?

Are All Bike Grips The Same Size?

No, grips are not the same size. However, the internal diameter has seen recent standardization to fit almost any mountain bike handlebar.

The current standardized internal diameter dimension is 22mm.

This should not cause any confusion since the outside is in different lengths and outer diameter, customized to fit riders’ preferences.

This allows you to choose your grip according to your preference.

As you might be aware, grips are one of the most vital components in making or breaking your ride.

Coupled with saddle, pedals, and other contact point items, a great set of grips gives you that confidence of being ‘connected with the bike’.

This allows any rider to get into the ‘now,’ achieving the zen associated with being in our flow state.

Unfortunately, new riders will want to choose their grips based on their favorite racers without considering their hand size, where they ride, or their preferred feel.

How Do I Know My Bike Grip Size?

It’s easy to know your grip size by literally getting your hands on them.

This can be done even if you are not ready to buy, especially when riding with friends or visiting a bike shop. You want to feel your hands for different grips.

If they feel too big around for your small hands, they are not the right for your hands, just the same thing you need to do if you feel your gorilla hands are too wide for them.

After performing this “test fitting,” you will start narrowing your focus on the grips and sizing feel.

As I have pointed, there is a standardization of the internal diameters for bike grips.

And because the external diameters are varied, you will find a multitude of different diameter grips out there. These will range from 34mm to 34mm.

Smaller-handed folks will find a larger diameter grip too big to wrap their hands around in a comfortable manner.

This, in turn, generates a fair amount of arm pump from the fact that you have to maintain a death grip to maintain a hold on the bars.

So you want a diameter that feels right when wrapping your hands around it. Other things you can’t ignore include length, channeling, and lock-ons. 

Are ODI Grips good?

Yes, ODI grips are among the best grips you will find out there. While there are hundreds of grips to choose from, the best is easily distinguishable from the rest.

With ODI grips, you can be sure of getting the contact points right. This is crucial in increasing confidence and control, even as the arm pump decreases.

Essentially, mountain bike grips are not anything but lengths of rubber that have been fastened to your handlebars where you hold on to.

The lock-on design happens to be the most common. And it will stay in place with single or twain end clamps.

So, if you want to get the best hand grips for your mountain bike, you will want to consider a great option like ODI grips. This is because they give you great traction in all weather.

How To Remove Bike Grips Without Cutting

Regardless of what type of cyclist you are, you will spend some time installing and removing different bike parts. This includes road cyclists and mountain bikers.

And if you possess the required tools, there should be no problem removing and installing different bike parts. However, this is not necessarily true for bike handle grips.

Even though you might have a quality pair of push-on Bike Grips, you will still find it challenging to take bike grips off. 

And you might end up destroying your bike grips as you try to remove them. This makes them useless in the future.

Some of the most effective ways of removing bike grips without cutting them are using compressed air, lubricants, and patience and determination as you remove them instead of cutting them.

So you might need to use WD-40, clear hairspray, dish soap and water, compressed air, and rubbing alcohol.

How Do You Put On Bike Grips Without Hairspray?

While using hairspray to put bike grips is useful, it tends to get both tackier and permanent. This is why people want to put on bike grips without using hairspray.

Well, rubbing the inside of the grips with an isopropyl soaked rag, rubbing down the handlebars will help a lot. Alternatively, you can wrap bars with electrical tape. 

Using the firmer black bars, a single wrap of electrical tape will be the trick.

You will only need to do a spread spiral with the tape, twisting the grips in the same direction as the spiral.

Are All Bike Grips The Same Size?

When wiping with isopropyl alcohol, remember that it will evaporate completely, leaving a dry rubber against a clean bar.

It’s important to note that a grip left on its own will still bond to the bar after some time, whether installed with additives or without.

Therefore, even installing it without any additives may not guarantee that it will not be sticky.

Indeed, one of the best ways to install a grip without hairspray is by using a lock-on grip or a wire twist to ensure that it’s secured without lock ons.

How Can I Reuse Handlebar Grips?

Yes, you can reuse handlebar grips. But you need to remove them well before you can even think of reusing them.

Therefore, you want to grip the bar end very tightly with your hand and then rotate it counter-clockwise, pulling it out. This way, the bar-end slides up with ease.

If the bar end budges, you will have to replace your hand with a wrench and then squeeze the bar end as you pull it up.

Generally, there are two ways to reuse the same grips: first. If the grip is sloppy, you will want to spray the inside of the grip with hairspray.

On the other hand, if the grip is too tight going back on and scarcely needs to be glued in place, using water to wet the inside of the grip and sliding it inside is all you need.

