8 Main Steps to Follow when Buying a Bicycle 

Buying a bicycle

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8 Main Steps to Follow when Buying a Bicycle 

Many people do not know how to choose a bicycle because of their newness to bicycles.

Therefore, they need proper guidance on the same to be able to choose the rightly. Exactly what should you look for in a bicycle?

What should you consider when choosing a bicycle for yourself?

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This article will take you to step by step through all the crucial things you have to observe in the bicycle you are buying.

After reading this, you will no longer ask, “How do I buy  a bicycle?” Everything that you should know is hereby explained to you to understand properly.

All the following points have been carefully selected to ensure that you will be able to choose the right bicycle.

Buying a Bicycle

When you follow them when searching for a bicycle, either physically or online, you will not get it wrong.

What Do You Want To Use The Bicycle For?

If you are a beginner, you may think of buying a bicycle regardless of whether you know how to ride a bicycle or not.

After learning how to ride, you will continue gaining more and more skills with time together with riding confidence.

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Consequently, you will even start doing great stunts that people will marvel at when they see you riding.

There is one more question that you have to ask yourself: what is the purpose of this bicycle? I’m buying it to ride for fun, exercises, professional cycling, commuting, or business?

Bicycles are made using different styles, designs, and models. Their strengths, stability, and sturdiness are not alike. It all depends on what they are specifically manufactured for.

After knowing what you will do with the bicycle, you will be able to buy the right one for that particular purpose.

For instance, if you want a business bicycle, you will buy one with large load capacity and luggage carriers if you hawk your commodities like sweets, ice cream, fruits, etc.

You must buy a bicycle that is designed to carry loads. If you are a professional cyclist, you will buy a sports bicycle to enable you to fulfill your desire and purpose.

Your Budget

This depends on how much you want to spend on the bicycle. There is a wide range of bicycles, and they are manufactured in diverse countries.

Their features and specs are very different from each other hence their quality and specs. To top it all, even their prices also vary.

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When you choose a certain type of bicycle, you should ensure that it is within your budget. Many factors determine the price of a bicycle.

Despite all of them, ensure that the bicycle is affordable and it is within the amount of money you are willing to spend. Without that, you will be frustrated because you will not be able to buy it.

Where Will You Be Riding The Bicycle?

This is a very basic thing that determines a lot in the kind of bicycle that you want to buy. There are various bicycle categories, like a mountain, road, hybrid, cruise, etc.

If you want to buy a bicycle to ride it on the road, you will be buying a bicycle the one that is suited for roads.

Also, if you want to ride the bicycle off-road or in the mountains, you will choose a mountain bike. It is designed to be ridden in such terrains.

All bicycles are designed differently to ensure that they are best suited for the specific place where they should be ridden.

The terrain matters a lot because it is the mother of the surfaces where the bicycle can be ridden. Consider the terrain where you will be riding the bicycle. This involves the geographical area of your residential area.

Is it tarmacked, an off-road, sandy, muddy, rocky, mountainous, dusty, does it rain often? Do you travel beyond the world yonder for adventurous cycling?

You should consider all these factors because they matter.

Supposing you buy a bicycle that is designed and meant to be ridden on the streets of a city, and then you try riding it in the countryside, it will give you a very tough time and also fail you terribly.

It will not only inconvenience you but also develop faults if you are lucky enough not to have it punctured multiple times.

Therefore, consider the terrain and nature of the place where you will be riding the bicycle. Without factoring that out, you will be in trouble.

However, you can decide to buy a versatile bicycle that is fit and ok for all terrains.

That means buying a mountain bike because it is stable, sturdy, and good enough to be ridden everywhere, not to mention that its performance and durability and second to none.

You can almost say that it is a military-grade bicycle.


Performance is integral in the bicycle that you are going to buy. One of them is speed. Buy a bicycle whose performance is unquestionable and also unbeatable.

However, performance is not just limited to speed. You may have a fast bicycle, but it has other limitations.

Therefore, even if the bicycle is fast enough to enable you to save time on the road, you should also ensure that it rides smoothly.

There are many factors that add up and contribute to the performance of the bicycle. It has to be a high-quality bicycle, which is highly optimized to ensure that it will not fail the rider in any way.

It should neither develop faults now and then nor should it cause problems to you now and then. Instead, the bicycle should quite commendable to ensure that you will enjoy its service, not to mention have value for your money.


Quality is the origin and mother of all the desirable qualities that you would like to see in a bicycle.

Ensure that each and every component of the bicycle is of topnotch and flawless quality. Right from its design, material, and everything else, it should be exquisite.

When this is available on your bicycle, you will be sure of the performance.

The wheels should ride smoothly, and they should be manufactured, integrating a design that will not predispose them to frequent punctures.

Particularly, the part of the tire that comes into contact with the road should not only be thicker but also resistant to punctures.

The brakes should also perform impressively, unlike others that are trial and error brakes, which can fail at any time.

The gears should also shift very smoothly, and the chain should not get loose or keep on breaking now and then.

Every part and parcel of the bicycle should be indisputably good for a memorable riding experience.

Durability is also determined by the quality of the bicycle. A low-quality bicycle will have compromised durability.

It will not give you a smooth service, and it will not have value for your money. Instead, it will greatly trouble you and even be expensive to maintain because of frequent repairs now and then.

Suitability Of The Bicycle To You

Bicycles are not of the same size. After checking your height and weight, you should go for a bicycle that is fit and compatible with your body measurements and weight.

The manufactures indicate the height and even the weight that the bicycle can withstand. Ensure that you check these two factors to ensure that your body complies with them.

If not, you will be greatly inconvenienced, and you will live to complain.

If you happen to buy a bicycle that cannot withstand your weight when you mount on it, the wheels can burst, or some other bicycle components will break or bend. That will take you at a direct loss.

You should also check to ensure that the bicycle that you are buying is suitable for your gender. Some are designed for men, while others are for women, children, and the aged.

Ensure that that particular bicycle is designed for you. You do not want to buy a bicycle that will later require you to return it to the seller or manufacturer to have it exchanged.

When you are cycling, the pedals should be in the proper position, the handlebars should also favor you depending on the purpose of your bicycle, and even the weight of the bicycle should also be right and okay for you.

Ensure that the saddle is comfortable, and it does not cause you to sweat excessively. When you put all these factors together, you will have a lot to smile about because of the bicycle. Make sure that it is both fitting, suitable, and comfortable for you to ride.

Bicycle Model

Does the bicycle model please you? Do you love its design and structure to make you happy?

Would you be confident and proud when you are riding that bicycle in front of people, or will you shy away?

All these questions will help you to pick the right bicycle model for you.

However, also be gender-conscious to ensure that even if you want to ride the bicycle in a skirt, it will not inconvenience you in any way.

Tastes and Preferences

Lastly, everyone is born unique, and they are not like any other person on earth.

Therefore, you have your tastes and preferences, and you should also honor them when you are picking a bicycle to ensure that your heart desires will be satisfied.

There are that inner desire and hunger that keeps on pricking you if you have something that is not yet satisfactory, or you could be having something good which other people admire and desire, but inside your heart, you do not feel pleased with it.

Apart from observing all the good things that every buyer is supposed to look for, also listen to your inner man.

What do they want? Then go for that bike that they have chosen if it complies with the other factors that are necessary to consider.


Have you been wondering and asking, “How do I choose a bike?” Voila! You have the answer now.

All these are what you should consider before being confused by minor things like bicycle color and brand name.

Looks may mislead you if quality and performance are compromised. Be careful with the latter because, without them, you will not have a reliable bicycle that has value for your money.



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