All Audi Roof Box Guide 2020


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All Audi Roof Box Guide 2020

Audi AG is a renowned, top-notch, and distinguished German car manufacturer. Germany is known for producing exemplary and high-quality machines and vehicles.

For instance, Mercedes is one of the infamous manufacturers of cars, and Audi is of a similar calibre.

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Categorically, Audi designs, engineers, produces, markets, and distributes high-end vehicles.

Specifically, they are luxury vehicles that are typical of the aristocratic and celebrity status.

Meaning, those who buy them have a distinguished status, which is characterized by being well monied.

These are people who eat the life with a big spoon and spending money is not a problem for them.

Audi is among the Volkswagen Group as one of its members, and it has its headquarters at Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany.

These vehicles are produced in 11 production plants in 9 countries. Audi has a long history that dates back to 1885.

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Nevertheless, reliable sources have it that initially, this company was founded by August Horch on April 25th, 1910, in Zwickau, Germany.

It was reorganized again and had a new beginning on January 1, 1969, in Neckarsulm, Germany.

The four rings, which are the Audi logo and icon, came up after four different companies merged to form the Audi that we have today.

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What you need to know about Audi cars

As aforementioned above, Audi is a luxury car manufacturer. These cars are fanciful, and when you are driving one, whoever sees you will highly admire it and be filled with awe.

If you have a penchant for women, they will start hunting for you because your car will entice them.

They are stylish cars out of the excellent and exquisite skills that the designers have applied in coming up with these cars.

You will be amazed and wowed at the same time. Specifically, the designers and engineers who develop these cars are highly trained and qualified.

They have all the necessary qualifications plus years of extensive experience to develop fanciful vehicles that are second to none.

Their artistry and skills help them to come up with sleek, state-of-the-art vehicles whose outstanding looks will mesmerize you to buy them without a second thought.

They integrate seamless bodies that are well crafted to ensure that their appearance is mellow. They are austere cars like sedans, coupes, sportsbacks, SUVs, convertibles, etc.

Regardless of which Audi plant they are manufactured from, all of them are of the same quality, and you will not help to admire and fall in love with them.

Whoa! They are cool and impressive. Since these are classic and fashionable cars, they cannot be installed with roof boxes.

For instance, the Audi convertibles have a delicate roof that has to be connected with a special roof rack.

What kind of roof boxes can you install on your Audi car?

There are diverse car models that Audi manufactures, as aforementioned above. Therefore, it depends on which Audi car you have to determine which roof box fits it.

However, that is not a big deal because roof boxes do not carry a lot of weight, which would compromise the roof of your car.

For instance, the Audi convertibles’ roofs are not sturdy, and they do not have roof racks.

Therefore, they cannot be installed with cargo roof boxes because of their special kind of roof.

However, for other normal Audi cars, ordinary roof boxes can be mounted on them easily.

You will just need to study the roof structure and specifications and see whether they agree with the roof box.

If they are compatible, then you will be good to go.

A comprehensive all Audi roof box guide

Though Audi cars are high-end vehicles that are typical of the upper class, they do not have any limitations.

You can use them just like other vehicles and even create more storage space on their roofs.

This is achieved by buying roof boxes and installing them on the roof to enable you to carry bicycles on the roof racks.

Some other things you can carry on the Audi car’s roof box include baggage, snowboards, and skis.

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What you have to consider before deciding on which roof box you will buy. The following factors will properly guide you when buying a roof box for your Audi:-

Design – First of all, you have to buy a cargo box that is compatible with your car’s roof. Thus, before buying a cargo box, ensure that it will fit the roof of your car.

The second feature to observe when buying a roof box is its design. A good box should integrate an aerodynamic design to make it easy and convenient for you when driving.

An aerodynamic design greatly facilitates driving because this shape cuts through the air when it is mounted on the roof.

The front side is sharp to enable the box to manoeuvre the resistance of the wind.

With this, the box’s trajectory is smooth, and it does not make noise because it is streamlined.

To top it all, the box does not block the wind, which would slow the car’s speed and make it consume more fuel.

This design is a big plus. It also prevents the force of the wind from opening the cargo box, which would spill your cargo and make you incur losses.

When buying a cargo box for your Audi car, make sure that it integrates an aerodynamic design for convenience and safety.

Material–The material that the roof box is made of also matters a lot because it also determines its quality.

If you want a roof box with value for your money and one that will give you a long service life, you should be very careful with the material that it is made of.

Some of the exceptionally high-quality materials that you should consider are PC, ABS, and HDPE.

