All City Gorilla Monsoon vs. Surly Midnight Special Review

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All City Gorilla Monsoon vs. Surly Midnight Special Review

Bicycles have been in existence for some centuries, and they never fade away. The only thing that happens to them is changing their models and designs to make them better.

There is a wide range of bicycles all over the world in the global market, and you will marvel at their designs, models and structures.

They are designed for various purposes like professional cycling, touring, bikepacking, commuting, exercising, carrying loads, etc.

They include All City Gorilla Monsoon that has been in existence since its inception.

The qualities and features of this brand are impressive. It competes with Surly Midnight bicycle brand, but they have their unique and different features and specs.

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Their manufacturers’ statuses are high because they are recognized and distinguished for being in the market for a long time.

They have created names for themselves over time with the quality, performance and models of their brands.

In this review, you will learn much about Surly Midnight and its counterpart All-City Gorilla Monsoon bicycle.

All-City Gorilla Monsoon Review

Life is full of uncertainties, and you should always take the right measures and proactive precautions to make life smooth to avoid hiccups from time to time.

Quality, performance, reliability, and versatility are the key features that you should look for when you are buying a bicycle.

Fortunately, they are the defining trademarks of this bicycle brand. It is something that has stood the test of time, and you will marvel at it.

The test of time will prove that it is indeed a bicycle that is worth going for.

The reason why you should look for reliability and versatility is that nobody knows when the need will arise that will require you to ride in another place that has a different surface from what you are used to.

For instance, you may have a road bike which is limited to tarmacked roads and pavements only.

That is a soft bicycle that cannot ride on graveled and in other worse roads than graveled ones.

All City Gorilla Monsoon is a reliable bicycle whose make, and design is topnotch.

It has been designed for greatness to enable you to manoeuvre all terrains and conditions without an iota of faults.

The designers integrated the finest knowledge and skills that they have acquired over an extensive period of working.

They are outstanding experts whose knowledge and skill are not only commendable but also exquisite.

The bicycle

This bicycle has been optimized for greatness to ensure that it will perform exceptionally that does not have any limits.

When you try it on any terrain and surface, it will outperform your expectations.

This masterpiece did not just happen. It has a long history because it started as a simple bicycle that had the kind of weaknesses that every other bike has.

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However, the manufacturer and designers improved it with time to make it a great bicycle that you will marvel at.

For instance, it had faulty brakes, and its geometry was not good. Its MTB shifters were also wanting, and it was a single-speed bicycle.

However, over time the riders developed a hunger for a better and more reliable bicycle.

That prompted the manufacturer to come up with a bicycle whose performance was exceptional.

Some of the features that they wanted to see on their bicycles include fat tire and a drop bar.

The bicycle has a raised bottom bracket. This, together with other geo changes, were to make the bicycle to ride more stably.

Moreover, it was necessary to make cornering better and to accommodate a new 43 cm frame.


All-City Gorilla Monsoon features a front and rear thru-axles, fender mounts, and front and the rear rack.

It is compatible with 24-pack racks and Surly-8, and stealth dropper post routing, 27.5 x 2.4 inches tire clearance.

Moreover, it integrates 650b x 48 with fenders, E.D coating to prevent rust, signature All-City Dropouts and three water bottle mounts.

This bicycle is made from All-City’s 612 Select tubings and incorporates a lovely bi-plane crown steel fork.

The rough, shaky and shocking feeling that is caused by graveled roads is done away by steel fork.

It is ideal for on, and off-road riding and you can tour with it wherever and whenever you want.

Apart from strolling with this bicycle on the road, you can also go camping with it because it moves very efficiently on the road.

Supposing you want to use a 650b x 47c’s? That lower BB gives the bicycle excellent manners when you are cycling with a load.

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You can also decide to use a 700c tire. The bicycle is installed with three cable mounts on the down tube.

This flexibility gives the bicycle the option to add a dropper post or a front derailleur.


