2021’s Best Bike Locks: Top 5 Picks to Keep Your Bicycle Safe

Bike Locks

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2021’s Best Bike Locks: Top 5 Picks to Keep Your Bicycle Safe

After buying yourself a bicycle, you will not want to take chances with it. It could be one of the most sought-after and expensive professional cycling bicycles that go for over $10,000.

After buying such a bicycle, you will take good care of it, and you would not want a thief to steal it.

Even unauthorized people can also take and ride it without your permission. Supposing a leaner takes your sleek and state-of-the-art bicycle and falls with it without your permission.

The dent that the bicycle gets will live to ache you, and you can even sue them.

To avoid unauthorized riders riding your bicycle, you should get a bike locks. It ensures that the bicycle remains safe because nobody can take it from where you left it.

Some places have bicycle parking lots that are installed with securing bars.

You insert the front wheel of the bicycle there, and nobody can pick the bicycle without the keys or without knowing the lock’s secret pin.

You will learn more about the best bike locks that keep your bicycle safe in this review.

They are exceptional, of high-quality, and exceptional performance. The following are the top 5 picks:-

Bike U Lock with Cable – Via Velo Heavy-Duty Bicycle U-Lock

For the safety of your bicycle, you need this lock because of its incredible performance in securing your bicycle.

The manufacturer has designed it for greatness to make it superb, and its reliability is incredible.

When you cycle to a certain place whose security you are not sure of, you can conveniently park your bicycle safely.

The lock system cannot compromise the security of your bicycle.


The protection that this lock offers your bicycle has no loopholes because it is seamless. Moreover, it functions perfectly regardless of the weather condition anywhere you go.

This is a 2-in-1 lock system that integrates a 14 mm U-lock pick, pull, and drill-resistant double-bolt locking mechanism.

Moreover, it also has a debris cover combined with an 1800 mm woven steel cable for reliability and convenience.

The lock comes with a handy mounting bracket and two specialized safety keys.

The cable’s thickness is 14 mm that has a rubber casing and heat-hardened steel shackle that protects it against cutting and leveraging.

It also incorporates shackle steel hardness with a pulling force strength of 29.3 kN and a cutting force strength force of 34.3 kN.

You will marvel at the tough double-bolt crossbar locking mechanism that offers security against jacking and prying.

Another amazing feature is the pull and drill-resistant lock cylinder that the lock has, together with a pick-resistant lock that stops bumping and knocking.

The flexible 5 feet 10 inches woven steel cable has a smokey-grey transparent PVC coating that secures both accessories, wheels, etc.

Safety is ensured by the convenient mounting bracket, which is also good for compact storage when cycling.

You do not have to lock in a separate case. The two keys that it comes with are unique, and they cannot be copied.

The lock debris cover keeps dirt and dust out of your lock while the PVC protective coating material protects your bike from getting scratched.

It also resists corrosion from water, dirt, and dust to make it durable. Maintain the lock by lubricating and cleaning the cylinder and the locking system with a light spray.

After buying the lock, you should register the key code with the KeyGuard Programme. This helps you to get extra keys in case you lose the original ones.

You will just go to the website and order for other keys, and they will be shipped to you.

This lock is expertly designed for heightened security and exemplary functionality, and maximum protection.

It simple, and you can conveniently use it when you are on the go without any hassles.

The security that this lock offers you bike is top-notch, and you can use it even in high-crime areas.

Amazingly, the double bolt mechanism that the lock has, locks the shackle to the crossbar in two points to protect it against twisting, pulling, and leveraging.

The reinforced external sleeve of the crossbar provides heightened security against drilling.

Furthermore, the reinforced internal housing of the crossbar protects it from leveraging attacks and twisting.

When riding, the high-quality mounting bracket attaches your lock to your bicycle. It is compatible with about 99% of bike frames on the market between 0.79 – 1.65 inches.

The mount rotates at an angle of 360 degrees with M5 Allen key that fits the lock into your bike frame, while the quick-release mounting bracket makes detaching to your lock easy.

Lastly, the lock comes with a non-slip pad to keep the mount in place.