With a roof box made of these materials, you will be sure that what you have on your car’s roof is a high-quality product.

It will thrill you by securing your cargo without any compromise. However, if the material is of poor quality, you have a lot to regret because the box will be a substandard one.

It won’t last for long, and due to diverse destructive factors such as the sun, it will weaken and then start cracking.

These cracks eventually cause the box to break, and you lose it like that.

Therefore, ensure that you buy a cargo box made of any of the materials mentioned above, which are of the same quality as your Audi vehicle.

Installation–As long as your Audi has roof racks, you can install a matching cargo box on its roof.

However, if it does not have a roof rack, you can purchase its specific roof rack and install it, so that you can be able to mount a cargo box.

After buying the right roof box for your Audi, you should be able to install it very fast and very easily.

For instance, you can easily lift and mount it on the roof of your car and then install very fast without any problem.

They have the necessary hardware that you use to secure the box to the roof rack, including knobs and U-bolts.

Furthermore, the box should not require any assembly. It should be something that you unpack and quickly mount and install it without any hiccups.

No tools ought to be used to do all this work. For convenience, do not go for a heavy cargo box because it could be too heavy for you to lift and mount it on your car’s roof on your own.

That heavyweight will also be burdensome for your vehicle. You should go for a lightbox whose installation and removable will be done swiftly.

To top it all, ensure that the box is firmly secured to the roof rack to prevent all accidents.

Because the car will drive on all manner of roads with bumps, potholes, and rough roads, it will be prone to shock.

Shock loosens nuts and knobs. Therefore, if the box is not secured, it will loosen and fall off without you knowing.

That can worsen if it falls and hits other vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, animals, property, etc.

To avoid all those risks and losses, ensure that the cargo box is easy to install, and it is also firmly secured to the Audi roof racks.

Some cargo boxes have locks and secure technology, which leaves no chances for uncertainties, and they are recommendable.

Removal–Just like how the installation should be fast and easy, it also ensures that removal is similarly fast, simple, and convenient.

You should not take much time to remove the box from the roof rack of your Audi. Even if you want to do it in a hurry, it should be very much possible.

This is facilitated by the fact that the cargo box does not require any tools to uninstall it from your car’s roof.

All you have to do is to unlock the securing locks and securing technology and then untie the knobs, U-bolts, and other hardware.

Then you remove the box from your car’s roof.

Locks–Locks are basic because, without them, all you will have done is to loosely place your roof box on the car’s roof.

A good roof box integrates the Same Key System locks for absolute and guaranteed security of the box itself plus the cargo that is secured inside.

The locks secure the box firmly to the Audi roof rack and ensure that it does not fall off.

They also have their respective keys to keep every unauthorized person away from accessing it.

When you lock the cargo box and secure it to the rack, you will be sure that a thief cannot unlock and steal it.

Moreover, you will also be sure that a thief cannot easily open the cargo box and steal your property.

Ensure that you buy a cargo box that integrates locks for maximum security.

Locking System–The cargo box should integrate topnotch securing technology.

For instance, you do not want to take any chances with the cargo box itself, not to mention what it is carrying inside.

Therefore, the box and the lid should be firmly secured to ensure that regardless of the wind pressure, shock, and any other factor that could cause the cargo box to snap open, it should remain closed unless you open it.

The lid is tenaciously gripped and held in position by SecureLock, while the box slides into position in the racks and remains held in position by the SlideLock system. For locking certainty, ensure that you buy a cargo box that incorporates a locking system.

Thickness – The walls of the cargo box also determine the security that the box will offer, not to mention its durability.

For instance, if the box has thin walls, it is easier for a thief to hit, break, and steal what is inside.

Furthermore, that also highly compromises the durability because the thin walls will be weakened by the sun within a short time compared to thick walls.

For safety and durability, go for a heavy-duty cargo box because you will be sure that its quality is unquestionable.

It is safe and does not wear out within a short time.

Durability you will want to buy a durable product that has value for your money, but not something that will wear out soon.

Many factors contribute to the durability of a cargo box.

After assessing the box’s entire qualities and finding out that they are up to par, you will be convinced that such a product will give you a long service life.

You will realize that it has value for your money.

Quality–This is the mother’s greatness in a roof box.

With a good quality box, you don’t need to be told that it will outlive its years, not to mention that its performance will be thrilling and fanciful.

The quality says it all without uttering a word. Therefore, check and find out whether the box that you have is of good quality before buying it.