  • Stealth dropper post routing
  • Large tire clearance
  • Full touring mounts
  • Integrates signature thru-axle dropouts
  • Incorporates a matching bi-plane crown steel fork
  • Fender, front and rear rack mounts
  • Three water bottle mounts on the frame
  • Its fork compatible with 24-pack racks and Surly 8
  • D coated to prevent rusting and for durability


  • Tires: 27.5 x 2.4 inches
  • Max clearance: 27.5 x 2.4 (650b x 48) with guards
  • Max clearance: 700 x 42c (700 x 38) with guards
  • Fork/Frame: “612 Select” Steel
  • Angles: (58 cm) – 71.5 Headtube, 72.5 Seattube
  • Reach/Stack: 621 mm/389 mm
  • BB Drop/Chainstay: 71.5 mm/430 mm
  • Bottom Bracket: 73 mm English
  • Hub Specs: 12×142 mm/ 100 x 15 mm Thru-axle
  • Seatpost: 30.9 mm
  • Max Tire Size: 27.5 x 2.4 inches
  • Versatile and reliable
  • Fit for off and on-road cycling
  • Can be used for touring, camping, and exploring
  • Has a comfortable saddle
  • Its quality, performance and durability are commendable
  • It is a topnotch and amazing bicycle
  • Can bother you to ride on muddy conditions
  • Not designed for carrying loads

What else should you know about All-City Gorilla Monsoon?

Apart from checking the features and specs of this bicycle when you are shopping for it, you can get a genuine and unbiased picture of it from the customer reviews.

They are written by those who have previously bought and ridden it, and they have a firsthand experience of the bicycle.

From these reviews, many positive things have been spoken, and they include the following:-

  • This iconic bicycle is adaptable, and it portrayed a magnificent capacity for diverse styles of riding
  • The cyclists felt that the bicycle rode pretty well with knobbies and slicks
  • It is sturdy and rigid for resilience and easily tots large loads
  • The geometry of this silverback is aggressive for singletrack
  • Appears in subtle Orange Fade and sparkling Green Fade colours
  • It rides smoothly on the tarmac with its slick tyres
  • Very reliable and efficient in climbing
  • Features an integrated dropper seat-post which is ideal for the singletrack
  • The manufacturer integrated a 612 Chromoly steel frame which is comfortable and solid
  • Incorporates a rust-inhibitive (E.D) coating to enhance durability and protection
  • Wide Salsa Cowchipper handlebars are comfortable
  • The bicycle has a stiff ride because of its thru-axles
  • Changing wheels is very easy and convenient
  • Riders love the three bottle cages, and they appreciate them
  • The bicycle has a stable front-end which is suitable for gravel
  • It rides well on descending downhill
  • The finish is delectable with a shaped bosses and bi-plane fork
  • It facilitates MTB cranks because of the 73 mm bottom bracket allowance fitting
  • The bicycle has fat tire clearance

It is good to be fair and tell you everything that you should know about this bicycle so that you can make a wise and well-informed decision before buying.

So, what are some of the demerits that All-City Gorilla Monsoon has?

  • They come with 2.4 inches, and most buyers replace them for general-purpose tyres
  • It should be tucked to enhance quicker acceleration
  • The tapered head-tube limited fork upgrade options
  • The Hayes CX disc brakes are noisy and difficult to adjust

When you look at the cons of this bicycle, they are insignificant, and they do not challenge its pros at all.

Therefore, you can go for it without fearing, and you will surely marvel.

It is quite commendable because it possesses all the necessary features that will make you enjoy a cool ride.

Surly Midnight Special Review

This is another unbeatable bike that has scaled the heights of performance in cycling. It is a reliable and topnotch bicycle that is of a world-class standard.

Surly Midnight has been designed to meet all the cycling needs. Whatever you think a bicycle can be used for is within what this bicycle brand can offer.

The price of these bicycles is friendly because it is not overpriced to enable you to afford it.

The manufacturer has designed it with exquisite skills, and it integrates the most alluring outlook.

With such a prowess, they were able to come up with an exquisite bicycle that you will thrill and gratify you.

Surly Midnight Special is a state-of-the-art bicycle which is also versatile, and you will marvel at its performance.