Bike LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Performa perfectly in all-weather conditions
  • Has a hexagonal PVC cover that resists corrosion
  • Strong and reliable to lock your bicycle
  • Secure and very convenient
  • Comes with two keys
  • Made of steel


  • Cable thickness: 14 mm
  • U shack lock: 250 mm x 150 mm
  • Package Dimensions: 11.85 x 8 x 2.53 inches
  • Weight: 1.61 kilograms
  • Item dimensions: 2.2 x 8.07 x 10.24 inches
  • Brand Name: Via Velo
  • Has a 3-year warranty
  • 3-year customer support
  • 3-month money-back guarantee
  • High-quality and durable
  • Does not rust or get corroded
  • Cannot open if you lose the keys
  • Shipping delays

UBULLOX Bike U Lock Heavy-Duty Bicycle U-Lock

This lock is designed for an immaculate performance. It ensures that your bicycle is well secured, and you cannot feel doubtful when you have secured your bicycle with it.

For instance, it can resist 12 tonnes of hydraulic shear, which confirms that it is reliable.

The lock is resistant to tools that thieves use, such as hammers, skeleton keys, hydraulic shear, and prying.


The lock is made of top-notch quality steel that has high tenacity for strong resistance against cuts.

Moreover, the steel cable is covered with a high-quality PVC coating to keep your bicycle lock from rust and scratches.

With a behemoth hydraulic resistance of 12 tonnes, you will be sure that your lock is secure, and it locks your bicycle in style.

The mounting bracket is compatible with all circular tripod in diameter. Check the dimensions of the U lock to ensure that they are suitable for you.

The shackle measures 0.53 inches, and it is made of high-quality alloy steel, and it is covered with environmental silicone.

For safety enhancement, the U lock cylinder is made of C grade pure copper blade. The lock comes with three pure copper keys to ensure that you will always have a spare key.

However, they are hard to duplicate to ensure that thieves and other unauthorized persons are kept at bay.

They cannot access your bicycle without your permission. It also has a complex serpentine slot.

The only precaution that you have to take is to ensure that the lock cylinder remains dry during daily use.

In case you are experiencing difficulties when opening the lock due to remaining dormant for a long time, you can use pencil lead powder to solve the problem.

The bike lock comes with a portable U lock, and a double loped 4 feet steel cable that has a PVC cover.

When you use the cable and the lock together, you lock both wheels and the frame for maximum security.

U-lock works even in extreme temperatures -30 degrees to +150 degrees and Celsius, while the steel cable works in -20 degrees to +60 degrees Celsius.

The whole package comprises one black bike U-lock, 1 4 feet flexible cable, one mounting bracket, and three keys.

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  • Has an environmentally friendly silicone cover
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • The lock is cut, drill, and leveraging resistant
  • The lock cylinder is made of C grade pure copper blade
  • Comes with three rust-resistant copper keys
  • Has a 4 feet double looped ends steel cable


  • Length: 4 feet
  • Diameter: 0.48 inches (including PVC cover)
  • U-lock outer dimensions: 7.68 x 4.9 inches
  • U-lock inner dimensions: 5.71 x 2.56 inches
  • Shackle diameter (including rubber coating): 0.63 inches
  • Crossbar diameter: 1.22 inches
  • Weight: 1.27 kilograms
  • Package Dimensions: 9.1 x 5.7 x 2.8 inches
  • Brand Name: UBULLOX
  • Material: Silicone
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Safe and secure
  • Convenient
  • Has a PVC covering
  • Comes with a high-quality mounting bracket
  • Easily installed
  • You cannot use your bicycle if the keys get lost.
  • It can totally mess you up if the lock jams

Kryptonite Evolution 11 -14 mm Bicycle U-Lock

This lightweight U-lock weighs 730 grams, and it is lighter than the Evolution Mini-5.

It integrates an 11 mm hardened New MAX-Performance steel shackle that allows the reduction of shackle diameter.

It also maintains the performance standards of the Evolution Mini-5 and Mini-8.

Amazingly, it has higher security disc-style cylinder is drill and pick resistant, and it has reinforced cuff over cylinder and crossbar for heightened security.