One of the ways that you can use to know the quality is by checking the price because quality goes hand in hand with price.

There is no way that a high-quality product will sell at a throw-away price.

Another reliable way to know about the quality of a product is by reading customer reviews on Amazon or elsewhere and see what the customers who have bought and experienced that cargo box says about it.

The third way is by checking the certification that the cargo box has after testing.

Load Capacity–The larger the load capacity of a cargo box makes it preferable because it can hold a larger amount of cargo.

Nobody wants to install an unsatisfactory cargo box on their car roofs, which will limit them.

This is very bad and frustrating because if you want to carry a certain amount of goods, you will not manage. After all, they cannot fit in the cargo box.

If you choose to stuff them inside by force and breach the stipulated capacity, the cargo box can break.

Therefore, go for a box that has a large load capacity to avoid being limited.

Reliability–A reliable cargo box has everything good, and it is a plus for you.

First of all, everything about the box is of top-notch quality, has no limits, no faults, and is flawless. Only such a box can be called reliable.

Therefore you should countercheck it to ensure that you will carry home a high-quality and satisfactory box.

The locks, securing hardware, U-bolts, knobs, and locking system should all be functioning properly without any problem.

You should also be able to mount, install, and remove it very conveniently.

All-Weather–The cargo box that you want to buy should encompass an all-weather feature to make it reliable at all times.

Furthermore, the box is designed to be mounted and remain on the car’s roof all the time. Therefore, it will be exposed to all kinds of weather conditions at all times.

Sometimes, there will be a very hot and scorching sun, which not only humans but also animals go to hide under the shade.

However, since the cargo box is not alive and does not feel the sun’s heat, it remains exposed.

That heat will scorch the box and cause it to start peeling off or cracking if it is of low quality. However, if its quality is good, the sun cannot affect it.

When there is a storm, the ice balls are also destructive, and if the sun has caused cracks on the box when the ice hits it, it will break.

Dust, snow, dew, and wind are also destructive factors, and the cargo box should be able to withstand them without it being harmed.

Wherefore, when buying a cargo box, ensure that it is an all-weather box.

Compatibility–This refers to the perfect and harmonious intercourse that the cargo box has with the roof rack.

It should merge with it flawlessly so that the two can have a tenacious grip on each other. Moreover, Audi’s roof rack should be compatible with the cargo box.

For instance, there are diverse racks such as round, square, and factory racks.

You should check and ensure that the rack on the car’s roof is compatible with the cargo box.

Thus, when you install it, it will fit. Without this compatibility, you will run at a loss because after buying the cargo box, you will try to install it and fail.

Accessibility–The cargo box should not give you a hard time when opening and closing it.

For instance, you should be able to access it from the driver’s and the passenger’s sides. With this feature, you will not be limited.

Regardless of whichever side you are, you can open and put whatever you want in the box or remove it conveniently.

Lastly, you can also close it conveniently without any limit. Some cargo boxes can be accessed from the rear side.

Ensure that the cargo box that you are buying for your Audi is quickly, easily, and conveniently accessible.

Warranty–Every high-quality product has a warranty. It is some kind of surety that the manufacturer gives you because they are confident that the product they are selling is of indisputable quality.

However, many cargo boxes have limited warranty. Some have three months warranty, but others have a lifetime but a limited warranty.

With such terms, if the cargo box gets damaged because you have breached the terms and conditions, the manufacturer will not repair or replace it for you.

However, if it gets damaged within the terms and conditions of the warranty, which the manufacturer has stipulated, they will be obliged to service or replace it.

Therefore, you should buy a cargo box that is warranted. First of all, to guarantee you that its quality is good, and also to secure it: in case of any unfortunate occurrence.

Resistance to Ultra-Violet Radiation–The heat of the sun is destructive because it has Ultra-Violet radiation, destroying the atomic structure of the cargo box’s structure.

First of all, the atomic bond of the box’s material is weakened, and with time it starts disintegrating, hence cracking.

Due to this weakness, if any kind of force is applied to the cargo box, it will easily break, particularly if it has thin walls.

But this happens to the cargo boxes that have no resistance to UV radiation.

However, if the cargo box is resistant to UV radiation, even if it remains mounted on your car’s roof for years, hence exposed to direct sunlight, it will not be negatively affected.

Therefore, ensure that the cargo box that you are buying is resistant to UV radiation for durability.

Price–As earlier said, quality and price are inseparable. You cannot get a high-quality cargo box at a throw-away price, not unless there is a very special reason.