The manufacturer has optimized it to make it fast and to heighten its quality, and it was launched in 2018.

The frame and fork are 4130 CroMoly. It is a drop-bar bicycle which is compatible with big tires.

Due to its design and rugged build for versatility, this bicycle is fit for all terrains though some people try to rubbish it by claiming that its wheels are too fat for on-road cycling.

It integrates a 650b x 47c tires, but it is not ideal for touring. However, you can conveniently install it with luggage racks and cycle to your destination with what you need.

It also features disc brakes, and it fits to be called gravel as well as an all-road bike.

This bicycle also has an extensive massive tire clearance, and it is a do-it-all drop bar. You will not be bothered by the shakes and shocks of pot-holes, bumps, and rough roads.

It accommodates a 650b up to 60 mm (2.35 inches) wide tires and 700c up to 42 mm wide tires.

This bicycle integrates a 100 x 12 mm front thru-axle with a 142 x 12 mm thru-axle at the rear.

You will also enjoy the 44 mm head tube that has been integrated for compatibility with tapered steerers and forks. It also features braze-on, and it is more streamlined.

Moreover, Surly has three water bottle mounts alongside fender mounts and a rack.

Even though Midnight Special is available in 8 sizes, their geometry is almost neutral.

The manufacturer has also integrated it with an SRAM Rival 22 drivetrain that has a mechanical TRP Spare brakes.

For a smooth riding experience, Surly rides on 650b x 47mm WTB Horizon tires.

More info about Surly

The designer of this bicycle designed it for comfort to enable you to ride for longer without getting tired or feeling rough.

When you are driving on a road that is full of potholes, bumps and even gravel, they are greatly minimized by this bicycle because that is what it has been optimized for.

All City Gorilla MonsoonCheck This Product On Amazon

Nobody loves to ride and then be left behind by all the other cyclists because of the tediousness of their bicycle.

Amazingly! The manufacturer has optimized it to perform impressively on the road.

It is a fast bicycle, and that makes it quite good for you to hit your targeted distance within a short time.

Moreover, if you were competing with other cyclists, you will defeat them because of the speed of this bicycle.

Its versatility makes it ride on pavements and also on gravel with excellent efficiency.

It is a road king because of its exceptional performance. The tires are of a higher volume, and they make tire pressure easy to be fine-tuned.

The same kind of tire pressure that you use to ride on rough, bumpy and rough roads is not the same for pavements.

Some roads need a wider wheel for good road contact and traction.


  • Frame set: 4130 steel
  • Compatible with 650b/700c
  • 44 mm head tube
  • Front and rear thru-axles
  • Brake mounts: direct mount
  • Massive tire clearance
  • Brakes: TRP Spyre, 160 mm rotors


  • Frame/fork construction: 4130 Chromoly
  • Rear dropout configuration: vertical
  • Rear hub spacing: 12 x 142 mm Surly axle included, 10 x 135 mm with Surly 10/12 Adapter Washers (not included)
  • Front hub spacing: 12 x 100 mm including Surly axle
  • Rear brake: disc – flat mount
  • Crankset SRAM S390 50/34t
  • Derailleur SRAM Rival 22
  • Brakes Hayes CX-Expert
  • Stem ProMax DA-296
  • Handlebar Salsa Cowbell 3
  • Tyres WTB Horizon, 650b x 47
  • Hubs Formula RX-812/Formula RX-300
  • Rims Alex Adventurer 2 32h Tubeless compatible
  • Weight: 11.40 kgs
  • It is of high quality
  • Well designed
  • Durable
  • Integrates topnotch technology
  • The tires are fat and reliable
  • The bicycle is versatile
  • Rides smoothly on all terrains and surfaces
  • Optimized for an impressive performance
  • Comfortable and rides smoothly
  • Can be challenging to ride on muddy roads
  • You will get wet when riding on a rainy day
  • Carrying many loads will make it difficult and tiring for you

Comparing Gorilla and Surly

When you compare these two bicycles, the former looks superior to the latter one. Gorilla is also famous than Surly.