The U-lock features a new rotating dust cover with a stopper plug and a new patent. After buying the lock, you should register it online for anti-theft protection.

In case the lock fails when it is used properly, Kryptonite will pay out a certain value depending on the security value of the product.

When you register the keys online, Kryptonite will ship others to you in case they get lost. The keys are stainless steel, and they incorporate one LED replaceable and new key design.

Bike LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Comes with three stainless steel keys
  • The keys have an LED replaceable key fob
  • Integrates a hardened max-performance steel shackle
  • The hardened max-performance steel shackle resists bolt cutters, leverage attacks, and hand tools


  • Dimensions: 2.75 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 0.73 kilograms
  • Package Dimensions: 7.7 x 4.5 x 1.4 inches
  • Item dimensions: 2.76 x 59.84 x 1.18 inches
  • Brand Name: Kryptonite
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Features a key safe program
  • Has optional anti-theft protection
  • You cannot use the bicycle without keys
  • Shipping delays

Sportneer Bike Lock Set Heavy-Duty U Lock

This lock assures you of maximum security and safety of your bicycle and its accessories.

A thief cannot access them when you lock the bicycle with this 0.54 inch U-lock.

It integrates a silicone protective covering that prevents it from scratches and from wear and tear.

Moreover, the lock has a braided high-strength steel cable that is 0.45 inches in diameter and 5 feet long.

This cable is durable because it resists and withstands all negative elements.


The lock can be used individually or together with the cable to lock and secure the bicycle. You can secure the bicycle to a tree, posts, or other metal bars when you are leaving it unattended for long.

The cable that the U-lock comes with is made of top-notch quality steel wire and zinc alloy cylinder for protection that lasts.

When you lose the keys, you will have spare ones because they come in three.

It has 12 tonnes of hydraulic shear resistance that prevents it from being cut, and it lasts longer with the PVC coating that prevents it from scratches.

The U-lock integrates an ultra-secure Zinc alloy lock cylinder. Furthermore, the zinc alloy lock cylinder has a complex structure that prevents it from being picked open.

It comes with rust-resistant keys that incorporate serpentine slots for anti-theft performance.

Bike LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The U-lock is cut, drill, and leverage resistant
  • Made of high-quality alloy steel
  • Has a silicone cover to protect it from scratches, wear and tear
  • Comes with a 5 feet cable that has a PVC covering
  • Has an anti-theft door with a zinc-alloy lock cylinder


  • Dimensions: 7.76 x 5.02 inches
  • Steel Diameter: 0.54 inches
  • Entire lock diameter: 0.68 inches
  • Cable length: 5 feet
  • Package Dimensions: 9.09 x 5.91 x 2.91 inches
  • Weight: 1.31 kilograms
  • Brand Name: Sportneer
  • Comes with two extra keys in case one gets lost
  • The keys feature serpentine slots for anti-theft security
  • Withstands up to 12 tonnes of hydraulic shear
  • It is light and portable
  • Durable and of a reliable performance
  • If someone inserts an obstacle on the key channel, you cannot open the U-lock
  • You will be in trouble when keys get lost or misplaced

Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy Duty

This U-lock offers you hardcore security with a 16 mm thick hardened steel U-lock. The lock has double locks to offer you better security, and it has easy handling with no fuss.

Locking takes just seconds, and it is light in weight. To enable you to secure the other bicycle accessories, the manufacturer has provided you with 4 feet of woven steel cable.


There is a rubberized coating around the keyhole and the base to prevent rusting. Furthermore, it also has a precision locking cylinder and a double bolt for an anti-picking mechanism.

For durability, the manufacturer has covered it with a tough plastic coating to protect it from hitting the frame and also from paint.

Amazingly, this lock features a specialized intelligent locking mechanism that prevents thieves from stealing your bicycle.

The U-lock is made of hardened ABS steel, and the double loop flexible cable helps you to secure the entire bicycle and its accessories.

You will enjoy the weather-proof resilience of this U-lock because it does not rust or gets corroded.

The U-lock integrates 16mm of fortified ABS steel in the shackle, which is ideal for resisting jacking, pulling, and prying to give you guaranteed anti-theft protection.