Since you are buying a rooftop cargo box for a high-end vehicle, you should buy a sleek state-of-the-art cargo box with the same caliber as the kind of car you are driving.

You should buy a fanciful and flawless cargo box that integrates a glossy appearance. Such an advanced quality will also be reflected in the price.

Check the cargo box’s price before buying.

Shipping–Shipping hikes the cargo box’s price considerably.

Particularly if you are buying from Amazon, you will realize that the price has shot up significantly because of the shipping cost.

Moreover, products do not ship to every place on earth. For instance, you may find out that a certain box cannot ship to a certain state within the USA.

Moreover, you may find that a certain box cannot ship to certain countries.

Therefore, you should check and ensure that the cargo box that you want to buy can be shipped to your country or state.

Purpose of the Cargo Box–Audis are great and fantastic cars, and monied people buy them according to their respective tastes and preferences.

It is good to consider the purpose of buying a cargo box after establishing exactly what you want to use that cargo box for like carrying skis, snowboards, fishing paraphernalia, luggage, etc.

You will be able to choose the right kind of cargo box that is best suited for that work.

Otherwise, you may want to buy a general-purpose cargo box that can comfortably carry and accommodate everything without being choosy.

Thus, you should bear in mind what you are going to use the cargo box before buying it.

LED Lighting you do not want to be limited regarding your cargo box. You want a box that you will access at any time without any hiccups.

When you are in a dark tunnel, at night, in a basement parking when there is a power blackout, etc., you won’t need any other light source because the cargo box has its light.

These cargo boxes have LED lighting, and when you open the lid, the lights are automatically switched on to illuminate the box for you to see.

This feature is a great plus because it gives you the freedom of access to the box at any time and place.

You should go for a cargo box that has LED lighting to facilitate your access.

Safety and Security–Apart from adding more carrying space to your Audi, the other reason why you buy a cargo box is to secure what you are carrying in it.

Regardless of whatever you are carrying, you should be sure that it is safe. You don’t want your property to get damaged or destroyed.

It should be safe in all means to ensure that you are not taking chances and risking them. Thus, it should be safely enclosed in the box.

Moreover, the cargo should also be secure because you do not want a thief to sneak when you are not around and steal. First of all, it should be secure in that; the box should not be easily opened, and it should also be securely fixed to Audi’s roof rack. Without the box being well secured to the roof rack, it can be entirely removed and stolen together with its contents.

This tells you that the locks and the locking system should all be in good condition.

The box should be firmly locked to ensure that its contents are safe and secure.

Some boxes integrate a locking technology that holds the box and the lid, not to mention securing the box to the car’s roof rack.

Centralized Locking System–For you to access the cargo box from all sides, it needs to have the hinges and the support bars installed at the centre.

Therefore, when you open it, the lid is raised and suspended in the air. Consequently, the box opens on both sides for you to access it conveniently.

This is also a huge plus because the hinges are not exposed. Wherefore, a thief cannot easily break them and have access to the cargo box.

Besides, the boxes with this kind of locking system are super secure because the box and the lid are held together by a locking system.

This guarantees you that they leave no chances for a thief. Even the wind pressure cannot open the box.

So, it has more advantages than the boxes that open on one side.

Tested and Proved–Some cargo box manufacturers go a step further and have their boxes tested for performance.

They have their internal testing bureaus, which test and certify that a box is qualified.

Categorically they test a lot of things in the box to find out how suitable it is to be used by the clients without developing faults.

Therefore, if you want a good box that will not frustrate and disappoint you, go for a tested and certified one.

Car’s Size–There are cargo boxes designed for small cars, while others are large.

Therefore, if you install a large cargo box on a small car, it will look odd. Consider the size of your car and check the cargo box that is suited and fit for it.

You do not want to buy a cargo box that is incompatible with your car, and you will be required to return it for exchange.

Car Model–The model of the car matters a lot. All cars do not look alike because they have been designed uniquely.

Specifically, the shape of their roofs may not be compatible with your desired roof rack.

Thus, you need to countercheck and find out whether the particular cargo box that you want to buy will fit the car model that you have.

Roof Rack – Just like the car model, the roof rack also matters a lot. Before buying a cargo box, you should ensure that your Audi rack is compatible with it.

There are diverse rack shapes like round, square, and factory racks. Without this compatibility, you will buy a rack, and it will not fit.

Roof Box’s Size–The size of the roof box determines the amount of cargo that you can in it.