How Do You Clean Handlebar Rubber Grips?

It’s easy to wash handlebar rubber grips. There are specific washing elements that you will need, like Rubbing Alcohol, Window cleaner, etc.

You will need to wash it until it’s clean. But if you desire a deep clean, you will have to use acetone and a rug.

Add a generous amount of acetone on the rag and then rub the grips until clean.

If there is mold, you will need to get it off your rubber handlebars by mixing one part bleach with four parts water in a spray bottle.

How Do You Take Off A Non-Lock Grip?

If you want to take off non-lock grips, you can use a spray bottle filled with water and a long, slim flat head screwdriver as long as the grips have ends.

Therefore, lift off a bit with your screwdriver and then blast them with water, lift more and add more water, working your way.

Alternatively, you can use an air compressor. But if you do not have an air compressor, there is no cause of alarm since you will be fine with water and soap in a spray bottle.

You will spray it to the bars’ end, slide it on, and let it set.

 When you are done, you will still need to use hairspray. With hair spray, they will go easy and stick once in place.

How Do I Measure My Mountain Bike Grip Size?

As I mentioned earlier in the article, there has been a standardization of the internal diameter dimension of bike grips to fit just about all-mountain bike handlebars.

But it’s not that easy with the external diameter. Indeed, the external diameter is different, and there is a difference in size and other aspects of the grips.

Measuring the external diameter will require a Vanier caliper, preferably a digital one. You can still use a measuring tape if you don’t have access to a Vanier caliper. 

You can get the circumference by wrapping the tape around the bar at the point it attaches to the grips and then dividing by pi (22/7 or 3.1415) to get the diameter.

Another easy way to get this is by using your hand size. I detailed this earlier, and there is no good point in repeating the same.

However, remember the rider has a great need to be comfortable with the grip as it will affect the quality of the ride.

Can You Reuse Motorcycle Grips?

Yes. You can reuse motorcycle grips. While motorcycle grips are not easy to remove without cutting them, there are ways you can reuse them.

It’s never easy to remove motorcycle grips as it is challenging. The truth is that even taking off a quality pair of push-on motorcycle grips is never easy.

This explains why many motorcycle riders resort to cutting them off. It’s indisputable that this is an effective way of removing them.

Unfortunately, it leaves no chance of reusing them, so they become useless in the future.

So to reuse motorcycle grips, make sure that you are conversant with removing them without cutting them. This has been addressed in the earlier parts of this article.

But I feel obliged to discuss how to go about this using WD-40 is; it’s one of the best lubricants on the market.

This is because you might already have this lying around your house. When you spray a moderate amount of WD-40 inside your motorcycle grip.

You should be able to spin and work it off with little effort. Although it will leave a little oil residue behind, you can remove it using some alcohol afterward.

How Do You Put On Silicone Handlebar Grips?

When installing new grips on your bike, you want to remember that the process can be easy to perform and without a hassle.

What you will need to do is to pump silicon into the handlebars.

Silicon is advantageous since it will be handy in reducing friction and, at the same time, dries up within a reasonable time.

Once it dries up, silicon will not get brittle as it maintains “sponginess.”

Do Grip Puppies Work With Heated Grips?

Yes, grips puppies work well with heated grips. They are great in vibration reduction. They make your hands more comfortable.

What’s more, you can trim grip puppies to length using a craft knife or any other similar objects that might be needed.

Additionally, it would help get better throttle control even as it leaves you with a soft, squeezable, tactile grip.

And these offer greater comfort to any bike even as it reduces vibration through the grip.

Still, you might want to use motorcycle-specific Symtecs as they get hotter on the left to compensate for the heat-sink properties of the metal handlebar on the left side.

Mostly against the plastic throttle tube on the right.

All the same, you will want to know that people have used motorcycle wrap-around heaters under the grips and ATV heaters over the grips successfully.

But sometimes with problems. But you can play around with the heated grips’ heat output instead of how cold it is outside. Grip puppies are insulators because they are foam.

Therefore, if you want better heat transfer, you might use baseball bat wrap or try Grip Buddies. Do I speak from a state of ignorance?

No! I have used them for over some good three years now and counting.

I have also used an Oversize Cramp Buster wide with my Grip Pups and very und them to be quite comfortable.

It is a fairly-easy affair when it comes to installing grip puppies. Indeed, you will only need to use rubbing alcohol to help install your Grip Puppies.

You will not need to worry about the alcohol as it will dry and disappear quickly.


Although they are fairly standardized inside diameter, all bike grips are not the same size. The outside is different for different brands, engineered according to riders’ preferences.


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