Moreover, the double-bolt locking mechanism incorporates a precision locking cylinder, which is picking-resistant, and the steel woven cable offers you the best protection possible.

It measures 4 feet in length and has a rubber coating on both sides of the keyhole and also at the base to protect it from all weather conditions.

Bike LocksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Sigtuna bike U-lock is made of 16 mm high-performance steel
  • Has extensive holding resistance and power
  • Possesses great resistance against leverage attacks, cuts, and picking
  • Comes with an easy-to-install bike lock mount
  • Incorporates a protective coating against paint
  • Comes with three laser-cut Abloy keys


  • Item dimensions: 9.45 x 6.97 x 1.89 inches
  • Package Dimensions: 10.74 x 7.79 x 2.55 inches
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Brand Name: SIGTUNA
  • Weight: 1.65 kilograms
  • Lock mechanism: heavy-duty bicycle lock
  • Of high-quality
  • Offers reliable security
  • Its performance is amazing
  • Has no weaknesses that thieves can take advantage of
  • Durable and integrates intelligence
  • An all-weather locking system
  • It is heavy
  • Can trouble you if keys get damaged, misplaced, or lost

Best Bicycle Locks Buyers’ Guide

Before buying the best bicycle lock, you should do thorough research about it to establish whether it is a reliable lock worth going for.

There are factors that you should look for in the U-lock before making your decision.

Without the following, you may take home a faulty U-lock that will offer you compromised security hence risking the safety of your bicycle and it accessories.

Material – The U-lock should be made of a heavy-duty and strong material that you are sure that it cannot be broken.

That is one of the paramount features that a lock should possess.

One of the renowned materials that you can bank on is steel. Go for a U-lock that is made of steel for guaranteed security, and your bicycle and its accessories will remain safe and secure.

Keys – The keys should open the U-lock without any problem, and they should also be wear and tear-resistant because of the friction that they encounter every now and then when opening.

They should be made of strong material and not be duplicatable.

Some are also registered on the seller company’s website, and if you lose the original ones, you can order for others, and they are shipped to you.

Also, go for a lock that comes with three keys so that you can have a spare one in case you lose one.

Cable – The cable is very important, and most of them measure 5 feet in length. Go for a U-lock that comes with a woven steel cable for good security.

Moreover, the cable should be resistant to shear cut to prevent any hydraulic cuts. When you secure your bicycle and its accessories with it, everything should remain intact.

All-weather – Weather elements can pose risks to the U-lock if its quality and material are poor. Get a lock and cable that cannot be destroyed by weather elements.

Even if the U-lock is rained on, it should not fail to open or lock. Moreover, it should not start rusting, which can make it to start malfunctioning.

It should be reliable at all times to ease and convenience of access.

Weight – You have to carry the U-lock and cable everywhere you go to avoid risking the safety of your bicycle and its accessories.

Therefore, go for a lightweight lock and cable to avoid adding much weight to your bicycle that will make you grow weary when you are riding it.

Measurements – A smaller U-lock is better, but it should serve the purpose satisfactorily.

You will be able to carry it more easily than a large one. You can put it in your backpack or elsewhere conveniently.

Quality – A high-quality U-lock will amaze you because it will be devoid of other destructive factors that can inconvenience you.

Imagine having a lock that you are not certain about – whether it will open or close. You can also have a lock that can be opened by other keys.

Such locks can greatly risk the safety of your bicycle, and you can lose it. Ensure that the quality, functionality, and performance of the lock are top-notch.

Durability – The U-lock should be durable and last for a long time without developing faults.

That will not require any repairs or replacement soon, and thus. It will be cheap to maintain and give you a seamless service.

Resistance – For safety and security, the U-lock should be cut, leverage, and picking resistance.

That will guarantee you that even if you leave your bicycle somewhere overnight, you will find it there because there is no thief who can steal it.


These are the best bicycle locks that you can buy and use to secure your bicycle, their quality and performance are good, but you should not park your bicycle in high-risk places.

The U-locks come with keys and steel cables to enable you to secure the bicycle and its accessories without any fear.

If you are a bicycle owner, now you know which locking device to go for, and the security and safety of your bicycle will be guaranteed. Place your order now!


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