Customers talk highly about Gorilla which is a distinguished bicycle whose status is high.

It started just like any other normal bicycle but ended as an outstanding and topnotch bicycle whose quality and performance are commendable.

All City Gorilla Monsoon

Buyers’ Guide

If you are a beginner cyclist, there are things that you need to be orient yourself with so that you will choose the bicycle wisely.

Without this, you will pick an unsuitable bike that will bother you on the road. All these factors are important, and you have to be keen when choosing them.

Wheels – The part of the bicycle that comes into contact with the road is wheels. They should be wide enough for great traction.

When the wheels give the road a good grip, you will ride more confidently without fearing that the bicycle will slide. Even when cornering, the stability of the bike should not subside.

This is enhanced by tires because they have good treads that give the surface a firm and reliable grip for convenient riding experience.

Wider tires are good because they can ride on a loose surface without getting stuck. Moreover, their comfort is unparalleled.

Frame – Aluminum is the ideal frame material. It is sturdy, stable and durable because of its quality.

With it, you will ride your bicycle reliably for a long time without it developing faults. Furthermore, the quality of this bicycle is exceptional and the most outstanding among all.

Even the most expensive luxury bicycles also have this frame. Therefore, ensure that your bike has the best.

Gears – For convenience when riding, your bicycle should have several gears to make it easy for you at all times.

Most bikes have over twenty gears to enable you to ride to your destination without any hassles. That makes it enjoyable for you particularly when you are riding.

When you reach flat terrain, you will just switch the gear and cycle faster. Low gear is required on a hilly place so that you can ride uphill with utmost convenience and ease.

Brakes – The best brakes are disc brakes because their performance is reliable. When you apply them, they stop the bicycle where you want.

If you are riding downhill, the bike could be riding at a terrific speed, and that can be risky.

Ensure that the bicycle is fitted with these brakes so that your safety will not be compromised.

That helps you to avoid accidents when you are cycling. Ensure that the brakes are not trial and error brakes which can fail at any time.

Speed – When other cyclists keep on overtaking you on the road that can discourage you. You need a fast bicycle that will enable you to cycle fast and reach your destination on time.

That will be favorable for you, particularly if you compete with other cyclists because an agile bicycle must outdo others. Therefore, you will emerge as the winner.

Versatility – You do not want to be limited when it comes to the place where you can ride the bicycle. You would like a bike that is not limited in any way.

That gives you riding freedom, and you will not encounter any problem regardless of the kind of road, surface, or terrain that you are riding on.

Only well designed and rugged bicycles that are designed for greatness have this feature.

Reliability – Reliability is a spectacular feature that makes your bicycle fanciful. You will be confident when riding because you know that no fault can develop unexpectedly.

Even if you want to cycle through a forest, you will not fear that the bicycle can break down and leave you stranded in the middle of the forest.

However, this comes as a byproduct of quality because a low-quality product cannot be reliable.

Weight – Do not buy a heavy bicycle because it will make you wear out within a short time. Why? Because you will use much energy and strain a lot when cycling to your destination.

Go for a light bicycle because it will not waste your energy.

Saddle – The saddle should be well padded to make it comfortable for you to sit on for long without getting numb.

That will enable you to cycle for a long time; hence you will cover a long distance. When you alight, you will not start complaining that your butt and groin are aching.

Moreover, they cannot develop blisters.

Compatibility with racks and fenders – Bicycles are used for diverse purposes such as commuting, exercising, touring, bikepacking and many other reasons.

Sometimes you will need to carry loads with you.

You should buy a bicycle that has attachment points for fenders and racks to make cycling and movement convenient for you. You will be able to carry whatever you want with your bike.

Water bottle holders – Cycling makes you thirsty, and you need to hydrate yourself.

With water bottles holders, you do not have to alight your bicycle to drink water because you already have it with you. Buy a bike that has a holder.


All-City Gorilla Monsoon is a topnotch and exquisite bicycle whose features, specs and model are amazing. You will not help admiring its quality and performance.

Surly Midnight Special is another great bicycle that has earned accolades and is worth your ducats.





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