The factors that guide you when choosing the size of the roof box that you will buy for your Audi are what you want to use it for and the size of your car.

However, if a large roof box can fit your Audi, you would rather go for it because it is spacious, and you will never be limited when carrying your baggage.

Versatility – This is a crucial factor to consider when buying a roof box. You should buy a roof box that can comfortably and safely accommodate whatever you want to carry in it.

This makes it reliable because when asked whether it can carry any kind of baggage, it will always respond by saying, “Yes, I will.”

Thus, ensure that the cargo box that you are buying is a general-purpose one because if you choose a selective one, it will limit you greatly.

Noise–Nobody loves noise. You do not want to travel in a stylish and sleek car that lets you down by making noise.

To prevent this from happening, you need to ensure that the box integrates aerodynamic.

Categorically, it is designed to prevent it from causing resistance and friction with the air. Without being streamlined, it will be noisy.

These are the features and qualities that should guide you when selecting a cargo roof box for your Audi.

You should also consider the physical outlook of the cargo box to ensure that it is a sleek and awesome one.

For instance, some are glossy, and if you mount it on your car, everybody who sees it will be amazed.

Audi A3

This is a fanciful and classic Sedan whose features and appearance are not only thrilling but also overwhelming.

It integrates a 2.0-litre four-cylinder and has a Horsepower of 184 Round Per Minute, not to mention a 221 torque.

It incorporates a fully digital Audi virtual cockpit that has a 12.3-inch information display. This unit is used to display available MMI Navigation, Google Earth, and audio.

Moreover, it also offers top-notch infotainment modes for streamlined and customized use.

On the outer side, it features an athletic design that includes the Singleframe grille that blends well with full LED headlights for flawless illumination.

It has a unique sunroof that is made of glass. It is a front-wheel drive, has a speed of a 130 mile per hour, and has a seven-speed S Tronic.

When installed with the specific Audi roof rack, you can comfortably and safely install it with your desired roof box.

Audi A4

This is another amazing and outstanding vehicle that is designed using the finest skills and craftsmanship.

The designers and engineers always have it in mind to come up with the best because all Audi cars are luxury.

Therefore, they cannot come up with an ordinary-looking vehicle.

It incorporates the most exquisite features like a sleek and flawless interior, exemplified by comfort and elegance, great engine performance, intuitive tech features, and balanced handling.

Moreover, it also boasts possessing fuel-efficient turbocharged engines, a user-friendly touchscreen, not to mention galore fanciful features.

In addition, the manufacturer has also integrated a sporty look on it, safety features, high-end materials, and tech.

It cannot rob you through fuel consumption because the engine has been designed to be fuel-efficient.

It also has a sunroof, and you need to get the exact roof rack that the manufacturer designed for it because you do not want to risk this glass.

Audi A5

This high-end and spectacular Sedan brags having a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine.

It can yield 248 horsepower, which will be upgraded to 261 in 2021. In addition, it will also have a 12-volt hybrid system.

More features that you expect from this car include lane-departure warning, Apple CarPlay connectivity, and integrated toll-road transponder, which is installed in the rear-view mirror.

You will also be amazed to find that the car also has rear and front parking sensors, plus a heated steer wheel to make it convenient for you to park.

To top it all, this car also comes with other driver assistance features for your convenience.

The manufacturer has high quality and topnotch rack for this car, and you will easily mount and install the roof box without any hassles.

Audi Q5

When you talk of splendour, grandeur, and a glamorous outstanding look, you refer to this car model. Indeed it is exceptionally great and well designed.

The Audi company works with highly trained and skilled manpower who are highly experienced. Therefore, they come up with austere cars.

They also integrate great features that you will not help to admire, and they are meant to improve the performance of this car.

Categorically, it has 248 horsepower and 273 torque, not to mention that it has a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engine. To top it all, it is a four-wheel-drive car.

You will not fail to notice that it is a fanciful and sleek car with a seamless body. Great craftsmanship and amazing skills were applied when coming up with this car.

It integrates matrix design LED head and tail lights whose illumination is great. It has 32 LEDs in total that use laser technology.

The seats are covered with leather, and they are 12 way adjustable because they integrate an ergonomic design.

The interior is sporty, and the general performance of this car is awesome.


To put it all together, these are the qualities and features that should guide you when you are choosing a cargo roof box for your high-end Audi.

All of them are discussed at length, and when you consider them carefully, you will get it right.

Audi cars are special vehicles because they fall under the luxury car category, and therefore, even the roof boxes that you choose for them should also be within their class.



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